Bug Squashing

I’m working on bug squashing right now. I’ve had a number of strange reports of Dancers not working properly. I’ve been going over the relevant scripts and trying to optimize them. I think I’ve had some success, but it will require some testing. Here is a list of other things I’ve changing:

  • Various changes to optimize for dancing and to try to reduce lag bubble moments.
  • Made a small change that allows you to choose a Dance while in Dance or Random mode, without popping you out of those modes. Choosing a macro or animation while in Sit Anywhere mode, pops you out of Sit Anywhere mode.
  • Playing a macro or animation pops you out of Sit Anywhere mode. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed the new Sit Anywhere button, it’s on the AO buttons, lower right. It looks like arrow pointing down.
    Sit Anywhere
  • Whitespace at the beginning of an emote should no longer be stripped.
  • Sit Anywhere animation changes when you select a new one via the menu.
  • Fixed a number of small problems when Hugs are not accepted.

After some more internal testing, I hope to set out a new Release Candidate by tomorrow.

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