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What is it?

landmark-palThe HUDDLES Landmark Pal Deluxe (HLPD) is a HUD that gives you several ways to organize your favorite locations. First, you can drop landmarks into it and use it as a landmark organizer. Also, it saves the last 100 locations to which you have teleported. Finally, it allows you to save your favorite locations and even keep them organized on various notecards.

Basic use

  • Wear the HLPD (you can attach it to any of the 8 HUD locations you wish).
  • On the text buttons will be names of all the landmarks in the HUD.
  • Click on the landmark of your choice. Your map will open with that spot selected. Just hit the teleport button to go to that location.

After you teleport to a new location, your HUD will minimize. To maximize it and choose another location, click the maximize button all the way on the right.

Adding landmarks

landmarksTo add landmarks, simply drag the landmark from your inventory to the HUD. Since landmarks typically have full perms, you can drop them onto your HUD, even if you are wearing the HUD.

Teleport history

historyEvery time you teleport to a new location, your HUD will save that exact location in your History. The HUD keeps track of your last 100 locations that you teleported to. Please note that you must be wearing the HUD for it to save the location.

To see a list of locations in your history, click the button in the middle that looks like a globe. This will bring up the 10 most recent places you have been to. If there are more than 10 locations, you can use the left and right arrow keys to page through the entire list.

minimizedIf your HUD is minimized you can also use the arrows there to go back through your history, similar to how you can hit the back button on a browser. Touch the back arrow, and it will show you last location in your history. Keep hitting the back button to map all your previous teleport locations.

Favorite locations

favoritesYour Landmark Pal keep track of other locations as well, locations you designate as your favorites. There are several ways to save locations to your favorites list. To see your current favorites, click on the button with a star on it. Just like with your History, you can have up to 100 locations currently loaded in your Favorites.

Saving a landmark or location from your history to your favorites

saveThe button that looks like a computer disk is for saving locations to your Favorites list. Click the Save button to start save mode. Touch it again to leave save mode.

If you are currently in Landmark mode, you can click on a landmark and it will save that location to the Favorites list. If you are in History mode, you can click on a location in the list and save that to Favorites.

Saving your current location to your favorites

minimizedThere are two ways to save your current location directly to your favorites. If the HUD is minimized, then you just have to press one button to save the current location. Just touch the button that looks like the computer disk (second button from the left) and it will add the current location to the end of the list.

Setting your home location

In addition to saving your Favorite locations, the Landmark Pal Deluxe can save one special location as your home location. By pressing the Home button (it looks like a house), the map comes up and you can immediately teleport to that location.

There are two ways to set your home location. First, if you have save mode on and you touch one of the locations in your Favorites list, it will be saved as your home location. Second, while in save mode, you can click the Home button at the top of the HUD and it will save your current location as your Home.

Editing favorites

editOnce you have saved a location to your favorites, you can do several things to edit that location. To start edit mode, touch the bottom right button (it looks like a pencil). If you were not already in Favorites mode, you will be switched to Favorites when you start edit mode. To edit one of the locations in your Favorites list, touch the location’s name, and a blue drop down menu will show up.

Renaming a favorite location

If you want to rename the location, choose rename. Then type in the new name in the chat bar.

Moving a favorite location

You can also move it in two different ways. You can choose “Move 2 First” and the location will move to the top of your Favorites list. Or you can choose “Move Down” and that location will move down one spot.

Deleting landmarks, favorites & locations from your history

deleteSimilar to the Save function, there is a delete function which does different things, depending on what mode you are in. To start Delete mode, click the button that looks like a trash can.

  • If you are in Landmarks mode, you can delete a landmark from the HUD by touching it.
  • If you are in History mode, you can delete a location from the list by touching it.
  • And if you are in Favorites mode, you can delete a location from the list by touching it.

Deleting a landmark from the HUD requires you to confirm it, however, deleting something from your History or Favorites does not require confirmation. So be careful when deleting things.

Telling others where you are going

broadcastIf you are out with friends and want them to know where you are going, use the Broadcast mode. It’s the button second from the left on the bottom which looks a bit like an antenna. Touch this and now when you use the HUD to bring up a location on your map, it will also display that location as an SLURL link which anyone within 20 meters will see in their chat history. They can click on this link and head there with you.

The Tools Menu

tools-menuThere are a number of special functions that are available through the tools menu.

Giving the HUDDLES Landmark Pal Deluxe as a gift

If you choose “Give Landmark Pal”, you will be shown a list of nearby avatars, you can choose one to send a copy of the HUD to. It takes a little over 20 seconds to actually send one, so there is a 20 second delay before you can send another. Please do not send these as gifts to people unless they ask to get one.

Exporting your History or Favorites

Your History and Favorites list can both be exported as text to your chat history. They can be exported in three different formats:

  • Landmark Pal Deluxe format, so you can save your Favorite places on notecards and load them back into the HUD (see below).
  • SLURL format, this is useful if you want to convert your locations to links for a website.
  • EZ Animator Deluxe format, so that you can save your favorites and copy them over to your EZ Animator Deluxe for use there.

Please note that the output from these exports will include some extra lines every 10 locations. You will want to delete these extra lines after you copy the output to a notecard.

Clearing your history or Favorites list

At some point you may want to clear all your History or your Favorites. Just choose either from the tools menu and then confirm it and it will be done.

Loading favorites from a notecard

If you have saved some of your favorites to a notecard (using the Landmark Pal Deluxe format explained above), you can drop that notecard into your HUD and use this tool to load those locations to your Favorites list. This way you can categorize your favorite Second Life places and keep many more than just the 100 locations that can be held in the scripts memory.

How the free trial works

You can get a free copy of the HUD either by getting it as a gift from someone who has one, by grabbing one from, or by going to my store, HUDDLES Headquarters and picking up one there. If you want to grab it from my store, just touch the sign (only pay the sign if you want to purchase it).

You will get a fully functional copy of the HUD. After 14 days the HUD will shut off. If you want to use it again, you will need to return to the store and pay the vendor to register your copy. Once you pay your HUD will begin working again. There is nothing else you need to do.

If it doesn’t start working right away after you have paid for it, detach it and then wear it again. It should refresh.

Please note, I do not give out free customer service for the trial version. If you want support for this product, you must buy it first. Then send an instant message to Connor Trudeau, my customer support guy.

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

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  2. Tally Oyen Says:

    2 little thingies – 1. at first I didn’t think I would use my landmark pal until Keiki gave me a little push to try it – an now I likes it a lots and will not go out with out it. 2. I thinks that if ya gets this from an associate they will help you with it ! Tally Oyen is an associate and loves to help peeps with they stuff especially if they buys it from my vendor! And 3. oops I only said 2 but anyway here is numbers 3 => my Huddles EZAD has made my life in SL sos much fun I can’t imagine ever not having it.
    Kisses Tally

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