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If you are having trouble with any HUDDLES product and cannot find the answer on this website, please contact Connor Trudeau via IM in second life. He handles all customer service problems with HUDDLES.

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If you need help, please try the following:

  1. Search the blog for help on the topic.
  2. Contact Connor Trudeau in world. He handles customer service for all HUDDLES products. Please use IM to contact him, do not drop a notecard on him.
  3. Join the HUDDLES Customer Service group and ask other HUDDLES users for help.
  4. Post a comment to one of the pages here on the website if you want us to clarify something written on that page.
If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

152 Responses to “Help for the HUDDLES™ EZ Animator Deluxe”

  1. Teqi Falta Says:

    how can i use more than five standing animation, because i putted in more than five but it plays only five of them

  2. Teqi Falta Says:

    i have the delux version

  3. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    If you look at your AO_config notecard for the HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe, you will see that there are 5 slots for stands. For a long time I thought you could only have 5 stands with the AO script that I use in the EZAD. However, a few months ago, someone showed me a trick. Instead of putting just one animation per line on the AO_config notecard, you can put several like this:

    :: [ Standing 1 ] ::

    What happens is when it’s time to play the animation for Standing 1, the script will randomly pick one of the three animations on that line. The | symbol is used to separate the options.

    It’s fun to find out my product has a feature I didn’t even know about before. :)

  4. Teqi Falta Says:

    thank you i will try in this way

  5. Corey Caudron Says:

    I love the Huddles for dancing and for my ao. When I use the ao, though, it stops the typing motion when i’m in public chat. I like to have this so people know I’m responding. Is there a way to restore the typing animation?
    Thanks, Corey Caudron

  6. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Corey, the problem you are describing comes from animations that were uploaded with a high priority (3 or 4). Every animation has a priority number, so if two animations are playing at once, SL will play the one with the higher priority. I believe the typing animation is priority 2. So if your poses are 3 or 4, the typing animation won’t show up.

    Unfortunately, this priority is set by the creator of the animation, not by the HUD or AO script. That means you would need to have the creator upload the animation again with priority 2 for the typing animation to show through.

  7. Teqi Falta Says:

    is that possible im not dancing but others still do it?

  8. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yes! It is possible, Teqi. I would check the “Me” button. That turns self-animation on and off.

  9. I Make HUDDLES™ » Blog Archive » The last hurdle - help documents Says:

    [...] Now all I have to do is finish the new documentation. As you might know, I’m shifting all the help information to this website. There are several reasons for this. The most important reason is that I can update help more easily here on the web. Also, I can incorporate pictures and better text formatting to make the help easier to understand. And if you don’t understand something about a feature, you can add a question or comment. Finally, since it’s a webpage you can use tools like google translate to translate it into other languages. For instance, take a look at this page in German. To have a peek at what the new documentation will look like, click the link in the column to the right. [...]

  10. Zena Tiki Says:

    I came onto the site to find a description of each button on the HUD and how it is used – while you have covered some quite well (congratulations this is a good help site) I cannot find a button chart and descriptions – have I missed it?

  11. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    That is an excellent idea. I’ll work on adding a page that is just that, a description of every button and what it does.

  12. Egon Zimminy Says:

    Hey I’m wondering this is the formate i have my AO on:
    “:: [ Walking (also Striding) 5 ] ::
    *AW* Male Walk
    :: [ Sitting 2 ] ::
    white trash chair
    :: [ Sitting 3 ] ::

    But whenever i try and select sit 2 it comes up with *AW* Male Walk, so i’m wondering am i just totally screwing up on my AO card or is it the AO or what?

    Thanks for Time in Advance

  13. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Most likely you have added or removed a line on your AO notecard. Everything is shifted down or up and the script is looking for sit on the space where you put the walk. Compare your notecard to a fresh copy of the AO_config notecard to see where you may have added some lines. If you are having trouble finding the exact problem, send me a copy of the notecard directly and I’ll find it.

    By the way, when the update comes out, problems of this type should be eliminated since the new notecard system doesn’t depend on finding animations on specific line numbers.

  14. stiletto Moody Says:

    Firstly I love and depend entirely on my huddle…well done!

    I just received your updated version of my deluxe.
    I don’t immediately see any documentation about how to upgrade from the previous version. Is there an upgrade path or should i do it manually by transferring, animations, notecards and other items into my Huddle?
    xox SM xox

  15. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    The only way to upgrade is to move your animations from your old HUDDLE to the new one.

  16. Terri Zhangsun Says:

    If I am understanding correctly, I can have more than one AO notecards in the contents to go along with what I want. For example, I can have a notecard titled ATTITUDES AO with stands, walks, sits, etc to go along with that. Then I can have my GOOD GIRL AO notecard with animations to go with that. Then all I have to do is choose which notecard I want with what situation and upload it. Does that sound right? Thanks!

  17. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    That’s exactly right Terri. That is what the Load AO Notecard button is for, to switch which AO notecard you are using.

