Notecards – Mapping Landmarks and the [MAP] Tag

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Mapping Landmarks

The EZAD now also works with Landmarks.

  • Drop your favorite landmarks into the EZAD.
  • Create a notecard which has the name of each landmark, 1 per line.
  • Load that notecard as you would any set of macros or animations.

When you click on a button that is loaded with the name of a landmark, your map will pop up with the location of the landmark selected. You can go there by clicking the “teleport” button on the map.

For an example of how this works, load the notecard named “Landmarks.”

Using the [MAP] tag

Another way to save locations to a notecard is to use the [MAP] tag. Here is an example macro:

[MAP]Animation Island,117,63,322

The information after the map tag must include 4 things, the region name and X, Y and Z coordinates of the location. When you play this macro, your map will pop up with this location chosen.

Under the Tools menu of the EZ Animator Deluxe, you will find a new function to help you write these macros:Tools Menu

  1. Click the Tools button on the lower right corner of the HUD
  2. Choose “Location for Macros” from the list
  3. Copy the macro from your chat history and paste it into one of your notecards.

Here is an example of a macro when you use this tool:

[NAME]HUDDLES Headquarters|[MAP]Animation Island,117,63,322

Notice that it also adds a [NAME] tag with the name of the parcel where you are at.

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

11 Responses to “Notecards – Mapping Landmarks and the [MAP] Tag”

  1. Moonsong Nightfire Says:

    silly question. I have noticed that you can actually put animations, landmarks, etc themselves onto notecards rather than just typing their names. would it be possible to have the hud read them from the notecards that way rather than having to move the landmark/animation into the inventory and then list its name on a card as well???

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    I wish that scripts worked that way. Unfortunately, something very bad happens instead. If you drag a landmark directly onto a notecard it will corrupt it somehow making it impossible for a script to read. Even if you remove the landmark from notecard later, a script still can’t read it.

  3. Moonsong Nightfire Says:

    Unfortunately, that news came too late for me, as I have been keeping my favorite landmarks in notecards for some time now. Now if only you could put all the landmarks into a box or all the dances into a box to reduce the size of the content list in the hud. (I know, dont ask for much do I?)

  4. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Well, I do sell a HUD just for landmarks and another just for animations and another just for objects. You don’t need to use notecards for any of those. You might consider a Landmark Pal just for your landmarks.

  5. Gaea Morpork Says:

    I have a suggestion for a future release … please include an option that, when set, would allow a user to teleport directly to the landmark target than merely displaying the map. When I’m in a hurry or a sim is lagging, taking the extra step to load the map for a teleport button can be frustrating. Thanks for the great product.

  6. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Gaea, I was hoping to add that when SL added the llTeleport function to their scripting language. Unfortunately then never added it. If they do, I will certainly add it to the HUD.

  7. Itasca Camel Says:


    Im having troubles with my EZ Animator. I use the “[NAME]HUDDLES Headquarters|[MAP]Animation Island,117,63,322” feature for loading landmarks in my note cards. The problem is after I load the landmarks and click on the location name (button), It dose not bring up the menu like when I first bought it. It suddenly stop working. Before I bought Ex Animator I used the simple Landmark huddle. I gave that one away to my close Friend because I upgraded to this new one that uses “Macros”… I have no clue what went wrong. Can someone please help me salve this issue? I would appreciate the support, because I think this new upgrade is a very usful tool. One of the best Huds I have owned. I would hate to have to buy yet another hud for just my Landmarks.

  8. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Ok, first off, if you are using the [MAP] tag, you are not using landmarks. The [MAP] tag bypasses landmarks altogether.

    In order to troubleshoot this, please post the exact macros you are using on your notecard and tell me what version of Second Life you are using (also what operating system).

  9. Itasca Camel Says:

    ?Example I’m using within the “Landmarks” Note Card:
    [NAME]::: BareRose :::|[MAP]Bare Rose,216,50,30

    ?Second Life Version: 2.1.1

    ?Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium

  10. Itasca Camel Says:

    Problem: I was having troubles with my EZ Animator. I use the “[NAME]HUDDLES Headquarters|[MAP]Animation Island,117,63,322? feature for loading landmarks in my note cards. The problem is after I load the landmarks and click on the location name (button), It dose not bring up the menu like when I first bought it. It suddenly stop working.

    Solution: I did not understand the last response at all do to the fact that the “[NAME]HUDDLES Headquarters|[MAP]Animation Island,117,63,322? feature was working when I first bought the Hud. This is the correct way to write macros into the Landmark note card. I remember at one time I reset the scripts in selection because I thought it stopped working all together. Second Life was probably just laggy at the time for me. After I did this I would load my landmarks and it would never bring up the map anymore. I found that just configuring a new default hud again solved the issue, and my landmarks did start to work again with the same method I was using before. If anyone has an issue with this just send an “IM” to Itasca Camel in world, and Ill be happy to better explain what I did if you have troubles understanding this issue.

    Closing: I want to say thank you for creating this wonderful Hud. Works great, and is so far the best hud I have owned. I would recommend this fantastic tool to anyone.

  11. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    If you still have the copy of the HUD that is not working, could you contact me in world? I’d like to take a look at it to see if I can figure out what went wrong.

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