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The All Button

all button
The All button allows you to list all the animations inside the HUD on the buttons. Everything will be listed, including sits, stands, walks, and dances. The animations come up alphabetically on the buttons. They are filled with the names of the first 10 animations inside. You can use the arrow buttons just below the text buttons to page through the names of the animations.

But suppose we don’t want them all listed. Let’s suppose we only want dances listed on the buttons. Try this:

Animation Lists

Notecards allow us to keep lists of a particular subset of animations. For instance, we can create a notecard with just our dances on it.
Load Notecard Button

  • Touch the Load Notecard button. It looks like a computer disk.
  • The EZAD will now list the notecards that it finds inside.
  • Choose Dances from the list.
  • The EZAD will now read the notecard named “Dances” and load the contents into the text buttons.

You have just loaded an animation list from a notecard. If you open that notecard, you will see a simple list of the three animations that are now on the buttons of your EZAD.

Now let’s create our own notecard with an animation list:

  • First create the notecard in your inventory and name it.
  • Open it and type in a list of animations, one per line. The name you type in must be identical to the name of the animation.
  • Drop the notecard into the EZ Animator.
  • Use the Load Notecard button to load the animation list onto the buttons.

If you want to get really creative, you can add specific timings to specific dances and even create animation sequences too.

IMPORTANT: When playing an animation from a notecard, if the name of the animation is displayed as chat instead of that animation playing, it is because the animation is misspelled on your notecard. Double check your notecard when this happens. Trust me. Really. You misspelled it. :p Often it’s a missing or extra space.

To get the exact name of the animation, you can right click on it and choose properties. An info window will pop up and you can copy the animation name directly from that pop up by using Ctrl-C. You can then paste the name of the animation directly into the notecard using Ctrl-V.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the animations in the HUD, you may use the animations built into Second Life. To see a list of these animations, open up the notecard named “SL Animations” or go to this web page:

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

37 Responses to “Notecards – Animation Lists and the All Button”

  1. Fanny Brim Says:

    In trying to load my “dance” notecard,I press the “Load Notecard” button, but the only cards that come up are the -AO_default, female, and male. there are other notecards listed in my contents, including dance, but none of these come up. How do I get the other notecards to load and work?

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Fanny, there are two buttons to load notecards, one is for regular notecards, like the Dance notecard and the other is for AO notecards, like AO_default. If you see the AO notecards when you need to do this:

    1. Click the stop or Load AO Notecard button again to leave that menu.
    2. Click the flip button twice to return to the regular buttons. The flip button is the little circular button at the bottom of the HUD. You want to end up seeing the All and Me buttons.
    3. Click the Load Notecard button to find your Dance notecard.

  3. Zarah Heslop Says:

    good instructions but you keep saying make sure the note card is correct!!! thats ok if you know what you are talking about, i want to load guestures but theres nothing there that tells me in simple english how to do it, the same for sounds can you please help a simple girl

  4. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    By correct, I usually mean that you need to make sure the text on the notecard matches the name of the animation or sound perfectly. Only exact matches work.

    As for gestures. If you try to put a gesture inside and play it, you will get an error message. That’s because scripts cannot play gestures. You have to leave them in your inventory and activate them.

    Feel free to leave more questions if this doesn’t make sense.

  5. Zarah Heslop Says:


  6. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    I’m sorry if I was not clear, Zarah. If you are talking about those things in your inventory called ‘Gestures’, they do not work in the EZ Animator. They don’t work in any device, because gestures cannot be played by scripts. This is a limitation of Second Life.

    However, if you are talking about using the EZ Animator to make macros which are a lot like gestures, then you should probably read on about how to plays sounds and say emotes.

    For instance if you wanted to play an animation named “jump” and a sound named “applause” and say “Zarah Heslop jumps for joy”, the macro on your notecard would look like this:

    jump|applause|/me jumps for joy

    Please send me an IM directly. I think we need to have a conversation, because I’m still not sure that I’m answering your question.

