How do you dance in SecondLife (part II)?

Last year I blogged about Phoenixa Sol and how she used 8 Quick Pose HUDs at once to create unique dance routines. Well I was recently sent a link to a video by a dance group who uses an EZ Animator Deluxe to choreograph their shows:

The group is called the Phoenix Embers Showcats and they put on the kind of dance shows you might see in Las Vegas. Laurina Hawks is the founder and choreographer. She made this video by cutting together several rehearsals and events.

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  1. Joshooah Lovenkraft Says:

    Very cool vid! I should have thought of using my EZ animator deluxe, instead of animated pose balls when my friends and I wanted to start an SL boy band after this group …

  2. Laurina Hawks Says:

    Hey Keiki! Thank you very much for posting my dancevideo on your site, this is highly appreciated. If you ever consider to have the showcats for an event at your loacation, don’t hesitate to contact me or Angie Ling. Have a perfect day! *waves – Laurina

  3. I Make HUDDLES™ » Blog Archive » How do you dance in SecondLife (part III)? Says:

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  4. skydiverAnarta Fall Says:

    The Myst Dancers Troupe has also created a dance programme using the Huddles Hud. One of our performances can be seen at:

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