Reproducing the Detach Bug

Do not wear or attach a hud that is sitting on the ground (rezzed in world). Instead, right click on the object and choose Take, then wear it from your inventory.


Nock Forager found a way to reproduce the detach bug and posted it at

1. Open build menu.
2. rez new box object.
3. rename it “Object A”.
4. Attach “Object A” to Left hand.

– Open inventory list and use filter key “object” make easier what will happen. –

5. You see “Object A” under the Objects folder.
6. Copy “Object A” and paste it in same folder.
7. Rename new “Object A” to “Object B”.
8. Drop “Object B” on floor (rez it).
9. Wear “Object B” directly from floor.

“Object A” dissapear from inventory.

“Object B” appear under the Library folder as “worn on left hand”, but it just a shadow. You can’t rez it. And relogging make it completely disappear.

Should be:
“Object A” should remain under Objects folder as unweared.
“Object B” should located under Objects folder.

Notice that he is attaching these objects directly while they sit on the ground. This may not be the only way to trigger this bug, but it only reinforces what should be a law for HUDDLES users. Once again:

Do not wear or attach a hud that is sitting on the ground (rezzed in world). Instead, right click on the object and choose Take, then wear it from your inventory.

If you have suffered from this bug, please post a comment to confirm whether or not you ever wear your HUD directly from the ground.

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19 Responses to “Reproducing the Detach Bug”

  1. Reproducing the Detach-and-lose-item bug at Daikon Forge Says:

    […] found some very interesting information on Keiki Lemieux’s blog this morning : Keiki posted some repro steps (discovered by Nock Forager) for consistently […]

  2. Pilot McBride Says:

    Hug and a kiss Keiki for your work and the undisputed best product in SL. And to all who have input into this issue. (But I ain’t kissin’ blokes).

  3. Lesley Oceanlane Says:

    This happened to me. I lost a Huddles Quick pose when I wore if from the ground instead of attaching it from my inventory.

  4. Nepenthe Sieyes Says:

    I didn’t lose mine from wearing on the ground. I almost never do that. Usually it’s lost by replacing one hud with another, though I’ve lost some just on detach. I went to live chat for help after I’d filed a support ticket and they told me to please keep using the ticket. My oh-so-helpful Linden told me he can’t help me at all. 🙁

  5. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Nepenthe, I highly recommend that you try to get a different person on Live Chat. Some of the customer service people are unaware of this fix. Yes, do a support ticket, refer them to my other post if they are confused, but I am personally aware of dozens of people who have gotten support from Live Chat, had this fix done and recovered their lost items. I know it sucks to keep going back to them. But I do not know of a single case of someone who has had the fix done and not recovered at least some of their items.

  6. Menja Slade Says:

    I lost recently my huddle with nearly 100 dances… and two quick huddles.. all within 4 days.. I did not know of the bug.. but I can recall that I filled new poses in too so I think I did exact this… detachign and attachign from the ground :-((((

    that sucks so badly.. over 30k Linden just poofed.. and since i am no paying member I will ahve no support at all

  7. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Menja, I’m so sorry. Be sure to vote for the other jira about providing Basic users a way to request a Directory Repair.

  8. Zackary Braveheart Says:

    I was told about the Huddles HUD today and have been reading up about it for a while tonight. I decided I’d buy it but now I’m reading about this problem where people have lost so much money’s worth. I can imagine it being an easy slip to wear the Huddles from the ground without thinking. I do that just once and I could lose a lot. As I’m only a basic member I wouldn’t be able to contact support live. So this has scared me! Can someone convince me that it’s safe to purchase it? I do really want to after all I’ve been reading.

  9. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Zackary, these problems are thankfully rare, especially if you do not Wear things from the ground. It has never happened to me personally for instance. Yes it can happen, but it can happen with any attachment that you load up with animations. There is nothing special about the HUDDLES, except that people get pretty upset and vocal when they lose their favorite animation device.

    Also, if you lose your HUD from this bug, you can often get it back. It takes some support from Linden Lab, but most of the time, the HUD comes back.

  10. Arwydd Llewellyn Says:

    Last night I picked up my hud from the ground and wore it. It was a mistake; I wasn’t thinking. Today, I tried to detach it, and it apeared under the library. I couldn’t attach it. I then relogged and hey presto, it completely disappeared, along with all the no copy anims I’d spent a long time the previous evening inserting. I don’t suppose there’s anyway to get any of them back?

  11. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yes, there is, make sure you read this post:

    And then send me an IM to let me know how it goes.

  12. Store Card Sale and Update | Reel Expression Says:

    […] friends with Keiki Lemieux (huddles) for a couple of years now and she’s been dealing with a detach bug that have many loosing the hud and all no copy animations inside. But since we’ve been […]

  13. Myke Says:

    Keiki Lemieux, I really need help with the Huddles EZ and I haven’t found a way to contact you. I hope this works.
    Does the Huddles EZ allow you to hold hands?
    If so how?

  14. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    In world. Send me an instant message in world. Or better yet, send one to Connor Trudeau, my customer service guy.

  15. Myke Says:

    I m new to SL since 3/09.
    Got a lot to learn yet but I m getting there.
    I will give Connor an IM. Thnx Keiki.

    One question. Can you have more than one HUD up at a time?
    I have the Huddles and a Rendezvous Couples Animator.
    Neither one I can get to work yet. Rendezvous I got yesterday and when I go to attach it to the TOP ot TOP Right, nothing happens. Or if I wear it, I physically wear it. I wish there was a tutorial on Huds in general.

    If you can respond to the Hud ?? I’d appreciate it. Getting frustrated.


  16. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yes, you can have more than one HUD on at a time. There are 8 different positions you can attach them to. The EZ Animator works fine in any of the slots.

    Please, please, please send Connor Trudeau or myself an instant message. We can answer your questions directly much better. I would contact you, but I don’t know your last name.

  17. Myke Halostar Says:

    My problem is this with Huds.
    I got a Rendezvous Couples Hud. I unpacked it fine.
    I try to attach it to my screen and nothing happens.

    I can get the Huddles to open.
    I select my partner then select a dance or something abd she doesn’t show up. Strange. I know once the light goes on I will be happy laff.

  18. Myke Halostar Says:

    Figured the Rendezvous Hud out finally.
    It appeared as though the area I was trying to use it in wouldn’t allow the rezzing!!!
    I will contact Connor on Friday if he’s in (5-9 PM EST).
    I m on the east coast.
    I will work on the Huddles EZ.
    It’s diferent and it looks like a lot more fun 🙂
    Thanks for your help Keiki.

  19. Ryder Darkwatch Says:

    I have now lost my huddle 3 times and 2 chimeras – I am glad to hear I am not the only one. I have had to create tickets twice and have thankfully gotten my lost huddles and chimeras back after they run a process. Now I am totally afraid to touch my huddle at all. Does anyone know if a fix is instore?

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