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Among the thousands of people who have been upgrading, I have had a couple of reports of inventory loss which fit a pattern. It’s hard to know when someone loses something exactly what goes wrong, however I have a hypothesis about moving large numbers of animations into a device like a HUDDLE and a recommendation.

After you have moved a large number of animations into a HUD or other device, let the HUD sit on the ground for a few minutes. It doesn’t have to be an hour, just an extra 5-10 minutes. This should give the server enough time to properly save the current status of the HUD, so that when you pick it up, you get all your animations too.

Again, I’m not certain about this, but it seems to fit my experience with the Asset Server: Sometimes if you pick something up shortly after you edit it, the changes you just made appear to be lost.

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  1. Autumn Heyse Says:

    One sure fire way of knowing you may have a potential problem is if the huddles is taking forever to refresh and show the new item you placed in it. Sonething I find that works well is to find a low lag sim that is is connected to no other sims (or low lag ones). You can check that here: Just change the end of the URL to the sim you are in.

  2. Umphrey Says:

    Here’s what I do… Use at your own risk.

    • Drop the Huddles on the ground, preferably in a low lag area and right click to edit.
    • Select the “content” tab from the edit window. This is where the huddles scripts and animations are stored. For reference, you’re looking at the “root prim” of the Huddles when you see scripts/animations/objects in here.
    • Move the animations from my inventory (note: I said inventory) into the new Huddles
    • After the animations have been placed into the Huddles, I move the scroll bar along the right side of the “content” tab so it’s not at the top. As the new animation(s) are introduced to the Huddles, the slider bar will move by itself to the top of the content tab.
    • I scroll back down again to make sure the animations are there… wash-rinse-repeat.

    Another safety precaution I take is after I have moved the animations…this applies to copyable animations where I’ll likely move an entire set in one transfer. I repeat the steps above and wait for the scroll bar to move back to the top of the “content” tab. After I see this move, frequently you can look and all the animations will not be seen that you just moved. At this point, I close the edit window, right click the huddles and now select “open”. A window with the title “Object Contents” will open up and now check to see that the animations I just moved are listed here and then move the next set of animations. If you want to be sure all animations are moved regardless, do this last step (I did) for every transfer.

    By taking these two steps, you’re ensuring (double-checking) that the animations have been moved out of your inventory and actually reside in the huddles object.

    The last thing I can suggest is not to “wear” the Huddles from where you dropped it. Take the Huddles back into your inventory then wear it. Awhile back, SL introduced a new safety measure to help address lost content that has been rezzed from your inventory. If you rez a no copy object from your inventory and it’s stuck in limbo, it will be returned back to your inventory after a short time with pop up message saying it’s been returned. I can’t guarantee that this will always work but this feature has already saved my ass a few times in terms of lost inventory. So, I can’t reinforce more how important it is to pick your newly loaded Huddles up off the ground, back into your inventory… …Then wear.

    Good luck!


  3. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Umphrey. This is all great info. Good tips in there definitely. What I’m suggesting is that even when you are sure all the animations have moved over, you should still wait a few minutes. There seems to be a lag time between what is on the server and what will actually be saved to your inventory when you pick it up.

    So I would still say, do everything Umphrey says, and then wait 5 minutes.

  4. Umphrey Says:

    @Keiki. I did let my huddles “stew” for awhile after the move was complete. With a little patience, anyone can drastically reduce the chances of losing animations during the transfer; patience is well worth the reward. The Huddles was a great product and now with version 1.2 you’ve made it even better! Contrats!

  5. SHEEREN Ballyhoo Says:

    OK….I understand all comments, but I have a question…..I followed the directions and waited few seconds after transferring dancing animations to my EZ Huddle Deluxe version….I left it where it was for little less than 1/2 hr…where I then went to return it to my inventory when either the server went down or I just crashed…I re-logged, only to discover it had totally poofed! I searched everywhere..have had 2 other friends help locate it to no avail……..Owner of the sim even shut down the sim for a few minutes….it did show up as an “object” of which looks now like it has been run over by a truck! Has a hole at the top of it, looks like a huge walkie talkie…and does nothing! What to do? Please help!

  6. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Sheeren, send me an IM and I can arrange to replace it. I’m assuming you were able to recover the animations from inside it.

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