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The Detach Bug is fixed

Friday, June 19th, 2009

UPDATE February 20, 2010: The Detach Bug is now fixed. I have not been able to verify it happening since the fix was finally added to the server code late last summer.

A while back, I had reported that the Detach Bug had been fixed. For many months we have been waiting for the fix to be implemented in the official SL client. It’s finally been released and as best as I can surmise, the fix now prevents you from making copies of worn objects. This does indeed prevent the first reproduction of the bug, but it does nothing to fix the core problem. HUDs that are worn from the ground are still in danger of being lost when they are next detached or when you log out or crash.

How to prevent the Detach Bug

Never wear your HUD directly from the ground. Right click on the HUD and take it. Then wear it from your inventory.

Wearing objects from the ground may lead to inventory loss

Wearing objects from the ground may lead to inventory loss

What to do if you have lost a HUD or other detachment

You should do the usual things from the Second Life Wiki like clear your cache. But if that doesn’t work, contact Second Life support. Open a ticket on their website and ask for an inventory restart/fix. Explain that you have lost a HUD when it detached, that it disappeared from your inventory and that you have tried solutions from the wiki. They will help you, even if you are just a basic member. Their support might be faster if you are premium however.

Second Life support can help you! If you lost your HUD from the Detach Bug, they can almost always retrieve it using their inventory fix. Always contact support for this problem.

What else can you do?

Please take the time to log into the jira site (the official Second Life bug tracking system) and vote on this problem. The current jira issue for this problem is SVC-2956.

UPDATE (June 26): There is another well commented description of the same essential bug on the jira. Please vote for VWR-12525.

Giving the Gift of HUDDLES

Friday, April 24th, 2009

tools-menuI finally rooted out a problem I was having with my gift server for the new HUDDLES Landmark Pal Deluxe. Now it works! Luckily the problem was in the server and not the HUD, so no update is necessary. If you have the Landmark Pal Deluxe and want to give the free trial version to your friends, it should now work. Go ahead and give it away.

If you haven’t yet tried the new Landmark Pal Deluxe, it’s really neat. I’ve found it to be very useful personally. It’s great to keep track of all your recent locations via the handy history menu. And it’s so nice to be able to save your favorite places in a variety of ways.

Detach Bug is fixed

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

It appears that there is a fix for the Detach Bug that has plagued so many people this past year. It will probably take some time before it actually gets into the release build of the client. Still it’s good news to know this will soon be fixed.

Qarl Linden posted this on the jira:

sorry for all the grief. should be fixed when maint-viewer-12 reaches RC. until then, try to avoid copying worn objects, and wearing objects directly from the ground.

What to do when your EZ Animator Basic won’t open

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

There are several reasons that your EZ Animator Basic might not open. Here are the steps you can take on your own to try to solve the problem.

First, try touching the bottom edge of the maximize button a few times. That should work in most situations.


If that does not work, try detaching the HUD and then attaching it to a new HUD location. Right click on the object in your inventory, choosing “Attach To HUD” and choose one of the open spots.

If that does not work, follow this link because you may need to reset the scripts in the HUD. If it’s still minimized, try touching the bottom edge again and attaching it to a new HUD location.

Lastly, if nothing seems to happen when you reset the HUD, the scripts may be missing. Follow this link to see how to put your scripts back into the HUD.

HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.1: I don’t understand

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

About a week after we went final with version 1.2.1, someone pointed out that there is a problem with the listener that is on channel 7. The listener is part of the flight assist script. I left the listener as is, not wanting to break the script (an open source script that I incorporated with permission from the author).

The problem is that when you say something on channel 7 that the HUD doesn’t understand, it gives you the feedback:

HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.1: I don’t understand


Reproducing the Detach Bug

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Do not wear or attach a hud that is sitting on the ground (rezzed in world). Instead, right click on the object and choose Take, then wear it from your inventory.


Nock Forager found a way to reproduce the detach bug and posted it at

1. Open build menu.
2. rez new box object.
3. rename it “Object A”.
4. Attach “Object A” to Left hand.

– Open inventory list and use filter key “object” make easier what will happen. –

5. You see “Object A” under the Objects folder.
6. Copy “Object A” and paste it in same folder.
7. Rename new “Object A” to “Object B”.
8. Drop “Object B” on floor (rez it).
9. Wear “Object B” directly from floor.

“Object A” dissapear from inventory.

“Object B” appear under the Library folder as “worn on left hand”, but it just a shadow. You can’t rez it. And relogging make it completely disappear.

Should be:
“Object A” should remain under Objects folder as unweared.
“Object B” should located under Objects folder.

Notice that he is attaching these objects directly while they sit on the ground. This may not be the only way to trigger this bug, but it only reinforces what should be a law for HUDDLES users. Once again:

Do not wear or attach a hud that is sitting on the ground (rezzed in world). Instead, right click on the object and choose Take, then wear it from your inventory.

If you have suffered from this bug, please post a comment to confirm whether or not you ever wear your HUD directly from the ground.

Basic Member who Lost Inventory?

