Upgrading your AO from v1.1.3 (or earlier) to v1.2.1 of the EZAD

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If you have just updated to the new 1.2.1 from version 1.1.3 or earlier, you will need to change your AO notecard to the new format. You do not need to move any animations, you only need to change the notecard. If you do not have the ZHAO II Converter, go back to where you got the update and click on the pink prism.

One of the changes to the EZ Animator Deluxe in version 1.2.0 (and 1.2.1) is an upgrade in the AO script from the original ZHAO script to the ZHAO II script. Perhaps the biggest change between these two scripts is how notecards look and work.

Next you need to upgrade the AO notecard you were using from your EZAD to the new format:

  1. Drag the AO notecard from your EZAD into your inventory.
  2. Search your inventory for an object named “ZHAO-II Notecard Converter.” You should have gotten one in the box with the EZAD v1.2.1 (or go back to the update area and click the pink prism). Drag the notecard converter onto the ground.
  3. Drag the AO notecard from your inventory into the ZHAO-II Notecard Converter. When you do this, the converter will generate the text needed for the new notecard. If you get an error, the problem might be on the first line of the notecard.
  4. Open your chat history, and copy the text between the blank lines.
    conversion text for ZHAO-II
  5. Paste the text into a new notecard in your inventory.
  6. Rename the notecard something that contains the letters “AO” capitalized. Then drop the new notecard into your new EZAD 1.2.1.
  7. Take your EZAD v1.2.1 and wear it.
  8. Use the Load AO Notecard button to select your new AO notecard.
If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

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