“I put 2 new dances into my HUD but they aren’t there”

Occasionally someone will IM me with a problem that goes something like this: They have been using the EZ Animator Deluxe for a week or two with no problems. They decide to go out and buy a couple dances and drop them into their HUDDLE. They drop their HUDDLE on the ground, put the new dances inside and pick it back up. But when they wear it, they either are missing the new ones, or they are missing the old ones. What happened?

Well, most likely they have put the dances into a fresh copy of the EZAD, not the one they had been using. See every time you rez the original EZAD you received, SL rezzes a new copy on the ground. So if when you go to add new dances, you accidentally rez a fresh copy and not the one you were using, you will think some of your dances have gone missing.

To find your dances, I recommend doing the following:

  1. Open your personal inventory and search for “1.1.3”. This will bring up a list of all the EZADs you have in your inventory.
  2. Identify the EZADs which have “no copy” next to the object name. If an EZAD is labeled as “no copy”, that means there are some no copy animations inside.
  3. Rez each no copy EZAD on the ground and look inside by right clicking on it and choosing “Edit”. Then select More and Content. Look inside and find your animations.
  4. Collect all your animations into one EZAD by dragging them into your inventory and then dragging them back into the copy you want to use.
  5. You may want to rename the EZAD something different so you can tell it apart from all the other copies that you might have floating around in your inventory. You do this by clicking on the General tab on the edit menu.

The other reason their animations might be missing is that they hit “Copy to Inventory” or “Copy and Wear” after adding animations to their HUD. If that might be the problem, take a look at this other blog post.

3 Responses to ““I put 2 new dances into my HUD but they aren’t there””

  1. Sailin Sharktooth Says:

    I had the one problem and fixed concerning the ‘copy to inventory’ thing described, fixed it and was dancing myself, figure out how to invite more dancers, I never got the sreen showining dancers in proximity, and now when I used the hud, nothihng rsponds, no buttons owrk, Akk the scripts are in the HUD and ina the folder and the buttons for the dance steps show in the HUD, jsut noghting happens when I press ANY button. HELP!!!

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Please contact Connor Trudeau for further assistance.

  3. Candy Kane Says:

    i added 4 new dances and they are not there .Its not the first time i added dances i have hundreds but its the first time this happend any thing else i can do besides what was posted thank you

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