  18. Egon Zimminy Says:

    Hey i just have a quick suggestion…Since the whole AO notecard and Macro Notecards were confusing sometimes thought it would be a good idea to maybe have that button slightly different like have the letters AO over the top of it or something so you know for sure you are loading the AO card and not trying to load some other notecard…jsut a though lol

  19. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yeah, Egon, you are right. I’ve always regretted putting that in the same spot with the same icon. I wish I was a better graphic designer. Not sure when I can get to that though. That might be version 1.3 or 1.4 or even 2.0.

  20. Angela S Says:

    I just purchased my deluxe version. I figured out how to invite my friends to dance but how do we sync?

  21. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Play an animation. Once you have invited them and they have accepted, they should sync up with you whenever you start a new dance or animation.

  22. Andie Ashbourne Says:

    Can I transfer my Gmax AO over to Huddle Deluxe? It does not seem to be working when i attempt to add the notecard or convert it…

  23. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Andie, I’m not familiar with the GMAX AO. Perhaps you can send that to me directly and I can have a look.

  24. Tiger Maximov Says:

    I just purchased a Huddles deluxe system with the expectation of switching from a standard ZHAO and an Owenimations chimera to the Huddles system. However, I have noticed that the Huddles seems far more susceptible to lag. While the original Zhao started immediately when I walked forward, for instance, the Huddles takes a moment or two to kick in, during which I am either floating forward in a standing pose or walking with the stuttery Linden walk. Jumping suffers from the same problem, and sometimes in between switching standing poses, I end up with the default Linden stand pose. Dances, also, have a delay of 2-3 seconds in between each dance and I can’t find an option to play each one for a set period of time, nor can I tell it to repeat certain dances. I am hoping that maybe I’m just missing something or doing something wrong, as I just paid 1500L for the system and I can’t use it with the delay problems I am experiencing.

  25. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Tiger, the ‘lag’ you are experiencing is likely not what you think. When there is a delay between your stand ending and your walk beginning and this lag happens often, it’s usually because one of the names of the stands is misspelled on the notecard.

    What happens is the AO tries to stop the stand animation, and because it is misspelled, an error occurs which delays the script before it starts the walking animation. If you are having trouble finding the error on your notecard, I’d be glad to spend some time with you in world.

    As for the delay between dances in dance mode, this again is not a lag caused by the scripts. The first time you play a dance (especially a long dance), there is a lag as SL’s server downloads the dance to your local computer. Only when the dance is fully downloaded does your avatar begin the dance. You will notice that the second time you play a dance, you shouldn’t get the same delay.

    If you want to set times for animations and to repeat a series of animations, you need to look into macros. Here are some direct links that could help you:

    Let me briefly explain how to add timings though. This is how you would add separate timing to dances in your dance card:

    Crazy Dance|23

    If this were the first three lines on your dance card, when you clicked Dance mode, you would play Superlicious for 20.2 seconds, then Crazy Dance for 23 seconds, then play a backflip animation for 1.5 seconds and it would repeat, going back to Superlicious.

    You could put all three animations into a single macro which repeats like this:

    Sugarlicious|20.2|Crazy Dance|23|backflip|1.5|[REPEAT]

    Then when you clicked on the button (it would be named “Sugarlicious”), it would play those three animations with those timings and repeat over and over again.

    Please note that the [REPEAT] command would be ignored in Dance or Random mode. I think there is an error at the moment and instead it will say something like “emote|[repeat]” instead of simply ignoring it. I’m working on a fix for this.

  26. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Tiger, I’ve added a new page to the documentation that addresses some of your problems. Thank you for bringing this gap to my attention:

  27. Tiger Maximov Says:

    Thanks very much. You were right on the reason for the delay, I had missed copying over an animation, and I have noticed everything works as I would expect it now. Appreciate the very fast and detailed support!

  28. candeegirl Says:

    i have four note cards for dances two Spam [re in chat and two don't. why wouls this spam open chat....... PAMELAS DANCE Michael Jackson Dance|20|milk and honey|30|Snake Dance - ANOmations|10|Slinky Sexy Dance 2|15|strawberrys and cream|20|A Lil Salsa|20|omg|30|Hollywood Square Dance|20|crystal roses|20|Snake Dance - ANOmations|10|Supermodel Spin Dance|12|[repeat]

    and this one doesn’t …………. I’m The Shit Dance|27|strawberrys and cream|20|gogodance|28|You Spin Me Right Round Dance|8|liquid persia|27|omg|30|Club Dance 2 – ANOmations|17|aerobicdance(looped)|18|crystal roses|20|I’m The Shit Dance|27|strawberrys and cream|20|Supermodel Spin Dance|13|[repeat]

    i’m sure it a simple answer i just figure it ou thanks for your help Candee XXXXXX

  29. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @candeegirl, what is it saying in chat? Is it saying the name of one of the dances?

  30. candeegirl Says:

    it says EMOTE [re

  31. candeegirl Says:

    oops “candeegirl jameson: Emote [re

  32. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    You have found an interesting problem Candee. Both of these macros are two long. You see when a script reads a line from a notecard, it can only read the first 255 characters. So the first macro gets truncated. The last few characters, “peat]” are removed, and so script spams the “[re" part.

