Playing Macros Using Chat Commands

This is another one of those features that probably only a minority will use, but those that do will love it. Let’s say you have a notecard loaded with a lot of macros. And let’s say you used the [name] tag to give (at least some of) the macros names for the buttons. Well, in version 1.2.1, you will be able to use those macros without searching for it and clicking the button. All you have to do is say /99n MacroName, and the macro with the name, “MacroName” will play. Be careful not to give macros duplicate names.

For instance, if the name of the macro is “Wave”, you will be able to simply say: /99n wave and the Wave macro will play. Please note that these commands are not sensitive to capitalization. Remember it’s /99n and then the name. That ‘n’ is important.

I’ve also doing a lot of little optimization fixes. I’ve thought of something I can do which should speed up it’s operation. It will likely be something that most people won’t notice, but for those people who use it in laggy clubs, it should help.

Things are really winding down on the new features front for this release. I’ll be mostly working on the new update system this week.

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  1. Shuggi Says:

    Hi! Okay, nearly a year after you included the features and I’m saying that having bought it today, I’m gonna love it!

    I use features of RLV to make changing whole avatars a one typed command experience, so this in Huddles is just great 🙂

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