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Can I use couples dance animations in the EZ Animator Deluxe?

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Well, the answer is maybe. Ok, let me explain what I mean.

When people talk about couples dance animations, they are usually talking about the syncronised pose balls you see on the floor at many clubs. They are slow dances or salsas or some other dance, they are designed to work inside poseballs and getting them to work in a HUD is often either difficult or impossible.

The reason they work in poseballs is because you can easily align two avatars correctly with a set of poseballs. In order for the avatars to look like they are dancing together, you really want them in just the right position with just the right rotation.

Now, HUDs can handle some syncronised animations, but they need to be designed to work with them. The best example of this is a hug animation. When you initiate a hug, the two avatars are squished together and the animation begins. These hug animations are designed to look right if the avatars are facing each other and squished together.


Playing Macros Using Chat Commands

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

This is another one of those features that probably only a minority will use, but those that do will love it. Let’s say you have a notecard loaded with a lot of macros. And let’s say you used the [name] tag to give (at least some of) the macros names for the buttons. Well, in version 1.2.1, you will be able to use those macros without searching for it and clicking the button. All you have to do is say /99n MacroName, and the macro with the name, “MacroName” will play. Be careful not to give macros duplicate names.