    The second one is a little bit longer and the following gets truncated: "|13|[repeat]“. It just happens that this leaves “Supermodel Spin Dance” as the last command for that macro, and the macro seems to work as intended. However you will notice that it probably doesn’t repeat like you wanted it to do.

  33. candeegirl Says:

    so i need to reduce the # of lines ?

  34. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    The length of the lines, not the number of them. You should be able to have 100s of macros. They just can’t be over 255 characters.

  35. candeegirl Says:

    ok thanks

  36. Niecho Vollmar Says:

    Hi, K-

    Was great to hear how we can customize dances on our Huddles Deluxe– but left me wondering. How do we tell how long a dance lasts? Do you know how to find out the length of the animation before it loops so we can specify these? Also, if you have a card set up for dances that you always set up for random to say, use stripping,… if you set the intervals on that card, the dance WILL end after that timeframe. You would have to create a new notecard and load it without the time adjustments to let the dance play over and over, right?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


  37. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Niecho, you can add a number to the notecard to specify an amount of time. See this link for details:

    I don’t know of a way to find out how long an animation is. I simply use trial and error myself. Play the animation, count the number of seconds, try it out and tweak it til it looks right.

    Most dances do not end, they are looped so they will play over and over. Will a looped dance stop if you add a timing? No. If you are in Dance or Random mode, it will go to the next dance. If you just press the button to play the animation, it will just keep playing that animation until you say stop.

    Now if you happen to have a dance that is not looped (there aren’t many non-looped dances out there), you can turn them into a looped dance like this:


    You would have to change the time to match the length of the dance. What will happen here is the dance will play for 23 seconds and then start over.

  38. Melvyn Meredith Says:

    I have done something in loading dance routines in the EZ Animator Delux e v1.2.0 that causes the HUD display to rotate around a central axix. How do I stop this?

    Thanks, Mel….

  39. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Melvyn, your HUD is possessed!

    Well… no actually, it sounds like you may have dropped a script inside there that doesn’t belong. Look inside and see if there are any scripts that do not begin with the ~ symbol. I might need to come in and fix it for you. IM me if you cannot figure it out.

  40. Egon Zimminy Says:

    Just wondering when you guesstimate the next version of the EZAD will come out…

  41. Melvyn Meredith Says:

    Yea, Keiki, that worked. Thank you.

  42. Melvyn Meredith Says:

    How do I load couples animation dance routines where there is a male and female dance step opposite the other

  43. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Egon, I have some classes that are ending the first week of May. My next push to get a new version out will be then. I should have several weeks where I can devote nearly every night to development.

  44. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Melvyn, you might try a [HUG] macro. I’m not sure it will work the way you are imagining it, but it’s worth a try.

  45. pooky004 Tuqiri Says:

    Okay, I am feeling really stupid right now. I have 13 dances I wanted to add to my Deluxe Hud and I followed all of the instructions as best as I could understand. I transfered the dances to the content tab, created a note card by copying the names from their properties so I did not misspell anything and loaded the notecard using that little button that looks like a disc. The card shows up in the notecard section but I can’t use the dances. Nothing happens when I pick them. The names show up in chat but I know I spelled them right because I copied them. Is there another step? Do I have to get them to the “first screen” on the HUD to be able to use them? This is really confusing for those of us that are not into all the programming stuff. HELP! I am afraid to even think about doing any animations or anything if I can’t even get this to work. Also, I tried to “send an animation” at someone and that didn’t work either. It just did the animation on me? I chose the name of the person and then picked the animation…didn’t work. Is there more detailed user manual? Even the basics seem to be difficult for some of us!! LOL!!


  46. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    If the names are showing up in chat instead of playing, it means they are misspelled. I know you think it’s right, but I’m sure. The name on the notecard is not matching the name of the animation in the HUD.

    Either the names are off by a character or two or the animations are not inside the HUD. It might be a space at the end of the line. It might be that the animations are inside a different copy of the HUD. I don’t know unless I look at it. If you can not figure this out. Please IM me directly in world. I’m happy to help.

  47. Mshenny Lykin Says:

    I own your huddles deluxe, I have spent thousands of dollars replacing dances, due to when I detach the huddles it erases my dances which are not copiable. I just lost them for the 4th time. I follow all the instructions, I make sure I’m on my own land before I do anything. I am not sure if I should even use it again. If you have an answer to why and where my dances are, I would appreciate it.

  48. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Mshenny, please read the blog posts here: and here:

    If that has happened to you multiple times, it’s important to post on the jira your computer specs. Some people are having it happen over and over and others, not at all.

    Also, please note that this happening to all attachments, not just HUDDLES: AOs, chimeras etc are all being affected by this. It’s a new bug that came about about a month ago. The good news is that you will likely be able to get your HUDs back if you can get assistance from Linden Lab.

