Help for the HUDDLES™ EZ Animator Deluxe

If you are having trouble with any HUDDLES product and cannot find the answer on this website, please contact Connor Trudeau via IM in second life. He handles all customer service problems with HUDDLES.

Choose one of the topics below:

A Guide to the EZAD’s Buttons

Basic Operation

Using Notecards

Animation Override (setting your walk, standing poses and more)

Advanced Macros

The Tools Menu and Other Utilities

Hacking your EZ Animator Deluxe

More Help

If you need help, please try the following:

  1. Search the blog for help on the topic.
  2. Contact Connor Trudeau in world. He handles customer service for all HUDDLES products. Please use IM to contact him, do not drop a notecard on him.
  3. Join the HUDDLES Customer Service group and ask other HUDDLES users for help.
  4. Post a comment to one of the pages here on the website if you want us to clarify something written on that page.
If you are reading this page using the Google translator, please note that macro commands like [NAME] and [WHISPER] only work if use the English word in the brackets and not the translated word. Be sure to view the page in English to make sure you are using the correct command in your macros.

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  1. Diana Balhaus Says:

    Hello Keiki for the fist time ever i’ve gotten this message what is this please? MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Could not find script ‘MystiTool Anti Idle’.

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