    Also, this link may help:

  7. sarajane parx Says:

    I cant seem to limit the displayed list of animations to just AO

    When i click the “load notecard” button in the section with the AO key, i get a list of not just the AO notecards but of all the notecards.

    Then when i click one of the AO notecard buttons i get an animation list with the AO male AND the AO female AND the Dances AND a notecard i added.


  8. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Sarajane, when you load an AO notecard, the animations on the notecard get saved into the memory of the AO script. They DO NOT change what is on the buttons of the HUD. The AO script uses those animations to handle walking, standing and sitting automatically.

    Only regular notecards (like lists of dances or macros) change what is on the buttons.

  9. Carl Wilder Says:

    I’ve noticed that some of my animation lists end with an empty button when loaded into huddles. When i’m playing them in sequence this causes the sequnce to pause a the end while the empty animation “plays”.

    I’ve checked the notecard and as far as i can see there is no extra blank line at the end. However, the notecard does end with a newline (that is, i can move the cursor to the start of the next line.

    Looks like huddles should really skip blank lines and extra lines at the end of a notecard. Is this a known bug? What’s the work-around ?


  10. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    It probably is a bug of sorts, yes. If you are seeing this, it almost certainly means you have an extra return at the end of the last actual line of the notecard. Click at the end of the notecard and hit backspace to get rid of the last line and it should clear it up.

  11. Carl Wilder Says:

    Yeah i did try this but it didnt go away .. in fact was one of the first things i checked 🙁

  12. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Carl, please contact my customer service guy, Connor Trudeau. He can help you, I’m sure.

  13. Serinda Randt Says:

    I have loaded 38 sine wave animations into my HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe. They all load successfully but I would like them to show grouped in a certain order… to keep similar dances together. But unfortunately they do not appear in the list on the animator in the order they are seen in the notecard. is there anything I can do to sort the dances?

  14. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    They should appear in the same order as on the notecard. Did you use the Load Notecard button after you made the list?

  15. Rain Says:

    Hi Keiki,
    Okay so for these notecards (dances, landmarks, objects and poofers, radio streams). I notice that in each of them there are already specific items
    So dancing has
    snake dance
    ecstacy dance
    and club dance 2

    but the thing is, I can’t FIND that notecard in order to add my other dances to that specific category. Where do I find that so I can add things to those categories?

    There is no “Dances” notecard or “Dances AO” notecard. So how do I edit that category?


  16. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    1) Right click on the HUD and choose Edit.
    2) Click the Content tab in the edit menu (you may need to click the “More…” button to see the Content tab).
    3) Find Dances in the list.

    If the notecard is missing. Make a new note in your inventory, add the animations you want to be in that category and drop the notecard into the HUD. You can name the notecard “Dances” or anything else.

  17. Viciously Says:

    I may be missing something obvious. You explained making a notecard, which is easy enough. You explained how the system displays a note card, which makes sense.

    What I’m not getting (probably because I’m not understanding it) is how the EZAD connects a certain note card, to a certain button: For instance, how does it know that a note card full of dances, should display when the dances button is clicked? Is it by notecard name? Could you possibly expand on the bullets below for those of us that are techy challenged?

    First create the notecard in your inventory and name it.
    >>> Name is what?

    Open it and type in a list of animations, one per line. The name you type in must be identical to the name of the animation.
    >>> No problems here.

    Drop the notecard into the EZ Animator.
    >>> No problems here either.

    Use the Load Notecard button to load the animation list onto the buttons.
    >>> This is kind of my question. How does this work? The instruction tells you what to do, but not the steps required to do it. Do you hit to load, then select a notecard, then dances, or what?

    Apologies for being HUD challenged. 🙂

  18. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    You can name a notecard anything you like. The only restriction is that if the notecard is for your Animation Override, it must have AO in caps somewhere in the name. This is how the HUD tells the difference between AO notecards and regular notecards.

    By regular notecards I mean lists of animations and/or lists of macros. Don’t worry about macros yet though.