  49. Heliotropic Unsustainable Says:

    Hey Keiki — I figured out how to force a groundsit, finally. I just turn off the AO and the Sits and hit the “All” button. From that menu, I just click whatever various sits I want to do, and kerplop, I’m down. :-)

    I have one more question: In order to keep my EZAD as clean as possible, I delete stuff I don’t use in it and adjust the notecards. Is there any reason why I’d have a zillion duplicate scripts in there? I’m thinking, specifically, of how I have a script called “~Dance Slave v1.2.0″ but then I also have “~Dance Slave v1.2.0 1″ and “~Dance Slave v1.2.0 2″ and so on … up to 9. I also have four duplicates of the ~Database. How did I do this and can I delete any of it?

    Thanks, Keiki!

  50. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Do not delete those scripts. You are supposed to have 10 dance slave scripts and 5 database scripts. That is normal.

    You can remove some of the dance slave scripts if you want. It will limit the number of people you can invite to dance. Go here for more info on that:

  51. Charity Aker Says:

    Can anyone tell me if the pictures are not showing up when I go to any of the help guides listed above?

  52. Charity Aker Says:

    Looks Like it is the first two pages

  53. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Charity, thanks for catching that. It’s fixed now.

  54. Sovery Short Says:

    Well it looks as if I have wasted my money on the Huddles deluxe also.. its empty and was when I openened it and posting anything in jira is a complete waste of time. I have been doing that since I joined ( and yes, I am a full member ) and get no help of any kind.
    I am so pissed off with things in SL I am close to leaving for good. So many mechants just dont answer when they are sent notecards or IMs just too many simply dont give a fat rat’s bottom what happens as long as they get their money. LL simply dont give one either. Ah well.. live and learn I guess. Good luck folks.

  55. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Sovery, I’m not sure from your post what exactly happened, but I will contact you in world and try to help.

  56. DAmanda Bade Says:

    Two different questions:

    Dancing “Lag”
    On March 19th there was a comment about “lag” during dances. I’ve been experiencing the same thing, I have about 15 different dance animations loaded on my card, with names copied from properties. I play them on random with 30 sec lengths to each dance. You said the “lag” is due to client download. I play these dances all the time, often for a few hours at a time, and still see my avatar stop for about 10 seconds between dances at random (it doesn’t seem to do it between every dance). It happens throughout the dance period, not just in the beginning part when you expect the downloading to happen; after they each download the first time, it should be available in cache shouldn’t it? Am I the only that notices this, or will other people see this too? Is there a trick to preventing this from happening, shorter dance times, or fewer dances or something?

    Dancing & Particles
    I would also like to use particle poofs at the same time as dancing. I would like to turn them on periodically for a short period of time, and be able to pick a different poof each time. But with the current system of course I have to stop dancing (since I dance on random), and load the notecard for poofs instead. Is there a way to do both? I’m actually considering having to buy the poofer huddles separately and wearing it separately to do both…but after spending all this money on the deluxe it seems to me it should be able to do more rather than require wearing multiple products.

  57. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    If you are experiencing a lag which persists beyond the first time you play a particular animation in a particular session, I would very much like to see it. If it’s a bug that exists than I want very much to quash it. Please, if you can reproduce it consistently, I want to see it.

    Also, dancing and particles, you could mix particle effect/poofers with dances, it definitely works. If you wanted to run them independently, you would not have to buy the poofer pal HUD. you could just make a copy of your EZ Animator Deluxe just for poofers.

  58. DAmanda Bade Says:

    Yes I can reproduce it consistently. It happens every single time I dance! I’ll send you an IM in world.

  59. Ryvin Jie Says:


    First let me say that, while a little hesitant to purchase EZAD at first,
    the day after when I figured it out it’s been an awesome asset
    which I now completely depend upon for my Second Life enjoyment.
    So, great work!

    Now my question is this, which I didn’t find any mention of on this site when searching,
    can you time standing animations like you do with dances?
    Like if I wanted ‘caesar_standing11′ to only play for 10 seconds before switching
    to the next standing animation which would play for the normal 30 seconds and so on.

    I am using EZAD 1.2.0 if that helps.


  60. Ryvin Jie Says:

    Oh, and as an addition to my question above,
    I know I can sort of make my standing
    animations into a dance sequence notecard with the timing I want –
    but that’s not what I want in this case since it produces some side effects
    and extra struggles.

  61. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yep, you figured out the one way to sort of do that Ryvin. Unfortunately, no, there is not way to set specific times for specific stands. It’s a good idea for a future feature.

  62. josina burgess Says:

    Hell Keiki,
    I bought the ez deluxe 2 days ago and filled it with some dances, standings etc. It all worked well till yesterday. I opened the menu to go to objects and poofs, when I cklicked the casette disc it went green but after that i could not ckaick anything anymore. The menu stays open, I cant minimize it anymore and all the buttons are not responding at all anymore. I looked if i maybe did to many dances, it were 13, so i brought the dances back to 10. Stll nothing works
    The whole huddle does not response at all. What must I do?

  63. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Josina, reset it. Say /99reset

  64. Tony Dyson Says:

    Hi, I can not get my micro’s to say” anything not this my programing or on the demo, can you help?

