Second Life Animators who sell copyable dances, poses and animations

The other day I ran into Luth Brodie, a friend and fellow animator in Second Life. We got to talking about the state of the world and I was complaining about the Detach Bug, and how many people have been coming to me for help. I said to her, “You must be getting a lot of requests to replace animations with all the lost inventory.”

Reel Expression“Nope,” she said. “I haven’t been getting any requests.”

Why not? I’m sure many animators have been crushed by the number of requests for replacements. Well, it’s because Luth has been selling her animations as copyable/no transfer. Since her customers can copy their animations, they never lose them. Sure they might lose a HUD or two, but no problem. They just get a new AO, and copy the animations inside again.

It certainly would be great if more animators followed Luth’s lead and at least offered their animations in copyable versions. Many of the big animators refuse however. I know, I’ve talked to them many times about it. And I’ve decided for myself, that I will never buy another dance, pose or AO animation that is no copy.

So I’m going to keep a list here on my blog of animators who do carry copyable animations as a service to my customers. I’m going to start with two, Reel Expression (Luth’s store) and Animazoo. A couple months back, I contacted Dave Bellman of Animazoo and told him I would promote his dances at Animazoo if he would offer them in a copyable version. He thought about it and agreed! Just recently he got back to me and told me that all his dances were now sold copyable/no transfer. Dave’s dances are really great. They appear to be original motion captured animations in a lot of different styles. Next time you are looking for dances to buy, make sure you stop at Animazoo first!

Here is the list, I’ll be adding to it often, so bookmark this page. If you know of animators who sell copyable animations, please post their shop name and SLURL in the comments.

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15 Responses to “Second Life Animators who sell copyable dances, poses and animations”

  1. chesntut Says:

    My fully loaded Huddles disappeared into thin SL air. I posted about it on my blog A year full of collecting dances gone in an instant. I didn’t cry but almost. Most of my dances were from SineWave and I loved them. When I bought a new Huddles and began to fill it up with dances I went to Animazoo for the very reason outlined in this post.

    PS I love my Huddles. 😉

  2. Autumn Heyse Says:

    Thank you for doing this. I recently wanted to buy an animation that cost 300L but was no copy. I asked the animator if I could get one copy/no trans. Their response was “sure for 5000L” What the?!? Well, the animator didn’t get a single linden out of me. Their loss I suppose. What a stupid price, you could get 16 of them for less than that. I join your stand Keiki and encourage everyone to do the same.

  3. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Chestnut, make sure you read all the posts I’ve tagged here:

    You may be able to retrieve your lost HUD and all the animations you lost.

  4. chesntut Says:

    OMG! Keiki! I opened a ticket and sent them a link to your blog and guess what? My Huddles is back! I cannot begin to thank you enough!

  5. ReDDeE Hian Says:

    Keiki! I would really like to give you many many thanks for this info… I have sent this link to many people i know who have gotten hit by the detatch bug! Me being personally hit I am trying my very hardest to get big dance company to at least sell a copyable version of their dances. I’m even gonna start a petition and hopefully that’ll open their eyes! I wish they be more who would listen and care more for their customers, for the fact that there is a serious issue/bug going on and they are not even taking conciderations… is really not fun buying back the dances especially if you lost them 3 or 4 times! once again thanks for all this! and a bigger thanks for your part in all of this 🙂

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  7. Vye Graves Says:

    Hi, just wanted to add that Animazoo’s dances are not copiable, at least none that i have. I think the belly dances are not that old, and yet they are not copyable, so I don’t believe I am just finding old animations that are no copy.

    Sorry, it’s disappointing. I assume animation creators don’t like to make copy because people who run many sims/clubs, can stock numerous places buying the anims only once. *shrugs*.

  8. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Well shoot, Vye. I’m sure that the ones he sells now at his main location are copyable. If you bought something recently and it’s not, I would drop a note on Dave Bellmen requesting that you trade in the no copy version for the copyable one.

  9. Vye Graves Says:

    /me nods

    It is possible he offers copy versions and I just didn’t notice them. I’ll go back and double check to make sure. I love his belly dances, and I’d hate to lose them to some quirk of SL weather.

    I want to thank you for huddles. I am going to be writing a tutorial for how I manage mine in the next week or to. Great work!!

  10. Dave Bellman Says:

    Vye bought her dances just before I made the change-over to copy/no trans. I have sent her a set of copyable dances.
    If anyone else wants to upgrade their dances, please contact the customer support bot ‘Shopkeeper Sideways’. Just ask to ‘replace a missing item’, and the shopkeeper will help.

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  13. SarahTheRed Says:

    Long Awkward Poses ([LAP]) also sells copiable poses

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  15. Londor Robbiani Says:

    Vista sells most of its animations as either no copy/trans or copy/no trans. You have to make sure you are on the right vendor, since they usually sit next to each other.

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