If you lose inventory, make sure you get support from Linden Lab

PLEASE NOTE: If this has happened to you, please add your comments to this jira entry about the detach bug explaining all the steps you took before the HUD disappeared. Also, for everyone else, please log in and vote for it.

JUNE 23 UPDATE: In order to get help for this, I now advise that you open a support ticket about this. Linden Customer Service has made significant progress in the last couple of weeks to address this. Open a ticket, explain clearly what happened (that your attachment disappeared from your inventory after detaching, after a crash, or after it was replaced by another attachment). Ask for a Directory Repair or Inventory Restart. It will work. At least I don’t know of a case when this fix has failed to return HUDs lost in this manner.

The last few weeks, I’ve seen a definite spike in inventory problems. I think it is a new bug, and it’s hitting some people multiple times. There are many variations, but the basic problem is that some HUDs are disappearing from inventory simply when they are detached, often but not always when they are replaced by a different HUD.I was skeptical that Linden Lab support would be helpful, but one of my customers did report that they recovered their lost HUD with all the animations still inside. It took some persistence, but they were able to recover the item when a Linden employee used a particular utility to recover lost/corrupted objects. It doesn’t always work, but it often does.

I sent this Linden an IM to thank them and to ask some follow up questions. I’ve removed their name so that he doesn’t get swamped with direct support requests. As always, you should go through the official channels to get support. However, I thought many of my customers would want to know some of the things that he said:

Keiki Lemieux: Hello, if you have a moment, I would like to chat.

a Linden: i have a minute or two.. what’s up?

Keiki Lemieux: first, a thank you. you helped one of my customers today find a copy of their HUDDLE EZ Animator with loads of her animations inside. I have been getting dozens of customers with similar problems over the last couple of weeks. They detach a HUD and it disappears, sometimes with 100s of animations inside. I’ve been helping people for 2 years, and this seems to be a new bug that happens when someone detaches a HUD and it just poofs from their inventory. I was hoping you could give me some advice about what directions I should tell them. I am assuming that some of them could get their items back if they could get to the right support person.

a Linden: correct.. the first step is contacting support either by ticket or Live Chat

Keiki Lemieux: what level of membership are they going to need to get help?

a Linden: Premium helps bunches to be honest

Keiki Lemieux: And the problem I’m describing, do you know if it’s a known issue? I never heard of this a month ago. Now I’m getting a couple inquiries a day, which usually means there are dozens who aren’t bothering to IM me.

a Linden: I’ve been able to fix that issue a few times with a”fix” i can do rather quickly. I’ve seen it creeping up a lot lately. Not sure why it’s happening, but i suspect it could be any number of things.. from which viewer they are using, to issues with the servers, to acts of bored dieties

Keiki Lemieux: is there a particular thing they can ask for? “Run that inventory fix it utility” or something?

a Linden: basically, yes.. that would point to the direction that would need to be taken. although sometimes that doesn’t completely fix the issue, often times it will

Keiki Lemieux: and is it a time sensitive thing? do they need to do it within 24 hours or a week or something?

a Linden: i’m sure it helps to alert us as soon as possible, but a week or two is probably fine.. maybe longer than that as well

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36 Responses to “If you lose inventory, make sure you get support from Linden Lab”

  1. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    By the way, if this particular problem happened to you recently (losing a HUD when it was detached/replaced), please post exactly what you remember happening here: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6110

    Also for everyone else, please vote for that proposal: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-6110

  2. adonaira Says:

    Linden STILL hasn’t help me! I have a basic account but I hate the fact all is taking so long. To loose inventory of 22000LD is not a joke or something you can forget just like that. Besides that last week the same detaching bug made me loose my chimera with dances!!! A ‘nice’ waste of money I shoudl say…

  3. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    It’s terrible adonaira. Please encourage everyone you know to vote for that jira entry.

  4. kliger Says:

    My Animator Deluxe disappeared 2 days ago. Since I’ve been experiencing extreme problems with the new client on my MacBook Pro, I just thought all my HUDs somehow got knocked off, and I’d find it when I had the time somewhere in my inventory. No luck. It’s no where to be found. When I saw your post today I contacted support, but have not yet recuperated my HUD or my animations.

  5. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Kliger, please post comments to that jira issue and vote for it. Also, contact LL support to try to get them to run that fix to find your HUD.

  6. kliger Says:

    @Keiki : I did both things you suggested; LL support so far has not reacted and Jira was down last night. I’ll try again today.

  7. Phoenixa Sol Says:

    Thank you Keiki for the headsup about this. I added my vote in the Jira for the fix. I’ll use extreme caution in world and cease removing or wearing anything for the time being.