    Let’s say you want to use the Dances notecard. You would click the Load Notecard button. Now you will see a list of all the notecards in the HUD. You click on Dances and now the Dances notecard is loaded into memory. The animations you listed on that notecard now appear on the buttons and you can play them by clicking the button.

  19. Viciously Says:

    I must not be explaining this well, and again my apologies for being HUD challenged. 🙂

    If the notecard with my dances is called VICsDances … how to I tell the EZAD that I want THAT notecard to display when I click on dances? When I hit the Load Notecard button and all the cards display, do I highlight it and then hit the Dances button?

    What is happening to me now, is that I follow your steps as you wrote them and when I click on dances, it loads the card with the three dances the EZAD came with.

    By the way … I think others are having difficulties with that part of the instructions too … both people that I know that have the EZAD, both told me they got frustrated and just typed over the card you had in the HUD.

    Thanks …

  20. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    If your notecard is called VICsDances, don’t click on dances, click on VICsDances. Let me rewrite my last paragraph to be clear:

    Let’s say you want to use the VICsDances notecard. You would click the Load Notecard button. Now you will see a list of all the notecards in the HUD. You click on VICsDances and now the VICsDances notecard is loaded into memory. The animations you listed on that notecard now appear on the buttons and you can play them by clicking the button.

  21. Viciously Says:

    Oh, that makes perfect sense! 🙂 I think I was confusing the card named dance with dance button.

    Thanks millions … I can probably even help the other two people I know … which is a scary thought. 😉

  22. Joshooah Lovenkraft Says:

    Hi Keiki – I’ve been fiddling with my Huddles recently, changing my AO notecard around and messing with some of the more advanced features. I know I can use the ALL button to show all my animations stored in my Huddles, but I seem to recall there is a /99 chat command to list all your animations in chat. I might be imagining reading that somewhere but could you remind me of the command when you have a chance. Can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

  23. Joshooah Lovenkraft Says:

    oops, never mind .. I’m a tool. It’s not a chat command.

    If you want to list all your animations in chat, there is a button in the tools menu. You can also do this for objects, landmarks and sounds, along with other stuff like av uuids. don’t you love it when people answer their own questions lol :p

  24. Honey Says:

    So… I am fairly computer savvy… so I don’t know why I’m struggling with a little dance HUD.

    I bought $2000 worth of dances… Sinewave, and one other place…

    I loaded them into my HUD…

    I made a notecard with the names, and of course when I loaded the notecard and clicked on it in the HUD…

    I misspelled everyone of the dances, obviously, since my avi just SAYS the dances in Local. *sigh*

    So ok… I go back to edit, find the note card, and start looking for the dances to go to Properties to get the correct names… Ummm… I can’t find them. WHAT am I doing wrong? Why will my little avi NOT stop talking when I click the stop button… *sigh* Any ideas are way welcome!

  25. Lyssa Varun Says:

    The notecards used to be so much more useful in the pre 1.2x EZAD because you could load a different notecard that you have set up on your dance notecards without stopping the current dance/anim. I was hoping this would be fixed in 1.3x but it seems it has not. Now instead of having various notecards with different genres of dances on them available to switch to on the fly without stopping I have to wade through a single huge list. Is there some reason for this change I’m not getting? I sort of thought that it was one of the points of having notecards and the ability to load them via the notecard loading macro.

  26. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Honey, contact Connor Trudeau for customer support.

    @Lyssa, I didn’t realize there was a change in behavior. In version 1.1.x the current animation continued to play when you switched cards? That probably is a good idea. I’ll put it on the list of things to look at for the next version.

  27. Lyssa Varun Says:

    *jumps for joy* 🙂

  28. scribblywench Says:

    Hi – I am trying to edit a copy of the standard A0 female notecard to do my animations instead of the built in ones (thinking that this would make the “sit” button play my own animation)

    – is it necessary to use the standard format? This seems to be
    [sitting] myanimation

    – how do I load several animations, all of which are sitting animations, and make the HUD cycle through them? Do I use | or a comma or ; ?