  65. Aowyn Inglewood Says:

    I purchased the EZ Deluxe and i have not recieved it yet after three hours. I do not know who to contact about it.

  66. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    That would be me. Sent you a replacement.

  67. Marquee Says:

    I’ve noticed that while in No Scripts flagged land that some avatar AO’s continue to work while my Huddles does not and I am stuck with the duckwalk. Is there a way around this?

  68. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    The AO should keep working if it is on when you enter the no script parcel. What version are you using Marquee, one of the release candidates?

    If you are not using Release Candidate 4, you might want to update your HUD and see if it works.

  69. river brun Says:

    i am at the huddle land and we are there if we could get some help with the huddle delux we would relly be grathfull my in gamn name is river brun and my wife’s name is sunbeam low sorry but we are having problems

  70. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    River, direct IM usually works better if you want help. I’ll be logging in again shortly.

  71. Gerrit Thys Says:


    als mijn vriendin haar HUD gebruikt (Huddles EZ Animator 1.2.1) verschijn er steeds groene letters op mijn scherm die te kennen geven dat zij op haar HUD heefd gedrukt…….hoe krijgen we dit weg ???

  72. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    De namen op haar nota niet overeenkomen met de naam van de animatie. Het moet exact, of de HUD zal zeggen.

  73. astarte artaud Says:

    Is it possible to change the channel of the EZAD deluxe, such that two huds could be used simultaneously, for both dance and macros ?

  74. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    There is no way for you to do it. I didn’t have a way to change it because I wanted /99stop to be a consistent command for dancers to know how to stop. However, if you would like, i’ll be happy to make a special version of the script with a channel of your choice.

  75. Spaceman Moonites Says:

    I have the new version and every time I touch it everybody around me can see it in local chat. How do I mute it so only I see the that dialogue?

  76. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Spaceman, check this post out:

  77. Sugary Magic Says:


  78. SHTAX Says:

    hello, just that i am so confused and clueless….. fact is that i tried to set the third party walk in AO and did it so many times according instructions and even help from a friend who has Huddles too but without any result ……….its always same default walk animation and sometimes avi is not even walking but gliding…….is it possible to find somewhere step by step instructions how to import and activate a new walk in to Huddles AO from scratch???????

  79. SHTAX Says:

    ok…….i finaly did it…….still few things to figure out though…….as always is lot more easier then appears but the problem is that so many things here are left unexplained…….coz they are so logical, aren’t they?

  80. Lesbme felisimo Says:

    Hi !! well im wondering about all the Dances i had on my Huddles
    i have the Huddles Ez deluxev1.2.0 and i wsa dancing the night before
    my hudd was removed from my screan and stop me n my friends
    then i couldnt find it from my inventory , i found it back but now allmy 20
    and some dances are all gone..everything i had is gone…..
    i will like to know where did all go..thankyou for your time.
    btw i have had this hud for almost 6 months and it never happend before.
    have a good day!! lesbme f

  81. Peaches Beresford Says:

    hello , I was wondering if there is a way to add the couples dances to my huddle? the ones that you both get on a ball? That would be so nice, we have certain dances that alot of places dont have, and you not allowed to rezz a object..Thanks

  82. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    SHTAX, if you are still having troubles, IM me directly. Thank you.

  83. kelly goode Says:

    i have had my HUDDLES EZ ANIMATOR DELUXE V1.2.1 for a while now and never had too many problems with it… dances and animations are not showing in there….excpet for the ones that were in there when i purchased it….help plz????

  84. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    It sounds like you are looking at the wrong copy of your HUD. I would search your inventory for “1.2.1″ and then look for the one that is (no copy). Wear that one and tell me if you find your missing dances.

  85. Myles Bosatsu Says:

    Sorry to ask one that almost surely has come before.

    AO is loaded, working fine. But ….. all those anims are listed in the HUD menu … tacky. I am sure that this is not necessary and that I am the one that messed up to make it happen. haha … what should I do do get these AO anim names out of the menu? Thanks, Myles

  86. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    The reason that all the animations are listed is that you are by default in “All” mode where all the animations are listed. If you want just a subset of animations listed, you will need to read the directions here:

  87. donovan shostakovich Says:

    Keiki, is there a way that I can put couples dances, like slow dance 3, in the unit so I don’t have to have the pose balls spread all over the room?

    Thanks in advance for your help..

  88. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Donovan, please look at this post which explain about couples dances:

  89. Carl Wilder Says:

    Have you tried compiling EZAD using Mono ? The extra storage space for mono (4x that of old LSL) and better speed should really benefit EZAD.

  90. Carl Wilder Says:

    (I tried doing this — compiling for Mono — with the included ZHAO II AO script and it worked very well, and also reported a LOT more free memory for stands and stuff.)

  91. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Carl: Yep

  92. Carl Wilder Says:

    Great new about Mono!!!

    Question: On the “AO” button page (click flip button twice), there is an additional button at bottom-right (down-arrow button) not shown or described on this page. It’s a toggle of some sort as it turns green when i click it (and turns off AO) but i cant figure out what its supposed to do. ???

