Release Candidate 4 : A New Hope

It is time to try another release candidate. Various problems with the flight assist should be fixed now. Among them:

  • The math error shouldn’t be happening anymore.
  • It will remember it’s status when you turn it on and off, across different sessions.
  • The problem of drifting away in certain situations shouldn’t happen anymore.

Also, follow the link to find out about the latest options with the flight assist.

The Release Candidate 4 upgrader can be obtained by clicking the green ball on animation island. As before, the object will turn your old EZ Animator Deluxe (v1.0.4 and above) into a shiny new one without you having to move all the animations. I’ve also added instructions on the web on how to do the upgrade. You can read the release notes on the web, however they may be incomplete.

If you have previously upgraded to Release Candidate 1, 2 or 3, you can just use this updater and run the process again.

Please note, only people who own the EZ Animator Deluxe already can get the update. If you think you own one and it’s not giving it to you, IM Keiki Lemieux.

I’ve also added a pink prism you can touch to receive some extra items you may need if you never had version 1.2.0, like the notecard with all the radio streams and HUDDLES Group Radio, the gestures which allow you to press buttons on the hud by click F2-F12, and most important, the ZHAO II Notecard converter.

Also, if you were using version 1.1.3 or earlier you should look here on info about how to upgrade your AO.

Once again, I’m hoping that this will be the last Release Candidate. If I don’t find any bugs within the next week, I’ll put together the final version and get that ready.

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3 Responses to “Release Candidate 4 : A New Hope”

  1. Autumn Heyse Says:

    The modifications to the flight assist are very cool. Is there a way to animate “deruth” someone else nearby?

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    haha that would be funny, along with a shout that says, “Vile Ruth, be gone!”

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