Using Dance Mode (and Random Mode)

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Dance Mode

The Dance Mode button is the middle button in the first row at the bottom. It looks like a man dancing. When you click on this button, you begin “Dance” mode. The EZ Animator will begin with the first animation in the HUD’s inventory and play each animation in order.
Dance Mode Button

Random Mode

The Random button looks like a six sided die. It’s on the left in the second row. Random mode works exactly like the Dance mode except that it chooses a random order to play the animations in.
Random Mode Button

To stop Dance or Random mode, simply click the button again or click the Stop button. The stop button is square icon in the middle button in the second row.

Next Dance

When in Dance or Random mode, you may skip to the next animation by clicking the Next button–the single arrow icon on the right of the second row.
Next Dance Button

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

18 Responses to “Using Dance Mode (and Random Mode)”

  1. Valla Tenk Says:

    With the Dance and random mode buttons, |I have noticed that if you do not have an animation notecard loaded, for example landmarks and you press for instance random, the landmarks randomly load 🙁 Obviously if you press stop, the map pages stop loading, but this can be a little confusing and irritating – especially if you don’t realise what is going on…)

    Is this functionality intended ? Or is there a way to stop it occurring?

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    I suppose it is intended, although you probably have a point. I didn’t disallow many commands while in Dance or Random mode, because I didn’t want to limit what people could do. For instance, you might not think that rezzing objects is something you would want to do in Dance mode, but months after I made the EZ Animator, I created some fireworks objects for myself. I loaded them into an EZAD and use Random mode to do fireworks displays.

    You are probably right. There is no good reason why the map should come up in Dance or Random mode. But it’s hard to decide what can and cannot be included. Here are the commands that do not work in Dance and Random mode:


    Perhaps it would be a good idea to discuss this here in the comments and come up with a good list of things that should be disallowed while in Dance and Random mode.

  3. Moonsong Nightfire Says:

    I have found that if I try to use the dance mode button, I have to deal with it going through all of the sit and stand animations the hud came with as well as any dance animations, so i end up telling it to reload the dance card every time and the dance mode button is rendered basically useless. Is it intended to have to reload the dance card every time I just want to dance or have I missed something obvious in ways to tell it to just use dances quickly?
    Also, is there a way to change what animations the buttons go to? ie *aw male walk* is just not something I see using, can I make it find something else and say something else? I am searching for the answers as well as asking, and any links to where I can find these answers is appreciated, thank you!

  4. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    I think maybe you are not seeing the purpose of the Dance Mode button. Dance (and Random) mode is for playing what ever animations you have currently loaded. In Dance mode, it plays them in order. In Random mode it plays them in a random order. The only way the HUD can tell dances from poses from walks is by you telling it somehow. The way that the HUDDLE uses is notecards. In other words, the problem that you discovered of Dance Mode playing all the animations inside is why I have notecards.

    So once you load the notecard you have the choice, play the dances individually by pressing the button or use dance mode. It your choice.

    Now as for the built in AW animations. They are modifiable (or should be). You should be able to rename them.

  5. Moonsong Nightfire Says:

    I am starting to understand. Thank you for your patience. If I am never likely to use the male animations, (if I understand things correctly so far) if I delete them, their buttons will simply take the next thing in order to replace it. Am I correct?

  6. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yes, I would just delete them. It would just move everything up on the list of buttons. Also, they are copy/no transfer, so you should be able to get another copy of them if you ever decide that you want them again.

  7. Larissa Lomax Says:

    I thought I saw the answer to this somewhere on this site but now I can’t find it!
    I am using sine wave dances in my new huddles, but I have noticed that they often cut off in the middle. How can I change this?

  8. Rhian Svenska Says:

    In reference to the first two comments in this thread….I too would like to be able to mix animations and macro commands in the same notecard, without the dance/random modes cycling through the macros. For example, as a dancer, it would be nice to have a macro which activated a targeted poofer or a give-object in the same notecard as my dances, so I could do those things as desired/needed without interrupting my dances.