  93. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    The button on the bottom right on the AO page is the Sit Anywhere button (added in version 1.2.1)–a button that allows you to use your ground sit anywhere. This counts as a “mode” like Dance Mode or Random Mode, so you can’t use them at the same time. Also, using any macro will pop you out of Sit Anywhere mode. This always uses your current ground sit animation from your AO. If you do not have one chosen, it uses SL’s default ground sit.

  94. Marcel Baudin Says:

    I’m really happy with my EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.1, but a couple of questions have come up that I’m hoping you can answer for me.

    I’m still pretty new to SL and didn’t realize (for some reason ^^) that my
    Huddles was writing to local chat when I activate it. This is particularly evident when I am in a dance club and switch between animations. Having discovered that it prints to local chat (that everyone can read) I have a couple of questions:

    1. Why does my huddles print 3 lines (“touching huddles” or something similar) into the chat HUD when I only press it once? I only have two dance animation cards in the Huddles.

    2.Can I get it to display only one line per selection, or ideally, off the text message from the HUD altogether?

    3. If I can’t turn the texting off, is there some way to create or select an empty chat channel before I switch selections so no message is broadcast to the dance floor? ( I Said I was new lol)

  95. Marcel Baudin Says:

    I should add that the silent mode button doesn’t seem to do anything regarding this problem. Thanks

  96. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Marcel, for help with the “Touched” problem, look at this link:

    It’s easy to fix.

  97. Kiran Sporg Says:

    by the way I am not stupid i didnt wear it form the gorund

  98. Kiran Sporg Says:

    I JUST LOST 3000 LINDEN WORTH OF DANCES. … am getting no support from these people I AM NOT DUMB and didnt wear it from the ground this sucks

  99. Marcel Baudin Says:

    Thanks Keiki,

    That did the trick! Now I have a new problem. I updated to 1.3.0. followed
    the directions and everything worked fine. However, within a few hours
    when I wear the Huddles, it does not respond to mouse clicks. I’ve tried relogging, reattaching etc. Is there a set of commands I can follow to ‘reset it”?.

    Also, I’ve noticed locations where the right/left arrows and selection buttons do not update. Is this the result of being in a script-restricted area?

    Thanks Again

  100. Lyonee Says:

    Hi, I am a new owner and having a lot of trouble. After taking a week to try and figure it out i have made some good progress. My one issue is I can not turn off the spam. So everytime i touch the huddles animator it broadcasts to everyone around me “HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Touched.”

    I have used the silence mode but to no availa and as a role-player people are gettign upset with me (it spams their rp) so I have just not been using it which is such a waste. It seems like it could be such a great product, can anyone help?

    [7:40] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Touched.
    [7:40] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Touched.
    [7:40] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Touched.
    [7:40] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Touched.
    [7:40] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Silent mode turned off.
    [7:40] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Touched.
    [7:40] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Touched.
    [7:40] HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.3.0: Silent mode turned on.

    After the above exchange it was still spamming people. Am I doing it wrong?

  101. Lyonee Says:

    Ooops looks liek this was addressed above forgive me for double posting an issue.

  102. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Kiran, please contact Connor Trudeau for support. He can help you figure out what happened.

    Marcel, it sounds like it needs to be reset. Try saying /99reset. If that doesn’t work, try a manual reset ( If that doesn’t work, Contact Connor Trudeau for support.

    Lyonee, you accidently added a rogue script to the HUD. Go to this link to see how to fix it (

  103. benny klang Says:

    hallo hab da ein grosses problem hab mir erst ein ez animator deluxe gekauft den hab ich mit ner ao sowie taenzen bepackt ploetzlich is dieser aus meinem inventar verschwunden , ich konnt nich warten und kaufte mir ein neuen aber ein basic den packte ich wieder mit neugekauften taenzen und 3 tage spaeter war er weg obwohl ich ihn trug jetzt hab ich den 2 basic gekauft aber die anderen beiden sind komplett verschwunden was kann ich tun um sie wieder zu bekommen wahren teuer helft mir bitte

  104. pyro Batriani Says:


    is it possible to choose no time for the different standings???
    my problem is i have 3 or 4 really short ones, and a few that are much longer… if i fill in 30 seconds for example, my avatar goes in the newbie mode after the short standings for a few seconds … but i won´t cut the longer ones.
    what could i do?

  105. pyro Batriani Says:

    me again ….
    i think the best way could be to left the time override … so give my hud no time for the animations .. i think than it will play ani after ani without any breaks …. but ist that possible or is there another solution??

    (sry my english is a little bit rusty)

    thx for attention


    is there a way to have animations / dances show in a blue drop down menu from a button .. in none scripted area’s the buttons work and when i click next arrows the dances in menu change but not the names, but if one could set a button to list dances in drop down menu to be click would make choosing animations or dances that much better in none script area’s.
    thanks dirtyy

  107. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Two things you can try to get around no script areas. First, activate the gestures that came with your HUD. Use the F2-F11 buttons to play the dances currently on the floating text buttons.