    [sitting] myanimation1 | myanimation2 | myanimation3

  29. scribblywench Says:

    I got the answer, I think – I had the format right but no spaces.

  30. kreechur Says:

    i loaded a few dances, they are in all. how do i get them into dance?

  31. Vansharna Karu Says:

    Hi, I have bought the Huddles EZ Animator last night and determined to work my way through the instructions I plodded on, loaded it, even managed to make a notecard of my own (didnt know about that before) and loaded it.

    They loaded (miracle!) but they dont work…nothing moves…except of course the 4 that the EZ came with. What am i doing wrong? Something tells me that to get a dance loaded yuo have to do more than type its name on a Notecard. How doed the EZ know that is my dance and that i paid for it..or got it free..what i mean is how does it know that the dance whos name i have of course typed perfectly the same (checked that first!) is mine and where are the animation instructions. I did try dragging the little figure next to the animations in the Inventory onto the Ez, thought that might work. it didnt.

    Please help. I have already spent heaps on a Chim that did not work and a Dance Ball at Animazoo that came pre-loaded with 10 dances. Great if they had actually played. They worked when my Av was on the stand trying them out. As soon as I bought them and attached the Ball and started all that would play was the first of the ten dances and then it would stop.

    A couple of weeks before that, i bought a Chim at Abranamations. I also spent over $2000 on Dances at Abranimations…loaded them in the Chim and fine..until i loaded up a dance thats title was too long. But could not edit as the dance was “locked” So I emailed the owner, Abra someone and he sent me….a folder of unlocked dances…but it was empty. Now all the dances i bought that night have gone. Lost. I have emailed this Abra person again, but he couldnt give a damn. Have been waiting for days now and not a word. Great. Take your money and no interest after in any kind of customer support. I ws a good customer too. Sure as hell wont buy anthing there again though.

    So i am sure you will understand why THIRD time I am trying to just get something so I can dance! Thats all I really do on SL..have a house and dance.

    SO please help sort out this problme.

    p.s. I went into Edit on the EZ and deleted the Notecared I had made…just in case that ws the problem. My notecard had DANCE in the title so should have been ok. I then went and added just a couple of dances to the “Dance” Notecard that came with the EZ. Loaded that too. STILL my avi is motionless when i click on any of the dances that I put in and ONLY plays the dances the EZ came with.

    Please help..and i am not going to apologise and say I am Tech challenged..I am not and i have followed the directions to the letter….

  32. scribblywench Says:

    Varnsharna, have you found help yet? I am no expert, I am a bumbling amateur at this but I did get notecards working so perhaps I might be able to help… I hate to think that you have received no help at all.

  33. buffybeware lefevre Says:

    I have the same problem as the person above<seeing how the website said that, this could be a problem also>> still nothing. I see all my dances in the content box in(Edit).. so can someone please respond back please….. even if someone can tell me how to restore my dances back to MY Inventory that would be good>>>> I have spent alot of lindens on dance moves because I’m a dancer. I was so excited to buy a device that would help me organize all my moves but this has turned into a nightmare.


  34. buffybeware lefevre Says:

    OKAY THAT IS THE SHORT FORM OF WHAT i SAID>> I did what the website instructed. drag the device to the ground loaded it waited qbout 20 minutes nothing, RESET my content still nothing,,,you read the rest.

  35. Beachy Says:

    I’m having an odd issue. My dances have always worked properly, I have no problems with the notecard or loading the dances.
    Recently, I added some animations and an AO notecard, that also works fine.
    However, since I’ve loaded my AO notecard and those animations, 3 of the dances that I have no longer work ….. in DANCES.
    If I load ALL animations, the dances will work from there, however, they will not work off my dances notecard.
    I have reset the HUD, I have ensured the names of the dances are precicely what’s on the the notecard, and I’m stuck.

    Any ideas ?

  36. Beachy Says:

    Nevermind, problem solved.

  37. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @buffyware, please contact Connor Trudeau in SL. He will be happy to help you.

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