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Want to try the Release Candidate for version 1.2.1?

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

What is a Release Candidate?

A version of a program that nearly ready for release but may still have a few bugs; the status between beta version and release version.

The Release Candidate upgrader can be obtained by clicking the green ball on animation island. The object will turn your old EZ Animator Deluxe (v1.0.4 and above) into a shiny new one without you having to move all the animations. I’ve also added instructions on the web on how to do the upgrade. And rather than make another long post about what the update contains, take a look at the posts I’ve tagged with Updates.

Please note, only people who own the EZ Animator Deluxe already can get the update. If you think you own one and it’s not giving it to you, IM Keiki Lemieux.

UPDATE: Changes/bug fixes as of Friday, July 11th:

  • When using the button to sit anywhere (lower right button on the AO buttons), you can now change the sit using the groundsit menu.
  • HUDDLE gives feedback when you change the name for emotes (/99set name Keiki).
  • /99n MacroName was only working properly for the first 10 macros. It’s fixed now.

EZAD Update Update

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

I am getting very close now. Tonight I got the updater working seemlessly. I converted several old EZ Animator Deluxe HUDs using it. I have a couple of small bugs in the actual scripts to track down. Here are the steps I’ll be taking this week:

Remaining Bugs/Changes

  • FIXED 7/7: There is a bug that happens when you invite a new person to dance with you. Animations don’t sync up right away as they should.
  • FIXED 7/7: Change text from “flight boost” to “flight assist”
  • FIXED 7/7: Problem with the numbering system for the dance slave scripts
  • FIXED 7/7: Stop all animations not working properly
  • FIXED 7/8: Updater script not removing all old dance slave copies
  • COULD NOT REPLICATE 7/10: Remove dancer not working properly (need to confirm)
  • FIXED 7/10: Prevented the following kinds of macros from playing in Dance or Random mode: [HUG], [AO_ON], [AO_OFF], [REPEAT], [GIVE], [EMAIL], [DIALOG], [URL], mapping landmarks & loading new notecards.
  • FIXED 7/10: Fixed conflict between hugger and groundsits.
  • Squash any other bugs that I discover in testing


  • I’ll be doing a big stress test tomorrow night. I’ll load up one of the animators with 50 dance slaves and invite as many people to use it at once. I think I’ll be doing this around 7pm SL time (PST), so if you would like to help, join the HUDDLES customer help group and wait for the announcement.