    The other option is to use the new feature added a couple of versions back where if you give a macro a [NAME], you can activate that macro by saying /99n NameOfMacro. For instance. I made a macro like this:


    Whenever I say “/99n bk”, I play the backflip animation. I think this should work in a “no script” area.

  108. Heidi Yedmore Says:

    When i dance using the Huddlez on some dance-animations when they get played the huddlez write the name of the dance in lokal-chat. Is there any way to get rid of it?

  109. Keiki Lemieux Says:


    “IMPORTANT: When playing an animation from a notecard, if the name of the animation is displayed as chat instead of that animation playing, it is because the animation is misspelled on your notecard. Double check your notecard when this happens. Trust me. Really. You misspelled it. :p Often it’s a missing or extra space.

    To get the exact name of the animation, you can right click on it and choose properties. An info window will pop up and you can copy the animation name directly from that pop up by using Ctrl-C. You can then paste the name of the animation directly into the notecard using Ctrl-V.”

  110. Marella Tatum Says:

    Question? How many dances can actually be loaded in the huddle?

  111. Heidi Yedmore Says:

    Yay!! thanks Keiki!! It worked!!

  112. lenny okelli Says:

    can u answer some questions….pls
    1-Is there a trick to make a dance ensamble perfectly to the next one?
    2-Can I put in sync some lights and effects with the dances?
    3-how can I link the dances to an especific music and give them play with only one button?

  113. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    1. I’m not sure what you are asking. Are you having trouble keeping everyone in perfect sync?

    2. You could yes. If the lights and effects respond to chat commands on off channels, you could include those commands in the macros that run the dances. So when it played a certain dance, a command would be given to the lights to change. This assumes that the lights will respond to chat from your objects (not just your avatar directly).

    3. Well, you could create a timed sequence as a macro and select that macro when the music starts.

  114. lenny okelli Says:

    are u some time on line so i can talk to you?? maybe we can help each other

  115. Myke Says:

    I bought the Huddles Ez in SL.
    I unpacked it. When I went to wear anywhere on the screen it always comes up as a black box. Do I need to drop the box to the ground and use it or not? A little cinfusing at the moment.


    Can you help me, please?

  116. lenny okelli Says:

    didnt understand anything,and the first question its becouse the dances dont start in the same place so u can see a drop when change happend in some of themm,i saw the you tuve demo and there is no drops again is there any trick to do that ,and how can i be the onlyone to see my spam,i dont hve the problem of touched,that i get it…

  117. Myke Says:

    How can you hold hands with u r partner using the Huddles?

  118. Aksel Says:

    Just purchased my huddlez delux and love it but can anyone tell me if its possible to load a run AO?

  119. Keiki Lemieux Says:


    Yep, there are a number links right here in the help about the Animation Override.


    You might be able to simulate that with the right animations, but those animations don’t come with the HUD for sure.

  120. Diana Balhaus Says:

    Keiki why re my feet sinking on ground and prims? please help thanks

  121. Myke Halostar Says:

    So far I love my Huddles EZ.
    It was a blast using it with 6 other dancers the other day.
    I need to load more thats for sure.

  122. Viciously Says:

    Good Afternoon:

    I have an animation that plays a little low. Is there a vector command or some way to play it up a little higher, similar to what you can do with the [rez:0:0:0.1] command?

  123. Koquise Zerbnio Says:

    Hello :)

    I’m using the delux version and lately I’ve been having a problem with the huddle. I can attach to my SL viewer screen but when I click on the buttons it won’t let me do whatever want to do with the huddle like dance or AO. I’m not sure what I should do to clear up this problem tried to re attach and login to Sl again and still it shows stuck when clicking on the buttons.

  124. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Koquise, please contact Connor Trudeau for specific help. I can’t tell from your description what the problem is. One thing I could suggest though is to try to reset the HUD. Type /99reset in chat.

  125. Astarte Artaud Says:


    Is it possible to attach/detach an item (ie microphone in right hand) as part of a macro, so it can be incorporated into the singing animations I have already built? I can see “rez” instructions, but can find nothing on attachments; unfortunately rez will not work because hand is not necessarily in the same place at the start, and moves during the animations, so microphone must be “attached”.

  126. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Astarte, it’s rather complicated to do what you want, but if you have mod rights to the mic, you can do it. Contact Connor Trudeau for help on this.

  127. Diana Balhaus Says:

    Hi Keiki, I just bought a standing talking animation but dont was it to play random i want to use it only when i type is there a way to override the typing so this animation plays? did not make sense but that is me lol

  128. Candy Kane Says:

    I up graded my huddle and now when ever I click on it it say in open chat that it was touch how do i fix this thank you

  129. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Candy, Take a look at this link:

    @Diana, there will have to be an update soon to get typing animations covered.

  130. Cathrine Waffle Says:

    My huddlez is great, but lately it has started to have big pauses between the dances. I tried reseting scripts, but no change, what can I do?

  131. mini Says:

    i think so great this hud in SL
    but i cant add typing Ao
    i’ll expect add play typing Ao to next update.

