Linden Lab Customer Service Improving?

It seems to be, at least when it comes to the Detach Bug which has been eating HUDs for the last few months. As I blogged about in April, there is a way to get your HUDs and other attachments back when they disappear after detaching. But only Linden Lab customer service can do it for you.

But there were two problems.

First, many of the customer service people didn’t seem to know about the fix or offer it as a solution to premium members who were complaining of inventory loss. It took persistence and luck to find a Linden who would know about the solution and who would do it.

Second, basics don’t have an official channel to get help for this problem. They don’t have an option to file support tickets for inventory loss, and so they had no real way of petitioning for the fix.

A couple weeks ago, I brought this to the attention of Cyn Linden, the VP of Customer Relations at Linden Lab. She let me know that they did discuss it internally, although I never heard what action they took. However, it seems to have worked. For the last week or so, whenever I have referred someone to Linden Customer Service, they have reported back to me success. The CS reps now seem to recognize the problem when it’s brought to them and act on it quickly. This is great news. If you are a premium member who couldn’t get help before. Try live help again, you may have success this time.

As for basics, I don’t know yet what is happening with them. However, I do think that some who have posted on the jira issue have gotten help. If you are a Basic member who has suffered from this bug. You might want to try submitting another customer support ticket or posting on the jira issue. If you do, please take the time to describe what happened and what your computer’s specs are too. That info might be helpful.

JUNE 23 UPDATE: Linden Customer Service has improved considerably on this issue during the last couple of weeks. I am now recommending that you file a support ticket to remedy this problem. Several people have gotten help on this matter within 24 hours of filing a ticket. Tell them that your HUD attachment disappeared after detaching and that you would like an Directory Repair/Inventory Restart.

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2 Responses to “Linden Lab Customer Service Improving?”

  1. Moana Iwish Says:


    my HUD attachment disappeared after detaching and I would like a Directory Repair/Inventory Restart please… thank u

    kind regards,
    moana iwish

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Moana, you need to contact Linden Lab customer service. I can’t do it.

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