I think I’m done!

After three months of work, and four Release Candidates, I think I’m finally done with version 1.2.1 of the EZ Animator Deluxe. This has certainly been the most tested version I’ve ever released and it’s bound to be the most stable. More over this will be one of the easier update processes for current users. Just follow the directions that are on the updater itself and within a few minutes you will be all updated with better hugs, better group dancing, a flight assist, more tools and the most bug free version of the EZAD yet.

Since RC4, I’ve fixed two bugs (changing just two lines of code):

  • The new ability to choose a dance to play by touching it WHILE in Dance or Random mode was not perfect. When using a notecard to dance from, the dance you chose would likely be cut too short. This has been fixed.
  • After teleporting, if you were using an animation (for instance the Sit Anywhere button), you would appear to not be in that animation, however others around you would see the animation. This is actually a bug in the SL client, but I inserted a short correction for it in the ~Animator script.

When will it be available? Probably tomorrow. I want a day to let me test it with some alts. I’ll post it here on the blog when it’s ready.

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