  132. Yasmin Cao Says:

    I have been wondering… Can HUDDLES, when touched, be able to ask others if they want to sync or dance my animation? Rather then inviting them one by one for it only?

    If not, is there a way to make it do so?

    and if yes, how can I?

    If it can’t at all, I would love if the new update HUDDLES have that option installed 0=

  133. kreechur Says:

    what happened to my question???? how do i find my posts easier?

  134. Gwain McCoy Says:

    2 Questions, the first being, Is Huddlez compatable with the new Emerald Viewer?
    And the second, I have lots of HUD’s (like bloodlines, Xcite, translators etc.) Can I take the contents out of those and put them into Huddles? That would save me tons of window space.

  135. Talithia Says:

    I am finding this huddles to be a wonderful idea but time consuming and instructions written in a way that confuses me. These help pages not much clearer.
    When I load dances and play random it does ALL the ao loaded, stand, walk etc. Obviously I am doing something wrong.
    I like that the huddles is copiable but how about letting us name them so people like me can at least have some control of which huddle with which ao’s we want to be worn until this is completely learned (I learn in pieces and slowly obviously).

    Every time I have Tp’d to where I got this huddle, no one is available to help me. It would be extremely helpful to have someone at the site to help coach through at least using the note card converter, dance ball (no info on that so far) and basic huddle set up.

  136. Reg Halostar Says:

    @Keiki – is that update regarding thy typing animation available? I’d so like to have a “talking stand” animation in my HUDDLE. It’s a pain, playing it in world separatly!


  137. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Yasmin, that’s an interesting idea. No, it doesn’t do something like that. You would need to use the invite button right now. Or you could leave your dance ball out and ask people to click it to join you.

  138. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Gwain, yes it should be fine with the emerald viewer. No, you can’t just move script from one HUD into the HUDDLES EZ Animator. In fact, you may damage it. Never add scripts to the EZ Animator Deluxe unless you are a scripter and know exactly what should happen.

    @Talithia, please contact Connor Trudeau in Second Life via IM. He handle customer service for HUDDLES products.

    @Reg, no typing update yet, but it’s at the top of the list for futures updates.

  139. Mcpol Says:

    Gostaria de saber se posso listar as danças em vários note cards, dependendo do tipo de cada dança…
    Gostaria de saber o limite de animações dentro do huddles

  140. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Mcpol, Sim, você pode ter muitas nota. Cada nota pode ter uma lista diferente de danças. O HUD pode acomodar 100s de animações.

  141. darla borgin Says:

    im haveing issues gettin my huddle to stop saying touched i have turned sou off and muted it but it continues to do the same thing .. help please i cannot continue to spam clubs so i cant use it until i get this problem fixed thanks Darla

  142. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @darla, look here in this post for the fix for the Touched issue:

  143. Vixen Sabetha Says:

    I have several couples dances with pose balls.
    How do i get these to work with the Hudd, just like regular pose balls.
    i.e. to send an animate request. then give me a dialog box with the dances
    and give the user (and me maybe) the standup button. or some other way to stop dancing.
    I tried using the Hug option. it works for the most part. but can’t get the spacing between avatars right.
    most of the dances come with intan notecards. how do i use this info to get the dances to work properly (with proper spacing and synch)?
    Thanks in advance Keiki

  144. Viciously Says:

    First, even after all this time, the Huddle is still the best product I have ever purhased in Second Life.

    Not sure if this is the place to put this, but the world’s greatest add to your product would be a macro that allows you to play an animation slightly offset from the normal position, for instance (x=0, y=0, z=0.1), which would make the play position of the animation 0.1 meters higher than normal. This should be possible, as I have seen other AO products that allow this.

    Or perhaps you have a way to do this, and I just can’t find it. :-)

  145. Stan Says:

    I added a couple of dances to my huddle and the dance names changed inside the huddle to IP Replacement 1927_24681 the numbers at the end is different on each one… now that sounds very strange and fishy… should i delete those immediately or is it ok?

  146. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Vixen to get specific help, I would contact Connor Trudeau. As I have posted on the blog, it’s not always possible to get animations that were designed for use in poseballs to be used in the HUD:

  147. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Viciously, I’ll look into it. I’m not sure how that is done. It wasn’t possible in the past. Are you sure that offset doesn’t happen when you are sitting on an object?

  148. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Stan, when you see that happen, the animation is a pirated copy that has been neutered by Linden Lab. It’s not usable in the HUDDLE nor in any other HUD. Delete those dances and don’t bother trying to put them into the HUD again.

  149. Mcpol Says:

    i want to know how to restore the hud texture

  150. Viciously Says:

    Dear Keiki:

    I maybe worded my question poorly. It’s not the Huddles that plays the animation too low … it’s the animation itself. I was just hoping there was a command that you could put in the macro that plays the animaiton a little higher.

    This might be a nice thing to add to you AWESOME product, if it doesn’t already have it!

  151. Diana Balhaus Says:

    Hello Keiki for the fist time ever i’ve gotten this message what is this please? MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Could not find script ‘MystiTool Anti Idle’.

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