  8. Phoenixa Sol Says:

    Well okay,… I’ll wear clothes, (oops note to self, preview before submitting those comments!) but I meant wearing any new hud attachment, or dragging a folder to my avi, or clicking on the release button.

  9. kliger Says:

    finally found the time to chat with a support person. He put an “inventory fix” on my account –when I logged back into SL, I was happy to find my EZ animator deluxe, and as far as I can tell, my animations as well.

  10. Isis Owatatsumi Says:

    I’ve had a support ticket open for a week now and still havent received anything other than the standard canned responses.
    Im going into live chat now- hopefully I will get the support Kliger got.

  11. Isis Owatatsumi Says:

    I got my EZ animator deluxe back! I suggest to everyone- LIVE CHAT FIRST. I thought opening a support ticket would be better, but its much slower and you are more likely to receive a standard solution that was copied/pasted.

  12. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Isis, great tip! And congrats!

  13. Phoenixa Sol Says:

    There has been some fantastic recoveries in the JIRA 6110 today. I hope everyone will go check back in and read the comments. If you have a loss that you’ve not commented in that JIRA about, now is a good time to do so (and hopefully you’d filed a support ticket about the loss if you were able to do so), because apparently the Lindens with the wrenches are watching the thread now.

    At this point, there are now 84 people who have voted. It’s been a good day in that JIRA for sure! (I think there were only 36 this morning, and I went and posted about this in the forums and spread the word as many places as I could)

    I still hope they’ll fix it right away, not just continue with a workaround after a loss. I cant wait to see some kind of all clear and load up a new HUDDLES Quick Pose HUD with the new sine wave dances I got the other day.. here’s hoping and once again, thank YOU Keiki for the heads up!

  14. Sansarya Says:

    Perhaps a note sent out to all the HUDDLES™ owners with information about this issue would be helpful? I know we get HUDDLES™ updates regularly, is it possible to send just a note with a heads up (heh) about the problem?

    FWIW, I removed my HUDDLES a few times yesterday and twice tonight before I found out about the problem, and it didn’t disappear from invy (knock on wood).

  15. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a good mechanism to notify all the HUDDLES owners. I will be working on an update in the coming weeks and part of that update might include some sort of notification system. I did send out a notice to the HUDDLES Customer Service group though.

  16. Xanthia Lisle Says:

    I noticed the loss of my first huddles last night, i’m a Theatre Director and was attempting to run my Saturday show. I run two basics at the same time. The loss of the first one hit me hard because it had all my irreplaceable dances in it that were created specifically for the club i work. So, I asked the owner of the club to loan me some of her dances to limp through the production. I detached the second huddles which was still attached to my HUD to load these in there and crashed. It ate the second huddles too… when I logged back in, both huddles and about 50k in dances missing.

    So I had to cancel my production last night and ran the party. This morning I go to the second life website and basically as a BASIC member, they tell me I’m screwed with inventory loss… and refer me to HELP Island. Same thing, as the website, tell you to clear cache and come back in, doesn’t help. So now thanks to this, I’m going to try the live chat and see if that works.

    Thanks all!

  17. Xanthia Lisle Says:

    Ok, finally retrieved both my huddles… here’s what you have to do:

    1) sign up as a premium member – you can’t do the below without it…
    2) go to the support page
    3) go to live chat
    4) tell the operator everything that happened to the best of your ability and request: I need an inventory repair. Be as specific as you can. It will take sometime, approx 30 minutes. Be patient.
    5) they will come back and say check your inventory. It likely won’t be in there… you need to REBOOT SL. When you come back in it will say Repairing Inventory Folders.
    6) check to make sure it’s there – report this back to the operator.
    7) If this doesn’t work, the last resort is to submit a ticket — good luck getting it heard.

    GOOD LUCK! I hope it works for you as it did me, I’ve spent most of the day trying to get this back together!

    Xanthia Lisle 🙂

  18. Krystine Qinan Says:

    I went ahead and signed up as a premium member today so that I could request inventory repair via Live Chat. Here’s what I got in the way of help.

    Kate: Hello Krystine_Qinan, what can I help you with?
    Krystine_Qinan: I need an inventory repair.
    Krystine_Qinan: Last week I was wearing multiple HUD’s and they disappeared when I did the “detach all”
    Krystine_Qinan: I have searched my inventory thoroughly and also cleared cache. Still no hud.
    Kate: Krystine can you submit a ticket please. We are checking on potential asset server issues right now and I don’t want to work on your account unless I know all is clear.
    Krystine_Qinan: I’d rather check back with live chat later. My experience with tickets hasn’t been good.
    Krystine_Qinan: How long do you think they’ll be checking on the potential asset server issues?
    Kate: If we find anything we will post to the status blog.
    Krystine_Qinan: k
    Krystine_Qinan: I’ll keep checking.
    Kate: ok

  19. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Be persistent, Krystine. Several people have gotten the run around with a CS person only to get help later.

