Dances changing to IP Replacement 1927_24681

Recently, we have had a lot of reports of people putting a dance into their HUD and having something weird happen. The name of the dance changes to IP Replacement 1927_24681 and it is no longer usable. When they try to play it, either nothing happens or they just stand there and rotate around. What has happened is that the animation is part of a copyright dispute and Linden Lab’s solution is to replace the Dance with the animation that rotates your avatar slightly. In short, the dance was pirated from the original copyright holder and is now defective. You won’t be able to use it. The only thing you can do is remove it from your HUD.

We have tested this today, and it seems that the name changing is not necessarily happening anymore. However, the animation is still being changed and made useless.

Please note, that this is not caused by our products. A script cannot alter the name of an animation.

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