Unpacking Your EZAD and a Quick Tour

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Step 1 – Unpack your EZAD

(If you recieved a folder with the EZ Animator, some textures and some notecards inside, skip to Step 2)

Drag a copy of the object named “HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe” to the ground. Touch it once. It gives you a folder named HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe with all the components inside:

  • HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe 1.1.3 (the actual device)
  • HUDDLES Dance Ball (an addon to allow others to dance with you)
  • EZ Animator Deluxe guide 1 & 2 (texture guides to the buttons)
  • Various notecards
  • Gestures that bind your F2-F12 keys to your EZ Animator Deluxe (optional)

Step 2 – Try out your EZAD

Open your inventory and wear the object named “HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe 1.2.0”. If this object is on the ground, first Take it back into your inventory. Never wear the HUD directly from the ground.

The object is a HUD which means it shows up on your Heads Up Display (your screen). This is what it should look like when you first wear it:

You will see the names of the first 10 animations in the EZAD. Touch the button which says, “Club Dance 2 – ANOma”. The button will highlight green and your avatar will start playing that animation. Try out some other animations.

To stop the current animation, click the stop button (highlighted below):

You can also use the included gestures to operate the EZAD. Activate the gestures named, “F2 ( EZAD Button 1 )” to “F12 ( EZAD STOP )”. After you have activated the gestures, use your Function keys on your keyboard to play animations (F2-F11) and to stop your EZAD (F12).

Step 3 – Load a Notecard

Click the load button. It looks like a computer disk (highlighted below):

The text buttons will list the notecards that are inside the EZAD. Click the Dances notecard. The EZAD will load the list of animations that is on the Dances notecard. Now only those three animations are visible on the text buttons.

Once you have loaded just the dance animations, try out the Dance and Random buttons:

The Dance button looks like the a guy dancing and the Random button looks like a six sided die. The Dance button will play all the currently loaded animations in order. The Random does the same but plays them in a random order.

To stop Dance or Random mode, click the stop button.

To return to a full listing of the animations inside, click the “All” button.

Step 4 – Try the flip button

At the bottom of the EZAD is a small circular button called the flip button:

Click this once. The bottom two rows of buttons flip to the controls for the Animation Override (AO). The AO is a script which overrides your animations for walking, standing, sitting, etc.

Click the flip button again. Now you will see the admin buttons. These buttons allow you to change the appearance of the EZAD and control change some of the other admin options.

Click the flip button again and you are back to the main animation buttons.

Step 5 – Try the Help and Minimize Buttons

At the top right is a minimize button similar to what you would see in Windows. Click that button and the EZAD will shrink down to a single row of 5 buttons. When minimized, the button on the far right will maximize the HUD back on your screen.

Touch the button which looks like a question mark. This is the Help button. The EZAD will give you a copy of the Help notecard which explains all the features of the EZ Animator.

Your Quick Tour is over. You are now ready to learn how to add animations to your EZAD.

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

26 Responses to “Unpacking Your EZAD and a Quick Tour”

  1. rusty seisenbacher Says:

    wow—–first thing like this i own. complicated but do-able. Gonna be fun once i get down

  2. Francine Laperriere Says:

    Is there any way to import into version 1.2 from my earlier version?

  3. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    You have to move your animations and notecards from the older version to this version if you want to use it. However, there is nothing in this new version that would be absolutely necessary. If you like your current version, you could stick with it.

  4. Josh Talbot Says:

    You could stick with the old one, that is if you like getting a popup to take the upgrade evey time you log on. I couldn’t find any info in the new package on how to set up the notecards. They syntax of them to be exact. If the information for it is there, I couldn’t find it. There should also be a way to turn off the “call home” for update feature so if you do want to keep the old one you don’t have to constantly bat down that popup.

  5. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Josh, I’m confused on a couple of points. Are you being offered the upgrade every time you log in? That shouldn’t be happening. You should have gotten it once and only once, unless you say the /99update command.

    Also, all the documentation is here on the web. Did you not find the links to the help section: http://imakehuddles.com/wordpress/?page_id=2

  6. Chandra Vita Says:

    OMG this is what I have looking for since coming to SL. It has almost everything in one place. The alternative of having so many windows and HUDs on the screen at the same time just ruins the SL experience. Yes this solution is powerful but also incredibly simple at the same time. Thank you, thank you. I have not been able to get the radio to work yet but probably “smoke in the cockpit.” This has completely changed how I use SL and all for the better. You are the best!!!

  7. haynz Shultz Says:

    hmmm…. how to do 2 animations at once? hope its somehow possible to mix animations, like in “real” Sl ???
    greetz, alex

  8. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    hi Alex, not really, there isn’t a built in way to play two animations at once. You can do it with the AO portion, but not with a regular button macro. Does that make sense Alex?

  9. JoJo Mandel Says:

    I’m really struggling with adding any of my own stuff to it. I’ve tried to add landmarks I use frequently, radio stations I play, Animations from a previous HUD. I’m confused and frustrated. I want this to work seamlessly so I’m not fidgeting with 5 different HUDS. PLEASE HELP!!!

