Bug Fixes Ongoing in Release Candidate 2

Here are the bugs that I’m working on before I get Release Candidate 3 of version 1.2.1 ready:

  • FIXED 7/25: PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION not set bug with Hugger.
  • FIXED 7/19: Text reads flight assist on/off instead of flight boost on/off.
  • FIXED 7/19: Sit on/off status incorrect after update, fixed by reset.
  • FIXED 7/25: Hugs should turn off your AO and turn it back on when the hug is over.
  • FIXED 7/25: Minimized HUD does not remember maximized position when detached and attached again.
  • FIXED 7/26: Walking backwards is broken.

Changes to the updater:

  • DONE 7/26: Goes to Step 1 on rez.
  • DONE 7/26: Combine Step 8 & 9.

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