Detach Bug is fixed

It appears that there is a fix for the Detach Bug that has plagued so many people this past year. It will probably take some time before it actually gets into the release build of the client. Still it’s good news to know this will soon be fixed.

Qarl Linden posted this on the jira:

sorry for all the grief. should be fixed when maint-viewer-12 reaches RC. until then, try to avoid copying worn objects, and wearing objects directly from the ground.

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  1. Phoenixa Sol Says:

    Well, it is a start and to start my post, I must thank you once again for spreading the word about the JIRA 6110 early on. Fortunately I’ve been lucky thus far, mostly thanks to all the folks who posted ALL the ways that items can wind up disappearing. I would hope they come up with fixes for all the rest of the ways our dance huds, spheres and AOs can disappear very soon. I cant wait to look upon this whole issue as resolved.

  2. I Make HUDDLES™ » Blog Archive » The Detach Bug is not fixed Says:

    […] while back, I had reported that the Detach Bug had been fixed. For many months we have been waiting for the fix to be implemented in the official SL client. […]

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