  10. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Jojo, I really recommend mastering the EZAD one feature at a time. If you try to get it all set up at once, it can be overwhelming. There are just too many features. I am happy to help you. IM me in world and I’ll be glad to spend some time with you showing how to add a few things to your HUDDLE.

  11. Lauren Weyland Says:

    Well, I love my Huddle but being blond I make lots of mistakes. Fortunately, Keiki has been there every time for years. And sometimes I can even read the instruction manual properly. It takes awhile to learn. To learn it all you will need an advanced degree in chemistry and music. Thank you Keiki

  12. Tattoo Lane Says:

    Hi – I’ve recently bought a HUDDLE because I want to dance – I’m a new club dancer and it would be nice to be able to interact properly – but …. I’m having real trouble loading my dances . The dances show up on the animator, but then it will only play the original dances – not the ones I wanted to add. I paid quite a bit for the dances and am really disappointed . The dances all light up green – but Tattoo is stuck with only 3 dances …. HELP – I’m not good with technical things ………
    Yours blondely

  13. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Sounds like you added the dances, but didn’t change the dance notecard. When you load the dances notecard, it just loads up the list of dances in that note. Unless you add more dances to the notecard, it has no way of knowing what is a dance and what is something else. Here is a link which explains in greater detail:


    Also, if this is not the problem you are having, please IM me directly in world. I’ll be happy to help you.

  14. Darren Amos Says:

    I just recently got a huddle system How do I go about “rename” a huddle HUDso I know what is in it. Second, How do I erase a file that in already in a huddle HUD?

  15. Frida Katscher Says:

    HELP !!!!
    I upgraded and all went smoothly, but when I took it back into inventory and wore it………ALL MY DANCES HAD DISSAPEARED…almost all non copy and resided in my huddle!!!! What did I do wrong and are they gone for ever?

  16. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Frida, the most likely thing is that you are looking at the wrong copy of your HUD. There is nothing in the update that would remove animations. What you should do is open your inventory and look for all copies of your HUD. You might search for the word “Deluxe” for instance.

    If see any HUDs which are “no copy” then you should look inside those HUDs for your animations. If you need help with this process, IM me directly.

  17. Frida Katscher Says:

    Thank you Keiki! Thank you thank you thank you :o)
    I did what you said and found them all safe and sound in a pre-updated copy. Not sure how that happened, but I’m so pleased to have got them back. You really know your product and more importantly you know how we mere mortals make mistakes and can steer us back to the proper way :o)
    One very satisfied customer who will forever sing your praises

  18. river brun Says:

    i have bought 2 of the reguler huds and 2 of the delux huds, for me and my wife. it is so frustrating that we cannot get the land marks to load into the huds. please send us more infomation on how to do this! we have spent several hours trying to get this thing to work. please do not tell me to just drag the land mark into the huddle becouse this will not work for us. i think the huddles are defective, becouse the huddle will not except the landmakr or note card. i have tries everythin that i know how to try and i have read everything that you have printed. please help me to use you product or i would want you to refunf my lindons. in game i am river brun and my wife is sunbeam low pleae respond to me asap, your help would relly be helpful

  19. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    River, I’ll contact you directly and help you in any way I can.

  20. Ro Winkler Says:

    Helpppppppp meeeeee !!! lol I did all , i wrote all names of the dances on the note card , i dropped the dances inside the hud and i saw the dances there inside , it was on the ground , i saved the note card . Now , i dont see any dance there inside , the notecard dont have what i wrote , and plz , was more than 3.000$L on dances . Where are my dances ????
    Someone help me plz i need my dances to work . tyvm

  21. Kiran Sporg Says:

    omg I just lost all my dances trying to get this thing working HELP THIS SUCKS I LOST A TON OF MONEY MORE THAN I PAID FOR THIS THING SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

  22. Myke Says:

    I really need a hand on the Huddles EZ. Please.
    I sent in an e- mail earlier. Not sure if it made it to you.

    I get a black screen whe it’s displayed. What am I doiong wrong?


  23. kreechur Says:

    i keep losing dances. do you have to click take before you close the edit box? ive bought 17 dances non copy non trans and lost them all trying too load them. also how do i get the dances to go into the dance category button they only go into all?

  24. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @kreechur, if you are having trouble, please contact Connor Trudeau. Obviously you are doing something wrong. Most likely you are making a copy of the HUD and looking inside the wrong copy for your dances.

  25. Laska Soulstar Says:

    I bought two different ez animator huds,, the basic and the deluxe. i loved the basic but somehow i changed the texture on it and cant see any buttons so is hard to use. so i bought the deluxe but havent been able to use it cause i dont understand how to load it. it isnt easy as basic with drag and drop. so can you help me plz? also,, is there a way i can get the testure for the basic hud so i can use that one? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated..thx..Laska

  26. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Laska, I’m going to have Connor Trudeau contact you.

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