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New SL bug interferring with floating text

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Does your HUDDLE look like this sometimes lately?

Unfortunately a few weeks ago, a new bug was introduced into SL by update 1.17 of the SL client. Sometimes after logging in or teleporting to a new sim, floating text fails to appear on HUDs and on other objects. It seems to be intermittent and random. I have two avatars and I’ve only experienced it once with Keiki. However with my alt, I experience it nearly every time I log in.

It’s important to note that this bug is not just affecting HUDDLES and has nothing to do with it’s design. It’s not a bug I can fix. It’s a general SL bug affecting anything with floating text. If you are experiencing this, please log into jira and vote there to have the bug fixed. It’s important to let them know that it’s affecting a large number of users and should be a priority to fix.

If you do experience it, detach and reattach the HUDDLE. This should fix it. I’ve also had reports that doing a manual reset of the HUD might help, but I’m not sure about that.

UPDATE: It appears that they have fixed the bug, but I’m guessing it may be a few weeks before they actually get it into the viewer.

No Copy Animations: Move Them One at a Time

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

There are few things worse in Second Life than losing inventory items. Nothing can ruin your day like losing a folder full of no copy animations. Things like this used to be rare, however for many months now, it’s been sickeningly common.

When I hear about it, it usually happens like this: Someone buys one of my EZ Animator HUDs and starts to transfer animations from various places like collars and AOs. They move their animations into their inventory and then drag them, often en masse, into their HUD. Most of the time, there is no problem. But occasionally, the no copy animations don’t make it. I’ve heard at least once someone getting the following error message:

Inventory creation on in-world object failed

When an inventory loss happens, you should not panic. Don’t log off in disgust. First, make a note of the time and your location and take a look at this blog post on inventory loss.


My EZ Animator spams “Touched” all the time

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

One day your EZ Animator starts to act up. It starts to spam the word “Touched” every time you touch it. It doesn’t matter why you are touching it, it always says “Touched”. Maybe it even says it several times each time you touch your EZAD. What is happening?

While very annoying, it’s actually very simple fix. There are some extra scripts in your EZ Animator which shouldn’t be there. When you are editing an object and looking at it’s contents, you will notice a button which says, “New Script.” If you click that button, a new script appears in the object. By default, new scripts always respond to a touch by saying “Touched.” At some point in the past you must have accidently hit that button once or twice.

Fixing it is pretty easy:

1. Right click on your EZ Animator and choose “Edit”
2. Hit “More” and then “Content” to see the contents.
3. Search through the inventory for scripts named “New Script”
4. Right click directly on these new scripts and delete them one at a time

How to Manually Reset an EZ Animator

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Your EZ Animator stopped working. The buttons seem frozen or it no longer animates you or your friend. You are getting a strange “run-time error”. Most likely, whatever is wrong can be fixed by resetting the scripts.

If you have an EZ Animator Deluxe and you are wearing it. You might try the /99reset command. However, if you are getting a script error, this will not work. Instead find a sandbox where you can build and do this:

The Scripts are Missing from my HUD!

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

It used to be that you had to unpack boxed items manually. You set it on the ground, right clicked on it and chose Edit. Using your mouse, you would drag the items from the box into a folder you made in your inventory.

Then Linden Lab created another way to unpack boxes. Instead of choosing Edit from the pie menu, you could choose Open. Then you could use either the “Copy to Inventory” button or the “Copy and Wear” button to move the items from the box to your inventory. This was a great leap forward for newbies who wanted to unpack the items they bought. It was certainly easier to open an item and click “Copy to Inventory” and get a nice neat folder in your inventory with the items.

The problem is that now people hit “Copy to Inventory” when they shouldn’t. Perhaps they are so used to unpacking things quickly, that they hit the button out of habit.

Why is this a problem? Well, let’s say you bought the EZ Animator Basic which is no copy. Most of the items inside are no copy items as well. If you rez the actual HUD on the ground and hit “Copy to Inventory”, SL will move all the scripts out of the HUD and it goes from a functioning HUD to lifeless box.

If you are using the EZ Animator Deluxe, you might have a different problem. The EZAD is copiable, so when you hit “Copy To Inventory” your HUD will still work. But you will create a folder in your inventory every time you hit “Copy to Inventory”, and that can get confusing. Also, if you have added no copy animations to your HUD, “Copy to Inventory” will remove them.

So if you open your HUDDLE and you realize that all the scripts are gone, this is what you do:

  1. Drop the HUDDLE on the ground.
  2. Find the folder in your inventory with the same name as the HUD. For instance, it might be named, “HUDDLES EZ Animator Basic v1.0.1”
  3. Move the “no copy” items from that folder to the HUD.

As always if this doesn’t seem to fix it, send me an IM and I’ll come help you at my earliest convenience.

My EZ Animator stopped working. It won’t play animations!

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

I have been getting some IMs lately from people who report that their EZ Animator has stopped working. Usually they have made some changes recently and suddenly it no longer responds. The buttons light up when they click them but no animation plays.

The first thing to check when this happens is Self Animation. Click the Me button and take a look at the message you get. If it says “Self Animation Off” then click it again until it says “Self Animation On.” Then try playing the animation again.

If this doesn’t work, the next thing to try is resetting the HUD. If you are using a Deluxe model, wear it and say /99reset. This should reset all the scripts in the HUDDLE.