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New Copyable Dances @ HUDDLES

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

There are eight new copyable dances for sale at HUDDLES Headquarters. The dances are made by AKEYO and are full motion capture animations. They look great, come try them out. They are only 300L each.

HUDDLES Headquarters SLURL

14 Free Trial for new HUD

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Try my new HUD, the HUDDLES Landmark Pal Deluxe for free. Use a fully functional version for 14 days before you buy it.


You can get a free copy of the HUD either by getting it as a gift from someone who has one, by grabbing one from, or by going to my store, HUDDLES Headquarters and picking up one there. If you want to grab it from my store, just touch the sign (only pay the sign if you want to purchase it).


Sunday, January 18th, 2009

The HUDDLES Catwalk HUD was designed by Luth Brodie (of Reel Expression) and I. It is the first of many icow collab projects. For now, it is available only at the ICOW Sim.

It is combination walk replacer and posing HUD specifically designed for use in fashion shows in Second Life. It gives you an easy way to walk down the runway and strike a few poses and comes with a number of poses built in.

At a minimum, your HUDDLES Catwalk will come with four separate stands, which correspond to the four buttons with arrows. These buttons are for:

  • first pose – this is the up arrow (or forward arrow) button. This is the first pose that automatically plays whenever you stop walking.
  • left pose & right pose – these are the left and right arrows on either side of the HUD. They are typically poses that face a bit to the left or right.
  • over shoulder pose – this has the curved u-turn style arrow on the button. This pose typically will have a pose suitable for hitting when you are walking back from the front of the stage.
  • other poses – if you have added more poses (or you bought a preloaded set with extra poses) you will see numbered buttons, up to 12. You can play any of these poses by clicking on them.

Available Sets:
There are currently 4 sets available. More will be added soon.
One of four sets released today

HUDDLES Rental Box – Beta Release

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

I am ready to release the HUDDLES Rental Box. I’ve been testing this for about 4 months now at Animation Warehouse and it is now ready for public release. I do want to make sure I get some early feedback however and so I’m initially going to charge about a third of what the actual price will be. So for a limited time you can buy the system for only 99L.

As I said before, what prompted me to make this was the desire to get a mall rental script that only used 1 script per stall. It’s not as fully featured as some, but you would be hard pressed to find one that takes up as little script resources. On my sim it usually only uses 0.001 ms of time from the script scheduler (occasionally it has read 0.002 or 0.003).

It’s for sale at HUDDLES Headquarters and at

I previously blogged about this product here

Introducing the HUDDLES Rental Box

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

A few months ago, I expanded my mall, Animation Warehouse, to an entire sim. I had to decide whether I would use my old mall rental script or buy another one. I went out shopping and found that the device that many people were using to rent stalls in malls had a lot of scripts in each one, 16 scripts to be precise. Well, my new mall might need 50 or even 100 of these. There was no way I was going use 1600 scripts to handle rentals.

So, I did what I normally do in these kinds of situations, I made my own script rather than buying one. The first thing I decided was to get rid of the cube design that many of these devices use. I wanted something a little more classy. My friend Trinity Cole suggested that it have a display with the stall number and I agreed. Also, I didn’t want my rental box moving around and getting really big when the rent was past due. A simple sign would do: