The HUDDLES Catwalk HUD was designed by Keiki Lemieux and Luth Brodie of Reel Expression.

What is the HUDDLES Catwalk?

The HUDDLES Catwalk is combination walk replacer and posing HUD specifically designed for use in fashion shows in Second Life. It gives you an easy way to walk down the runway and strike a few poses and comes with a number of poses built in.


HUDDLES Catwalk with power onWear the HUD from your inventory and turn it on. When you walk, it will replace your walk similar to an Animation Override or a walk replacer. When you stop walking, the HUD will begin to play the pose for facing forward. To play other poses, click one of the numbered buttons or one of the buttons with arrows.

Four default poses

At a minimum, your HUDDLES Catwalk will come with four separate stands, which correspond to the four buttons with arrows. These buttons are for:

  • first pose – this is the up arrow (or forward arrow) button. This is the first pose that automatically plays whenever you stop walking.
  • left pose & right pose – these are the left and right arrows on either side of the HUD. They are typically poses that face a bit to the left or right.
  • over shoulder pose – this has the curved u-turn style arrow on the button. This pose typically will have a pose suitable for hitting when you are walking back from the front of the stage.
  • other poses – if you have added more poses (or you bought a preloaded set with extra poses) you will see numbered buttons, up to 12. You can play any of these poses by clicking on them.

Typical Use

A typical walk down the runway would work like this.

  1. Make sure the HUD is on.
  2. Walk down to the end of the runway and stop. The hud will use the walk from the HUD. When you stop at the end of the stage you will be using the facing forward, first pose.
  3. After a few seconds, click the left pose button. Your avatar will strike the left facing pose.
  4. After a few more seconds, click the right pose button. Your avatar will strike the right facing pose.
  5. Now, use the left or right arrow on your keyboard to turn around and then walk halfway back down the runway.
  6. Stop and immediately click the over the shoulder pose to give them one more look.
  7. Continue walking until you are off stage and then turn your HUD off

Power On/Off

hud-offThe button on the lower left of the HUD is the power button. Click it to turn the HUD either on or off. When the HUD is off, the HUD minimizes to a single button. When the HUD is on, it opens up to display all the buttons (up to 19 buttons).

Adding animations to your HUDDLES Catwalk

To add an animation to your HUD:

  • Drop your HUDDLES Catwalk onto the ground.
  • Right click on the object and choose Edit.
  • Choose the Content tab. If you don’t see the Content tab, click the “More…” button and then choose the Content tab.


  • Open your personal inventory and using your mouse, drag the animations from your inventory into the Content of the HUDDLES Catwalk.
  • Wait to make sure the animations have transferred to the HUDDLES Catwalk.
  • Right click on the object and choose Take.

Important notes to help avoid inventory loss:

  • Do not wear the HUD directly from the ground. Always take it then wear it from your inventory. Wearing something that is sitting on the ground can lead to inventory loss, since it doesn’t immediately save the edited object to the main asset server. Taking it first and then wearing it does save it properly to the SL asset server.
  • Move no copy animations one at a time (or move them only a few at a time). Do not attempt to transfer an entire folder of animations at once.

How do you know if the animations have transferred? You should see them in the Content tab. It make take a short while (10-15 seconds) for SL to update the Content window. If it is not updating, touch another object and then select the HUD again.

Also note that when you pick up the HUDDLES Catwalk, it may not return to the folder it came from. Often you will find it in your Object folder instead.

Load Button

load-buttonThis button is the middle one on the bottom row. It looks like a computer disk. Use this button to reload your notecard after you make changes or when you want to switch between different sets of animations.

  • If there is only one notecard in the HUD, it should be named _default. When you click on the load button it will reload this notecard without showing you a memory.
  • load-menu

  • If there are multiple notecards, a blue drop down menu will appear in the top right part of your screen, listing all the config notecards inside. Pick one and it will load the animations into memory from that notecard.

Help Button

This button is on the lower right. It looks like a question mark. It will take you to this web page.

Configuring your Catwalk notecard

Here is what a Catwalk notecard looks like:


To edit the notecard:

  • Drop your HUDDLES Catwalk onto the ground.
  • Right click on your HUD and choose Edit.
  • Click the Content tab on the Edit window (you may need to click the “More” button if you don’t see the Content tab).
  • Find the notecard in the Content list. Right click on it and choose Open.
  • Edit the notecard.
  • Change the animation names after the equal sign for the various poses.
  • If you want to add poses to the “other poses” category, you can add up to 12. They should be separated by the pipe symbol: |
  • Then save the notecard.
  • Close the notecard and the Edit window.
  • Right click on the object and choose Take.
  • Wear the HUD from your inventory
  • Touch the load button and choose “_default” if necessary.

Possible errors

One error you might get when making changes to your notecard is something like this:

HUDDLES Catwalk: Loading notecard: _default
HUDDLES Catwalk: This animation name does not match an animation inside the HUD: RE-Basic 01 | RE-Basic 03
HUDDLES Catwalk: Finished loading: _default
HUDDLES Catwalk: Error: notecard did not include an animation for first pose.

What does this mean? The first error about the name not matching means that what I typed onto the notecard, doesn’t match anything in the inventory of the HUD. In this case, I tried to add two animations to the “first pose” line. Since you can only add 1 pose to that line, it read the entire thing, “RE-Basic 01 | RE-Basic 03” as one animation, and that didn’t match.

The last line there about not including an animation for the first pose is an error caused by the previous problem. If you leave a blank for the walk, or any of the default four poses, it causes an error. At a minimum the HUD needs animations for these 5 spots on the notecard and they need to match an animation in the HUD.

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

9 Responses to “HUDDLES Catwalk”

  1. HoneyBear Lilliehook Says:

    I have been wishing for the exact thing and here it is! I hear I was the first sale and I will be telling everyone I know! Thank you!!!

  2. Diva Lilliehook Says:

    FANTASTIC!!!! I asked if this was possible to do with the Huddles Deluxe less than 2 wks ago, was told by Keiki she was working on something for models and VOILA its available!!! I find it very easy to understand the instructions not to mention the usage ease. GIVES KEIKI A STANDING OVATION!!! AND MANY MANY TY’S

  3. Julijana Petrovic Says:

    I purchased the hud because everywhere else there wasnt anthing like this, i got the default notecard not working and all my animimations it says arent there. help please

  4. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Please contact Connor Trudeau, the customer support rep for assistance, Julijana.

  5. griffin Says:

    yes how do i turn off hoover text so noone can see what moves im making (the green text that comes on the screen when u make a move…the audience or other people is seeing it)

  6. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Griffin, is your catwalk saying “touched” every time you touch it? This is because you added a new script that shouldn’t be there. Read the instructions here for more information on how to fix it:

  7. Ondine Says:

    is it possible to have more than one walk for a notecard ?

  8. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Ondine, no. At the moment, there is only one walk per notecard. If you wanted a different walk, you could duplicate your notecard and change the walk and then use the HUD to switch between the notecards when you wanted to switch walks.

  9. Lextacy Poitier Says:

    I am absolutely in love with this HUD its perfect for me. I am having one problem though. I cant seem to get the walk thats in the hud to work. I am walking with a sassy walk but my hands are not on my hips. Not sure if i screwed something up. HAHA! KNowing me I may have. HAHA! If someone could help me out that would be super. Other than that im lovin this!!!!

    Thank You! <3

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