  20. Ryan Stuart Says:

    This bug hit me a week ago when I attached a new HUD to my page. It knocked off the AO like normal (thinking it would go back into my inventory like it always does), but when I went the next day to reattach it, it was completely gone. The first time I sent a ticket, and the response that I got was as followed:

    Hello ryan

    Thanks for contacting us regarding your problem.

    I am passing this ticket across to our in-world team who will be in contact with you shortly.



    Linden Lab Support
    Though, I’m sure they will never actually send it on, I hope that they do actually fix this bug so I can get my many AO’s and my chimera back into my inventory. I will be coming back to this page often to see whats happening with the progress.

  21. Krystine Qinan Says:


    I gave Live Chat another shot tonight, and they were able to get my Huddles back to me….intact!

    Persistence did pay off, Keiki! Thanks for all your help!

  22. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Krystine, great news! Ryan, keep trying, if you can get someone to actually help, it usually works.

  23. Ryan Stuart Says:

    Still hoping a Linden will be a blessing and repair my inventory for me….
    Hope things go well for everyone else.

  24. Ryan Stuart Says:

    Linden sent me a email about my ticket. It was closed, and attached was a long page of “what to do” things about missing inventory and such.
    Shows that they really put thought through for basic accounts, hm? 🙁

  25. I Make HUDDLES™ » Blog Archive » Linden Lab Customer Service Improving? Says:

    […] which has been eating HUDs for the last few months. As I blogged about in April, there is a way to get your HUDs and other attachments back when they disappear after detaching. But only Linden Lab customer service can do it for […]

  26. Noisey Lane Says:

    Check the date on this post – it’s still happening!!
    However, thanks to Keiki’s advice and support I now have my cherished AO’s and Chimera’s back.
    I am on a basic account and was resigned to the fact they were gone for good with an estimated L$8,000 worth of animations inside (maybe more).
    I said as much on the JIRA at VWR-6110.
    Then Keiki contacted me inworld and really urged me to submit a ticket.
    It took slightly less than 24hrs to get my stuff back and I am truly thankful for her support and guidance.
    Noisey does a happy dance!
    I’d like to point out I am not a customer of Keiki’s (yet) and she didn’t have to do this.
    Way to go girlfriend!

  27. Ivana Says:

    I’ve lost 3 huds over a 6 month period and each time no action from LL. I do think that most dance makers in SL could actually help by making them copy/non-trans, but then they have no real reason for doing so as they are making a while stack of L$ from people having to replace them.

  28. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Ivana, please IM me in world. I may be able to help you.

  29. Kiddo Tuqiri Says:

    A few days ago i clicked the Chimera on my head and hitted “dettach”. After that, i crashed and when i logged back it wasn’t on my inventory. I tried searching for it, looking at the floor (since it was a sandbox with a long term for returning items to the ‘lost and found’) tried the lost and found too, tried cleaning the cache, tried looging into the beta grid (i read somewhere that it might help, and even if it sounds non-sense for me, i tried). Nothing happen. I lost my Chimera full of dances and I’m real pissed off since they cost me a lot of money and this stuff is completely unfair! We have no one to help us in this situation, just because we are Basic Members, but we put our money also on their game and when sh!t happens, no one cares!

  30. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    I would follow the advice in my post above and actually submit a ticket. They have been helping many Basic members with this problem.

  31. avyon nimbus Says:

    I had a Huddlez EZAD disappear while working on it, along with a ton of Sine Wave dances. What can I do about it? I sent an IM to the Sine Wave folks, but never heard back.

  32. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Read above. You need to get support from Linden Lab. Create a support ticket on the second life website.

  33. Marcella Says:

    I have lost like 7 chimera’s over the past few months from attaching things and it takes off my chimera with tons and tons of dances in them, i’ve gotten the lost ones back after a region sweep,.but i just lost another one just the other day from a dettachment that didnt go back to my inventory, i am a basic account holder and would like to get my chimera back(sighs). This is so frustrating, and to much money is spent on dances for us to keep losing them , which we have no control of

  34. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Marcella, please attempt to get support from Linden Lab. Basic members do often get support now. File a support ticket.

    Also, if you wear your HUD from the ground, don’t do that anymore. It is part of the reason that you are losing so many.

  35. Marcella Says:

    Thanx a lot Kieki for that information, i filed a support ticket and got a lot of different ways to retrieve my chimera which dosen’t work, so i will file another ticket.

  36. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yes, sometimes they just reply with the info sheet, but ask again for an inventory restart.

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