    My suggestion, rather than deciding upon a fixed list of macro commands which get ignored in dance/random mode, is to instead have a macro command which causes the remainder of that line to be treated as a macro that should be ignored/skipped in dance/random mode. Something like [NOAUTO]. For example:

    [NOAUTO][NAME]Welcome|Welcome to the club!

    So with a notecard like that, only the three dances would play in dance/random mode. The trick will be to make it continue dancing while still allowing a click on the NOAUTO one. 🙂

    Or….maybe make the tools menu notecard-configurable as well, and we could just stash poofs and stuff in there.

  9. Rhian Svenska Says:

    Another suggestion I was going to make, and relevant to Larissa’s last comment….

    Sine Wave dance poles allow one to encode the length of a given animation in the animation’s filename. When the length is encoded in such a manner, the pole uses it, otherwise it plays the animation for the default length of time.

    Perhaps the Huddles could do the same thing….if an animation has its length encoded (in Sine Wave format, perhaps), it uses it, otherwise it uses whatever we’ve set in the Huddles config.

  10. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Rhian, I have something in the works very similar to your idea. The command will probably be [NO_DANCE] and can appear anywhere in the macro (probably at the end would be best).

    Could you elaborate on what you mean by “encoded”? Is it part of the name of the animation? There is a way to set up dance timings using the EZAD.

  11. Rhian Svenska Says:

    Yes, they’re simply putting the running time as part of the anim’s filename, separated by a semicolon. Such as:


    Just another way of doing it that is easily adoptable by any interested animator or dance equipment/HUD maker. Not that I’ve seen much uptake of it, but one can dream. 🙂 The way you’re doing it is fine too….I’d suggest adding that as another way of doing it, with whatever being specified in your notecard overriding anything else.

    BTW, I *love* my Huddles; it remains my single best investment on SL. I’ve sold a couple of ’em for you, and wound up answering some sales-type questions in your shop one night cuz I can’t shut up about it. 🙂 Am thinking of asking for an affiliate vendor I can drop in some choice rental spaces. 🙂

  12. Springrose Says:

    I have put dances in the content and also in the note card and loaded the note card and nothing happens when i hit the dance button. Im getting closer because i used to sit when it hit the dance button i added dances and now i just stand an dont move ..hmmm. Please help me i have done everything i can think of for adays now and im abought to just give up

  13. Jonathan Zemenis Says:

    Hey Keiki:
    I am seeing the same problem as Springrose here
    I have a dance anim, and a nc with just that one anim listed (name copied and pasted to ensure correctness)
    When I load the nc and click either play, the anim name now listed in the Huddle, or Random, nothing happens although the text – Jonathan Zemenis: BEN_01_dance_AKEYO – appears in my local chat (in green so not appearing as actual chat)

    Can you help?


  14. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Jonathan, contact Connor Trudeau directly. He will take a look at your HUD and notecard and figure out the problem, I’m sure.

  15. Vereesa Treves Says:

    “I have found that if I try to use the dance mode button, I have to deal with it going through all of the sit and stand animations the hud came with as well as any dance animations, so i end up telling it to reload the dance card every time and the dance mode button is rendered basically useless.”

    I am having this problem and I read the response, but I think I am missing something. Do I create a separate “dance notecard” just for the dances so the AO animations are not played in dance mode? If so I can’t find an example of the format for the dance card. Thank you!


  16. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yes, you create a separate Dance notecard (or make changes to the Dance notecard inside the HUD already). The Dance notecard is simply a list of the animations you want to be dances. They are explained here:

  17. Jen Noel Says:

    Is it possible to use a channel to call a dance? I have looked for this in documentation and may have overlooked it. For instance, I am interested in being able to call dances like this (/99swoon) rather than having to page through the dances. I have so many…if I know the name it would be easier to call this way. Thank you.

  18. GeeLove Mills Says:

    I have noticed in the last few days that the dances are actually being seen in chat. Whatever dance I am doing it is showing it. I am not sure if its something that I did or perhaps SL has changed something or did I miss an upgrade? Would appreciate any help on this. Thank you so much for your time.

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