Inviting Your Friends to Dance

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Inviting Someone to Dance

The EZ Animator not only animates you, but up to 10 friends as well. This is most often used for dancing, but there are other applications for it as well, such as animating a model for a photo shoot or taking control of a pet.

There are two ways for others to join your EZ Animator:

  1. The Invite button (the envelope icon at the bottom) brings up a list of the 16 closest avatars (use the arrow keys to see the last six). To invite one to dance, click their name. If you don’t wish to invite someone on the list, click the invite button again to return to normal operation.
    Invite button
  2. You can also wear the HUDDLES Dance Ball. It is an invisible prim that attaches to your avatar. Someone else can click on it to start dancing with you and to stop dancing with you. You do not need to be wearing the Dance Ball to invite others to dance with you.

Removing Dancers and Clearing the Dancer List

Next to the Invite button is a button to help you manage your dancers. Click on this button and a list of your current dancers will pop up. Click on one of the names to remove them from your EZ Animator.
Dancer Admin Button

Self Animation

There are times when you will not want to animate yourself, but still animate others on your EZ Animator. To turn off self animation, click the “Me” button. To turn it back on, click it again. When off, the Me button will appear red.
Me button

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

26 Responses to “Inviting Your Friends to Dance”

  1. Verg Vita Says:

    Hello write asking for help because my EZ animator de luxe and had set up a copy with my dances.
    What had placed but I realized that disappeared.
    I searched the entire inventory and is not.
    The dances were not transfer so that all lost.
    I hope that I can help recover thanks.

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Verg, I really hope that you can find it as well. Unfortunately over the last week, many people have experienced inventory loss. I don’t know what is the cause or what the solution might be. I know that quite a few people lost copies of their HUD simply when they detached it.

  3. Diana Balhaus Says:

    Help what if i want to envite more than 10 dancers???? help

  4. Keiki Lemieux Says:


  5. Cheri McDowwll Says:

    What if you invited someone to dance with you and they decide they want to stop. Can they just type /99stop in local chat or do they have to speicifally tell me they want me to remove them from my HUD?

  6. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    They can just type /99stop, Cheri.

  7. Sharon Huston Says:

    Keiki, is there any way to have avatars do a *different* dance (or macro) from the one I’m doing? I’ve tried playing with target. Am I missing something? My class is shooting a machinima, and it would be great if we could control all the actor’s movements from one HUD.

  8. Needles Balbozar Says:

    Until recently I was using a home-brewed multifunction chim of my own for dances. I’d like to incorporate the functionality of the huddles dance ball into my own script so that I can preserve the old features rather than just strapping yet another transparent ball to myself. I assume some trigger is just sent to the HUD identifying who clicked the ball…care to share? 🙂

  9. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Sharon, no not at the moment. Perhaps at a future date. You can have one avatar wearing multiple HUDs though, one that will control their animations and another HUD to control someone else.

    Wear HUD 1, Invite someone to ‘dance’ so you control their avatar, click the Me button to turn off self animation. Use this HUD to control the other avatar.

    Wear HUD 2. Use this HUD to control your avatar.

  10. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Needles I’m not sure what you are asking. If you don’t want to wear multiple balls on your avatar, you can take the script out of the Dance Ball and drop it into something else.

  11. Needles Balbozar Says:

    That wouldn’t quite do the track, as my “something else” displays a menu when touched, and I’d like to incorporate “dance” as an option in the dialogue. Isn’t there some chat trigger or something my script can send, to achieve the same functionality as the dance ball script?

  12. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Needles, let me think through how it works. I just want to make sure this can’t be exploited if I release the info. I’m pretty sure it will be fine to let you know, but IM me in world later today after I’ve had a chance to look at the scripts to make sure.

  13. Calleja Fairey Says:

    so, i have been having problems with my huddles seeing people near me to invite them, and i def. don’t need to move closer to get them on it, cause sometimes they are right beside me when my huddles is seeing people quite far away from me. so…any idea on how to make my huddles see these people sooner? if at all…or is there some way for me to manually add them to my dancing, such as /99 add *name of person here*?

  14. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Calleja, I’ll add that to the to do list for the next version.

  15. Ingot Says:

    I’d like to reinforce Sharon’s request. I’d love the ability to buy male/female animation pairs in Salsa or some other ballet style, and have some way to animate and syncronize both of us.

    Just a suggestion.

  16. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Ingot, depending on the animation, it is already doable using the [HUG] macros. The problem is aligning the avatars correctly. The best way to align avatars is to use pose balls. For a better explanation, please read this post:

  17. rominita Says:

    hola tengo entendido que la version de lujo se puede invitar hasta 50 personas pero yo solo puedo invitar a 10 quisiera saber si esto es posible y como lo hago gracias

  18. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    rominita, para ello, busque aquĂ­:

  19. Threesje Oyen Says:

    Ik heb problemen met het inviten van meerdere personen hoe kan ik dit oplossen!!!!!! EZ Animator: Invite someone to dance. If you do not see your friend listed, you may need to move closer. krijg dan die melding terwijl ze voor me staan de ava`s

  20. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Threesje, please IM Connor Trudeau for help.

  21. Ferris Greymoon Says:

    Is it possible to add the dance-ball script to another item that I’m wearing? For example, could I have it in my tail, so that somebody could “grab my tail” to start dancing with me?

  22. Talithia Says:

    I am having an issue of the huddles showing my taget but when I invite it says target already dancing with me however the other is not dancing. He isnt getting the accept/animate window either. I have tried ending the dance. We have gone to different regions etc but still, always says he is already dancing with me.
    Any suggestions?

  23. Pyro Leborski Says:


    I have HUDDLE delux. I have put my 90 odd dances into 2 huds.

    I used to put on my dance ball and have people touch it to dance with me on my 2 huds. I can switch between dances from all 2 huds and the dance ball would animate the other dancers with me.

    But recently it stopped working after I added one more hud. now I have 3 huds. but the dance ball would only listen to one hud.

    Please help

  24. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Pyro, please contact Connor Trudeau in Second Life via IM. He can help you figure out what is going on.

  25. pyon Camel Says:

    I have EZAD delux.
    I alwalys using 3~6 huds and dance controll singer and DJ and dancers.

    hud#1 only controll singer without me.
    hud#2 only controll DJ without me.
    hud#3 controll all.
    hud#4 controll dancers.
    hud#5 controll dancers.
    hud#6 controll dancers.

    I want hud#3 to #6 controll for concert customers by EZ dance ball.
    please suggest it.

    hud#1 only controll singer without me. (a person)
    hud#2 only controll DJ without me. ( a person)
    hud#3 controll all AND CUSTOMERS. ( about 20 – 30 peoples )
    hud#4 controll dancers. AND CUSTOMERS. ( about 20 – 30 peoples )
    hud#5 controll dancers. AND CUSTOMERS. ( about 20 – 30 peoples )
    hud#6 controll dancers. AND CUSTOMERS. ( about 20 – 30 peoples )

    all huds extented 30 slave server scripts.

  26. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @pyon, Can you IM Connor Trudeau. He may be able to help you with your issue. Thanks!

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