EZ Animator Deluxe Update

I do not have a release date for the next update. However, I’m going to vow right now that I will make at least one blog update every 48 hours to help me focus on getting it done soon. I’m back in school this summer so priorities have been split, but I’m determined to get a new release out soon.

Here is a progress report on the next version of the EZ Animator Deluxe. Things that I’ve added so far:

  1. [NO_DANCE] – This tag anywhere in a macro will make the EZAD not play that macro while in dance mode. This will allow people to combine all their dance and non-dance macros into one notecard.
  2. [TARGET_FIRST] & [TARGET_LAST] -These work just like the [TARGET] tag so you can insert your current target’s first or last name into an emote. Also, you will be able to use multiple [TARGET] tags in one emote
  3. Now when you click the Load Notecard you also see AO notecards and vice versa. However, depending on which button you press, the AO notecards are either shown first or last.
  4. Additions to the Tools menu: List all animations, sounds, landmarks or objects. This will list out all of a particular type of object in open chat so you can more easily copy and paste things into notecards.
  5. Groundsit button puts you in ‘Ground Sit Mode’, meaning you play your current groundsit animation without having to actually sit on the ground. You can also use the /99ground command.
  6. Most chat commands work if an object of yours says the command now, not just if you say it. For instance, you can configure certain collars to turn your AO on and off and the EZAD will now respond to those commands appropriately.
  7. See hug improvements here.
  8. BUG: Fixed various targeting problems. /99target avatar name now works again.
  9. BUG: Spaces before or after an animation name now are trimmed and will not cause an error.
  10. BUG: Memory leak on consolidated script fixed.
  11. BUG: When leaving dance mode, the animation will stop again.
  12. BUG: [REPEAT] tag no longer spams in Dance mode.
  13. BUG: HUDDLES Customer Service Group invite link fixed.

Next on the to do list: a couple of enhancements to the Tools menu:

  1. Get keys of nearby avatars.
  2. OwnerSay the name and key of current target. This combined with the /99target avatar name command will allow you to find anyone’s key who is in the major name2key databases.

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  2. Carol Sodertelge Says:

    ohhhhhhh yes! I was thinking the other day how nice it would be to have my club dances and emotes all in one macro file. The [NO_DANCE] tag would be perfect for this! Great Idea Keiki! This update will be so nice to have.

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