How do macros work?

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The first notecards you load into your HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe will likely be simple lists of animations, sounds, landmarks and objects. However, you can do a lot more with notecards by creating macros. Macros work like this, you write a number of commands separated by the | symbol (located above the ENTER key on US keyboards). Each line of a notecard is a complete macro.

For example, this macro consists of 4 commands:


What the EZAD does is look at each command and decides what to do with it.

  • If it matches the name of one of the animations built into SL, it plays that animation.
  • If it matches the name of an animation inside the EZAD, it plays it.
  • If it matches the name of a sound inside the EZAD, it plays it.
  • If it matches the name of an object inside the EZAD, it rezzes it 2 meters in front of you (as long as that object is copiable).
  • If it matches the name of a landmark inside the EZAD, it opens your client’s map and maps the landmark location, allowing you to TP there.
  • If it matches the name of a notecard, it will load that notecard to the EZAD buttons.
  • If it matches the name of an AO notecard, the AO script will load that notecard into memory.
  • If it is a number, the macro will pause that many seconds.
  • If it is text (that doesn’t match one of the specific macro commands), then it says that text in open chat with your name as the speaker.

So for the example above…


… the macro player would

  1. Play the animation “backflip”. This is one of the animations that are built into the SL client and do not need to be present in the HUD’s contents to work.
  2. It would recognize that “Boing” is the name of a sound in the HUD’s contents and play that sound.
  3. Then it would wait 3 seconds.
  4. Then it would play the animation “backflip” again.

PLEASE NOTE: The | symbol is above the enter key on a standard US keyboard and to the left of the Z key on a standard UK keyboard.

If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

17 Responses to “How do macros work?”

  1. Ci2e Silvansky Says:

    I’m trying to make a note card so that the 5 dances I have in the hud will play automatically and will not overlap each other, I tried this macro…


    Chat is then spammed with “EMOTE|[ao_off], dance_8”

    I then tried the following macro…


    This returns two lines of “EMOTE|[ao_off], dance_8” the same thing…

    I also want this dance to look as soon as it reaches the last animation to automatically repeat as you can see from the last example. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I hope you can steer me in the right direction…

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Are you sure that the first one is a direct copy and paste from your notecard? I’m testing it in my huddle and I don’t get the error you are getting. One error I do notice in the first version is there should be a separator between 28 and [repeat] on the end. The correct version would be:


    Now there are a couple problems with the second version. The first problem is that when you put something with [name], it’s not functional. It just displays that on button. The correct version of this one would be:


    Just put that alone on a dance card and use Dance mode to cycle through them and repeat.

    Two problems with using the [REPEAT] command as you did, is that it would only repeat the line it’s on, and furthermore the command is ignored when in dance mode anyway.

    I have a hunch that you are no reloading the notecard after every time you change it. Remember, you have to save the notecard and then reload it using the Load Notecard button (the one that looks like a computer disk) every time you change it.

  3. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Here is an example of how you would use the [name] command. Say you have a dance that has a name like, Abranimations – Hip Hop Deluxe and you only want to see “Hip Hop” on the button. The macro to use is this:

    [NAME]Hip Hop|Abranimations – Hip Hop Deluxe

    This tells the HUDDLE to display “Hip Hop” on the button and then play the animation “Abranimations – Hip Hop Deluxe”.

  4. Ci2e Silvansky Says:

    Okay can I edit the notecard without dropping it to the ground just make sure I save it and the reload it with the disc drive button?

    Using “[ao_off]|dance_8|20|blueberry_muffin|35|caramel|25|disco_fever|19|release|28|[repeat]” I can basically have this as one button and make more below with customized time intervals so the dances are not over lapped and they transition correctly.

    Since the [repeat] command is ignored in dance mode how are you supposed to make the dances repeat?

  5. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    That macro looks like it should work. If you wanted to repeat that macro over and over, you would simply click that macro on the top text buttons. It would show up as [ao_off] on the button. You wouldn’t use Dance Mode.

    Dance Mode is for when you want to play everything that is currently loaded, all the macros, not just one macro over and over.

    Also, you can edit a notecard without dropping it to the ground. Edit it while it’s attached. Save it and reload it. I might also detach and attach again after saving the notecard. SL has a tendency to lose changes to an attached HUD if you crash.

  6. Ci2e Silvansky Says:

    Yeah it just won’t work need to meet up with you and show you just what I have and what’s going on. I just edited the notecard while attached then saved then detached and re-attached the hud. Then it’s spamming chat with dance names, and then if I remove the notecard after detaching and re-attaching the hud nothing works and I have to start all over…

  7. Ci2e Silvansky Says:

    Just found out had to hit the ALL button in order to back out of a note card that was previously loaded…

  8. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    If it’s spamming dance names, it means that the dance names are misspelled in some way. I know it may look right, but it might be subtle, an extra space, something capitalized wrong. The best way to make sure you have the exact name is to copy and paste the names, as I describe here:

    “To get the exact name of the animation, you can right click on it and choose properties. An info window will pop up and you can copy the animation name directly from that pop up by using Ctrl-C. You can then paste the name of the animation directly into the notecard using Ctrl-V.”

  9. Ci2e Silvansky Says:

    I knew it ever since I was putting the names of those dances in there. I was putting “dance_8” and the animation name is “dance 8” and it is now working awesome!

    [ao_off]|dance 8|20|blueberry muffin|35|caramel|25|disco fever|19|release|28|[repeat]
    dance 8
    blueberry muffin
    disco fever

    Now the only thing not working is [ao_off] is that because of capitalization or the “_” shouldn’t be there?

    If I wanted to give that button a name at the top like “Mix” or something along those lines would that be possible with several dances in there?

  10. candeegirl Says:

    I made note card simuler to the ome above for dances, theanimations work fine but the name of the dances show inthe dialog box when the animation changes example it will show candeegirl jameeson:strawberries and cream in the dialog is this normal or is there any way to make it not show ? Thank you for any help.

  11. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @candeegirl, look at my previous comment. Your answer is right there.

  12. Elyza Munro Says:

    I don’t work my macros with the gesture
    Can you help me?

  13. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Elyza – If by gesture you mean an actual SL gesture, they cannot be incorporated into a macro. Scripts cannot play gestures. The only way they work is when they are in your inventory and you have activated them.

  14. Lyssa Varun Says:

    I’m wondering about the new behavior of stopping the current animation when we load new dance/macro cards though… I used to be able to switch between groups of dance cards using the load notecard aspect of the macros and remain animated but now it seems to stop animations as soon as we click the macro buttons (where a notecard loading macro might be defined) or the disk icon.

  15. Uli Sperber Says:

    its a great tool, thx for it! Now i try to use it as a makro chat-writer. But as usual it writes in green object-color when i use the macro:
    [NAME]3rd Announcement|And let me hear some noise!
    But when i go over the DIALOG-Makro it writes in white-chat-color:
    [NAME]Multi-Gadget Menu|[DIALOG]Pick a command for your Multi Gadget, And let me hear some noise!,hi2,hi3,
    How does this works? I look for a makro gadget that writes in white.

  16. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Dialogs work different from other types of speech. When you use a [DIALOG] the chat is actually coming from your avatar (and thus is white). In the other cases the chat is coming from the HUD itself and when chat comes from an object, it will be in the other color.

  17. BlkBeard Sabretooth Says:

    When I use My huddles I have a Dance card Loaded with my dances and all works well. But I would like the ability to run a Macro command (basicly just some chat) without stopping dancing is this possible?

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