Monday, April 21st, 2008

I now strongly suggest anyone who is a basic member of Second Life and who has lost inventory to become a premium member so that you can get customer support on the matter. I have been hesitant to recommend this because I was not sure that it would help. However, over the last few days, I’ve heard of several cases of people who have managed to get support and retrieved their lost HUDs (and other items).

In the mean time, I’m going to research other ways we can lobby Linden Lab to both fix the bug that is causing this latest rash of inventory losses and to create a channel where Basic members can get support for inventory issues.

I also found this issue on jira, I think this deserves many, many votes: To gather Inventory loss troubleshooting data, let Basic users submit tickets for loss.

Inventory loss bugs affect many Premium & Basic users. Linden has been interested in getting timely data to help track down the causes. However currently, only Premium users may submit tickets about inventory loss. By not allowing Basic users to submit tickets about this, Linden is losing all the troubleshooting data they could provide. And clearly, it’s needed. Linden should start letting Basic users submit inventory loss tickets. Besides, Basic users contribute to the economy, by buying items, buying/renting land, etc. It doesn’t seem fair that there is *zero* official concern when their investment in the economy (items) is affected (lost).

Please note, this issue is not specifically requesting that Linden HELP Basic users (though actually I think it should when we lose items)…it is requesting that we be ALLOWED to help Linden! By giving them data (ticket info) to help them track down bugs that affect everyone.

It’s not enough. Inventory loss should be something that all users of Second Life should be able to get support for, but it’s a start.

If you lose inventory, make sure you get support from Linden Lab

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

PLEASE NOTE: If this has happened to you, please add your comments to this jira entry about the detach bug explaining all the steps you took before the HUD disappeared. Also, for everyone else, please log in and vote for it.

JUNE 23 UPDATE: In order to get help for this, I now advise that you open a support ticket about this. Linden Customer Service has made significant progress in the last couple of weeks to address this. Open a ticket, explain clearly what happened (that your attachment disappeared from your inventory after detaching, after a crash, or after it was replaced by another attachment). Ask for a Directory Repair or Inventory Restart. It will work. At least I don’t know of a case when this fix has failed to return HUDs lost in this manner.

The last few weeks, I’ve seen a definite spike in inventory problems. I think it is a new bug, and it’s hitting some people multiple times. There are many variations, but the basic problem is that some HUDs are disappearing from inventory simply when they are detached, often but not always when they are replaced by a different HUD.I was skeptical that Linden Lab support would be helpful, but one of my customers did report that they recovered their lost HUD with all the animations still inside. It took some persistence, but they were able to recover the item when a Linden employee used a particular utility to recover lost/corrupted objects. It doesn’t always work, but it often does.

I sent this Linden an IM to thank them and to ask some follow up questions. I’ve removed their name so that he doesn’t get swamped with direct support requests. As always, you should go through the official channels to get support. However, I thought many of my customers would want to know some of the things that he said:


Finicky ZHAO-II Converter

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

So I got a message today from a customer who was trying to convert his AO notecards to the ZHAO II format:

Any ideas how to fix this 9:13] ZHAO-II Notecard Converter: ‘AO – Config 2’ does not appear to be a valid ZHAO animation notecard.

He sent me his notecard and it was definitely a card that the older ZHAO script could read. After some experimenting, I realized that the converter script was having trouble with the first line on the notecard. The script would only convert the notecard if the first line was:

:: [ Walking (also Striding) 1 ] ::

So if you get that error message, try changing the first line of the notecard to that.

“I put 2 new dances into my HUD but they aren’t there”

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Occasionally someone will IM me with a problem that goes something like this: They have been using the EZ Animator Deluxe for a week or two with no problems. They decide to go out and buy a couple dances and drop them into their HUDDLE. They drop their HUDDLE on the ground, put the new dances inside and pick it back up. But when they wear it, they either are missing the new ones, or they are missing the old ones. What happened?

Well, most likely they have put the dances into a fresh copy of the EZAD, not the one they had been using. See every time you rez the original EZAD you received, SL rezzes a new copy on the ground. So if when you go to add new dances, you accidentally rez a fresh copy and not the one you were using, you will think some of your dances have gone missing.

To find your dances, I recommend doing the following:

  1. Open your personal inventory and search for “1.1.3”. This will bring up a list of all the EZADs you have in your inventory.
  2. Identify the EZADs which have “no copy” next to the object name. If an EZAD is labeled as “no copy”, that means there are some no copy animations inside.
  3. Rez each no copy EZAD on the ground and look inside by right clicking on it and choosing “Edit”. Then select More and Content. Look inside and find your animations.
  4. Collect all your animations into one EZAD by dragging them into your inventory and then dragging them back into the copy you want to use.
  5. You may want to rename the EZAD something different so you can tell it apart from all the other copies that you might have floating around in your inventory. You do this by clicking on the General tab on the edit menu.

The other reason their animations might be missing is that they hit “Copy to Inventory” or “Copy and Wear” after adding animations to their HUD. If that might be the problem, take a look at this other blog post.