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A question from the HUDDLES Forum about the HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe.

Originally Posted by TearSong Vaughan

Ok this might be a really stupid question and I’m prolly overlooking something, but here it goes:

The dances: does huddles switch to the next dance as soon as a certain dance loop has ended or does it have a set time for each dance and then switches to the next? I’ve been loading my dances and it keeps switching somewhere in the middle of the dances, at least it looks that way to me. Is it possible to make it change to the next dance as soon as another dance has ‘ended’ so it won’t change in the middle of dances anymore? Or can anyone reccomend an interval time that works best with most sine wave dances?

You can set a time interval for each dance on your dance notecard (or just some of them). For any dance you want to add a specific time for add the number of seconds after it, like this:

caramel sundae|20
dip me in butterscotch|15.5
bailey’s fog|30.2

The number following the animation tells the HUDDLE how long to wait before going on to the next animation. Notice that you use decimal places to get even more precise.

You could even set up a sequence of animations:


This macro will play each of these animations in turn, with pauses that correspond to the numbers in between.

You can also add [REPEAT] to the end of the macro and it will repeat indefinitely:


The [REPEAT] command will be ignored when in Dance or Random mode though.

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  1. Hung Runningbear Says:

    I tried to create a Macro that would play two dances in a loop. Let’s call them Robot and Funky Chicken.
    I added this line to a note:
    [NAME]Dance Sequence]Robot]Funky Chicken|[REPEAT]
    I did not put in any durrations, assuming that without them HUDDLES would just play each animation through from start to end. I think I was wrong about that. When I chose this macro, my avatar started convulsing. Nothing I could do stopped it. Not clicking stop on HUDDLES, not Stop All Animations, not even sitting on a poseball. Only Release Keys worked, but then HUDDLES got put away and I was without an AO.

    After a lot of trouble shooting, I took the two animations (Robot and Funky Chicken) out of HUDDLES. Then I saw the public chat window fill up with infinitly looping span with these two dance names – HUDDLES trying to call them but not finding them. I did not convulse.

    Removing the line I had added as a macro to the notecard wasn’t enough to stop this behavior. The HUDDLES seemed stuck in this sate – even through relogs.

    I selected the HUDDLES and chose “Reset scripts in selection” from tools and the problme went away.

    This made me happy because I was ready to rebuild my HUDDLES from scratch, which meant copying 60+ no copy animations one by one. 🙁 I am so happy I didn’t have to do that.

    Thought I would post in case someone else hits this obscure scenario.

    HUDDLES Rules!

  2. lenny okelli Says:

    vacio la note en el hud pero la llamo en dance y solo me aoparecen las de fabrica que venian con el hud,tengo 40 bailes adentro y no hayo como crear una coreografia,,porfa urgente ayuda

  3. Michael Says:

    I can’t for the life of me find a corresponding key on the keyboard for the symbol separating the dance name from the timing. Is there some secret trick to that and I have to join a Masonic Temple to find the answer?

    Great product for a dancer and Machinimist.

  4. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Michael, look for the \ key on your keyboard. It’s in different places depending on if it’s a European or US style keyboard. Hold down the SHIFT key and click \ and you will get: |

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