Flight Assist (Cyberflight script)

Included in your EZ Animator Deluxe (v1.2.1) is the latest version of the Cyberflight* script. Primarily it assists you flying, making it easier to fly at high altitudes. There are several chat commands for it:

  • ‘/99flight ‘ – this toggles the flight assist on and off
  • ‘/99flight on’ & ‘/99flight off’ – these again turn the flight assist on and off.
  • ‘/99flight menu’ & ‘/99fm’ – both of these commands bring up a special blue drop down menu for the flight assist (shown below).

cyberflight options

From the menu you can do the following:

  • ‘Deruth’ sends you flying into the air 1000 meters and then returns you back to your original location. This should force others around you to reload your avatar and ‘deruth’ you. It’s also kind of fun.
  • ‘About’ gives you information about the original script.
  • ‘Disable’ & ‘Active’ turns the flight assist off and on.
  • ‘Listen’ turns on a listen mode, allowing scripts to disable and re enable it for you, so your jetpack doesn’t have to compete with cyberflight.
  • ‘HUD lock’ & ‘HUD unlock’ – Ok, I’m going to admit that I don’t yet understand what this means, but maybe someone else familiar with the product can comment below and we can figure it out.
  • ‘Hi-boost’ & ‘Lo-boost’ – this changes the amount of extra thrust you get when flying. Lo-boost feels much like regular flying, hi-boost feels like you get an extra 50% speed or so.
  • ‘Mouselook’ and ‘No mouse’ turns mouse mode on/off. Mouse mode lets you fly around in “mouselook” mode by clicking the mouse. Don’t forget to take off any weapons first.
  • Lo or Hi Anchor – turn on the “anchor” effect when hovering at high altitude (hi) or all the time (lo).

Also, any commands from the menu can also be accessed like this: /7 deruth

Lastly, if you double-tap when jumping, you jump higher. Triple tap, you jump higher still.

* While I did not write the script it is open source and included with permission from the creator. I have edited the script extensively to work nicely in the EZAD.

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

9 Responses to “Flight Assist (Cyberflight script)”

  1. Liderc Dagger Says:

    I’m going to take a wild guess here, some HUDs never stay in the place you position them and always revert to their original place when worn or you log in so I’m guessing that HUD lock locks the HUD in place?

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    The EZ Animator Deluxe should stay in the place you move it to, unless you change the HUD slot you attach it to.

  3. Liderc Dagger Says:

    I was refering to the flight assist script when you said that you wasn’t sure what hud lock was, just guessing what the scripter might have meant? I know the EZAD stays in place but some huds don’t so maybe that part of the script was to lock a hud?

  4. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Maybe, I don’t think there is anything in the flight assist script that affects the position of the HUD, though.

  5. Zackary Braveheart Says:

    I notice when flying high, my height decreases when I move. I imagined the ‘anchor’ setting would fix that, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference and I’ve tried several times, stopping my flight then starting again after changing the setting. It’s only when flying high I get this problem. Is this what the anchor is supposed to fix? If so, it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

  6. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Gosh, I’m not sure what the anchor does to be honest. The cyberflight is an open source script that I incorporated into the HUDDLE, but I’m not sure what the answer is.

  7. Princess Ivory Says:

    Am I understanding correctly that if I have the Flight Assist enabled, I will no longer need to use things like a Flight Feather or Mystitool in order to fly to high altitudes? Is the default for the Flight Assist “on” or “off”?(sorry not in world to look atm).

  8. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Princess Ivory, yes, the flight assist uses a customized version of the Flight Feather script, so it certainly can be used in place of it. I can’t remember if it’s on or off by default.

  9. Travis Says:

    reminds me of me and my goal to increase my vertical leap

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