Using Standing Poses with Your Animation Override

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Standing poses

Please note that these directions are for the latest version of the EZ Animator Deluxe (version 1.2.0). If you are using an older version of the EZAD, refer to the help notecard that came with that version. Or get your free update to the latest version of the EZAD before you continue.

Animation Overrides are designed to cycle through a number of poses. If you watch your avatar without an AO equipped, you will notice that you cycle through 5 very basic standing poses. Many AOs use 5 standing poses as their default number of poses. However with the EZ Animator Deluxe now can have many more animations than just 5. You can have as many stands as the memory of the AO script can handle. 20 or more stands are certainly possible. Here is how you add a stand to your ~AO_default notecard:

  1. Rez your EZAD on to the ground (or drop it if you are wearing it).
  2. Right click on your EZAD and choose “Edit” from the pie menu.”
  3. Click the “More >>” button and then the “Content” tab on the Edit menu
    More Button
    Content tab
  4. Find the “~AO_default” notecard inside the HUD and open it (right click on it and choose Open). Leave it open while you…
  5. Find an animation you want to add as a stand from your inventory and drag it into the HUDDLE’s contents.
  6. Wait for the HUDDLE’s contents to reload, find the animation inside, right click on it and choose properties.
    properties window
  7. Drag your mouse over the name of the animation on the properties window and click Ctrl-C to copy it.
  8. Paste the name after the [ Standing ] tag in the notecard by clicking Ctrl-V
    AO Default notecard
  9. Save and close the notecard and close the edit and property windows you may have up.
  10. Right click on the HUDDLE and choose Take.
  11. Wear the HUDDLE from your inventory. Be sure that you are wearing the copy that you just picked up. It should show up under the “Recent Items” tab in your inventory
  12. Touch the flip button until you see the AO commands
  13. Choose the Load AO Notecard button (it looks like a computer disk)
  14. Choose ~AO_default from the choices
  15. Turn your AO on to try the new standing pose

In the same way you can add many other stands to your AO. To add multiple stands you would separate each with the | symbol. You can even add multiple lines of stands to your AO. Click on the image below to see an example:
Example of many stands on several lines
The reason you would want to add multiple lines, rather than trying to fit all the stands on one line, is that there is a limit to the length of a line that a script can read. If the line is too long, it will cut off the end and probably give you an error which reads something like, “HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.0: Warning: Couldn’t find animation ‘*AW* ‘ in inventory.”

Time Interval

Once you have loaded your AO notecard with all of your stands, you can set the amount of time the AO plays each stand before cycling to the next one. An interval of something like 20, 40 or 90 seconds is common, depending on your preference. To choose a time interval:

  1. Use the flip button to get to the AO buttons.
  2. Click the Stand Time Interval button (it looks like a wristwatch).
  3. Say in chat the number of seconds you want to use

Stand Time Interval

Next Stand

Next stand allows you to skip ahead to the next stand. You might like to pick a stand and stick with it rather than cycling through all the different stands. If that is the case, set the Stand Time Interval to 0. Now the only time the AO will switch stands is when you touch the Next Stand button.
Next Stand

Random Cycling

You can choose between two styles of cycling for your stands, sequential and random. Click the bottom left button on the AO buttons to switch between the two styles. The one that looks like dice is shown when it’s set to random sequencing.
Stand Cycle Style

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

14 Responses to “Using Standing Poses with Your Animation Override”

  1. Burgess Miles Says:

    I cannot make the multiple lines with stands to work…I get a message saying: EZ Animator: Could not recognize token on line 25: [Standing]**Suga cutestand2_2. This may mean that this notecard is in the wrong format.
    It is not in the wrong format according to the example above…and furthermore, adding lines makes every animation such as walks etc after the added line not loading…I simply cannot make it work this way…and if I just add animation names to the same stand line I get an error saying: Warning: Couldn’t find animation ‘*AW* ‘ in inventory.”. So anyway I do it, it seems to be wrong…

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Well, I think the problem may be that it should be [ Standing ], not [Standing]. There needs to be spaces between the word and the brackets. I’ll IM you in world and take a look at your notecard to make sure that is the issue. Please send me a copy of the notecard when you can.

  3. Viciously Says:

    Well, I’ve figured out how to fix all the other things I was having trouble with … and by the way, your product is AWESOME!

    With the stands, can you possibly put timing in the note card, so you can play one stand for 90 seconds, and another for lets say 10 seconds?

    Did I mention that your product is AWESOME? 😉

  4. Myke Halostar Says:

    I tried dropping the EZAD to the ground to add some dances etc and it disappeared. it showed up later in my lost and found. Any idea why that might happen.

  5. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    I don’t, Myke. It sounds like the second life asset server burped when it tried to rez something ad bounced the item back into your lost and found. It could be that it did actually rez, and that you didn’t actually see it on the ground before it got returned. It’s hard to say. It’s also possible that in between you losing the item and you getting it back, the sim was restarted and that returned the item.

  6. Wolojik Wijaya Says:

    Hi, i really like your product.
    The only thing is I have a Vista AO, with multiple jump, crounching and so, but your AO seem to not allow it.
    I just copied all the ANIM to the HUD and the notecard, which is ZAOH formated. When i load it, i have error message like: cannot have multiple crounch animation, try again.
    Is there a way I can have all my crounching anim AO in the HUD?

    Thank you 🙂

  7. Vixen Sabetha Says:

    when i click sit or stand with my ZHII animations loaded. and click sit or ground sit. i get a dialog box. but when i click the buttons. nothing happens

  8. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Vixen: Clicking the Sit or Ground Sit buttons allows you to choose which animation you want to use for that purpose. It doesn’t play that animation until you actually sit on an object or sit on the ground.

    The AO is for handing automatic animations that play when you do something like walk, sit, fly or stand.

  9. Diana Balhaus Says:

    Hello Keiki is there a way to see which stand is playing like the dances? I need it for modeling and I want to be able to see which stand is playing to make changes, I already made notecard but when I load it it does not display like it does the dances. Thank you

  10. Redwood Rhiadra Says:

    Diana, what I would do in that case is to make a regular notecard (like for dances, and without AO in the name), but with your modeling stands in place of the dances. Then you can load that notecard and play any particular pose.

  11. Diana Balhaus Says:

    ok great my mistake was I was not using poses as dances but as stands that is why I was having issues with it can the AO still work to walk tho? thanks

  12. Diana Balhaus Says:

    Hi, is there a way to land gracefully after tp? my avie drops like potato sack lol thank you.

  13. Gail Says:

    Probably a really dumb question, I don’t know how to make the vertical line symbol you use between stand animations. If it’s on my keyboard somewhere I cannot find it?

  14. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Gail, on a US Keyboard that button is just above the return button on the right. I think it’s on the left side on a European computer keyboard.

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