Notecards – Playing Sounds and Emotes

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Notecards can contain more than simple lists of animations.

  • You can drop sounds into the HUD and put their names on the notecard.
  • You can type in emotes which will be displayed when you press the button.
  • You can combine animations with sounds and emotes similar to gestures.
  • Multiple items may be on the same line and separated by the | symbol, like this:

backflip|Boing|/me exclaims whoopee!

This line on the notecard would:

  • Play the animation “backflip”
  • Trigger the sound named “Boing” and
  • Display the emote “Keiki Lemieux exclaims whoopee!”

PLEASE NOTE: The | symbol is above the enter key on a standard US keyboard and to the left of the Z key on a standard UK keyboard.

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

18 Responses to “Notecards – Playing Sounds and Emotes”

  1. Zena Tiki Says:

    I thought mine was a standard US from microsoft, however, my [|] key is above my [Enter] key furthest to the right – hope that helps

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yep, that’s where it is normally on a US keyboard. On a European keyboard, I think the | key is usually on the lower left.

  3. Elspeth Says:

    Silly question probably but what is the difference between the animations with and without ’emote’ at the end of the name, such as “express_embarras” and “express_embarass_emote” ?

  4. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Those are both examples of the built in SL animations that can be used in macros. There are about a dozen expressions that have two versions, the full body version and the facial expression only. The one that ends with _emote is the facial expression only.

  5. candeegirl Says:

    keiki this is probably a stupid question on my keyboard i don,t have a symbol that is a strait line above my enter key is \. So is there any other way i can seperate animations on my note cards, i thought my keyboard was a standard us keyboard it is older though. Thanks for your help

  6. candeegirl Says:

    please disregaurd the last question i figured it out thank you

  7. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    PLEASE NOTE: The | symbol is above the enter key on a standard US keyboard and to the left of the Z key on a standard UK keyboard.

  8. Chandra Vita Says:

    I have a HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe. I am trying to play sounds I purchased from Acoustic Alchemy. I created a notecard called Sounds and put the names of the files I wished to play.
    When I do try to play I receive a message that the EZAD can only REZ copies of items for which you have copy permissions. Yet when I play Dances for which I do not have copy permissions it plays fine.


  9. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Chanda, it’s giving you that message, because what you put inside is an Object, not a raw sound. Perhaps that object has a sound file inside.

  10. Ethen Drechsler Says:

    About the two versions of animations with and without emote: while the facial expression plays ok on the ’emote’ versions in my macros, I only get the animated gesture in the version without ’emote’. A typical pair of macros might read:

    [NAME]Afraid 1|express_afraid|3|[STOP]

    [NAME]Afraid 2|express_afraid_emote|3|[STOP]

    When ‘Afraid 1’ is activated, my av bends back, hands to mouth but the face remains impassive. When ‘Afraid 2’ is activated, the face pulls the appropriate expression.

    I’ve tried all sorts of variations with [AO_ON] and [AO_OFF], without the timings (although I heard it is good policy to always specify timings because it saves lag) and even without the [STOP] command but nothing seems to make a difference.

  11. Ethen Drechsler Says:

    Apologies. The macro for ‘Afraid 2’ reads:

    [NAME]Afraid 2|express_afraid_emote

    But I’ve tried that also on ‘Afraid 1’.

  12. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    The end of the macro shouldn’t really matter, the |3|[STOP] part is irrelevant unless you are in Dance or Random mode. I’m assuming you wouldn’t have this on a dance card.

    However, I think you have found a new bug in the SL client. I doubt it’s has to do with my script since it’s just a simple use of llPlayAnimation(). I’ll write up a bug report and submit it to the jira.

  13. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    This is a known bug. I added a comment and you should go and vote for it.

    At the moment there is no workaround for the EZ Animator, but I am considering how I might add a way to ‘blend’ animations in the future. If I can think of a good way to do it, I’ll add in the next version.

  14. Ethen Drechsler Says:

    Thanks for the answer, Keiki. I’ll submit a vote to the jira on it right away. It’s good to know I’m not just missing something obvious.

  15. Jax3 Lotus Says:

    When is the next version?

    Is there a limit to the number of – say- dances I can put on a notecard?

    why are there “objects” prims in the contents? and scripts?

    I am having a problem understanding your instructions eg: how to use notecards – headings etc. Where do I look?

  16. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    I should be starting work on the next version soon.

    You can put 100s of dances on a single notecard, so I wouldn’t worry too much about hitting a limit. You can only have lines of 256 characters, so there is a limit there, but you can definitely have notecards 100s of lines long. I have tested it with one over 1000 lines long.

    There are objects inside, because the HUD can rez objects. So I put a few in there to demonstrate, including my poofers and the HUDDLES Group Radio. The scripts are there because you need scripts to run the HUD.

    Feel free to IM me directly if the help is confusing. You could also use the search feature on the blog. That might help.

  17. Bhakta Thor Says:

    I am just starting to use the SL animations notecard. How do I remove gestures that I do not want in the EZAD? I can take them off of the SL notecard, but when I load the card, there seems to be more animations than I expected, are they all in the EZAD contents?

  18. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Bhakta, I’m confused by your question for a couple reasons. First, gestures should never be put in the HUD or listed on a notecard. If you are having trouble with your notecard, please contact Connor Trudeau in world for help.

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