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All Users (Basic and Premium) Should Be Able to Request an Inventory Repair

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

It’s simply unacceptable that Linden Lab has no pathway for Basic users to recover lost inventory. Inventory Loss is still pervasive. There has been a rash of inventory problems in the last couple of months. Basic users who lose inventory are typically power users in Second Life. They rent land, they buy lindens on the Lindex and they are the bulk of customers who buy products from content creators. It’s appalling that Linden Lab’s official response to their plight is “go premium or go away.” Collectively they contribute mightily to Linden Lab’s bottom line, they deserve at least some minimal service when their property disappears because of Second Life’s faulty code.

There should be a quick and easy way for Basic users to request an inventory repair from customer service. They should add either a way for a Basic member to request one, or a way for all of us to run one ourselves through the website.

Please take the time to vote for this issue on the jira: