Release notes for HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.0

There is a new version of the EZ Animator Deluxe. It started out as a small update to add the ZHAO II script, but as I went along it got bigger and bigger. I’ve added some big improvements to the core functions (the AO and dancing), made a lot of bug fixes and added several new macro commands for the power user.

New AO Script

I’ve finally upgraded from the original ZHAO script to the ZHAO II. What’s so great about the ZHAO II?

  • You can add as many stands to the ZHAO II as you like. That’s right, you aren’t limited to 5 stands or 12 stands, but as many stands as the ZHAO II script can hold in it’s memory. In practice that might be 30 or 40 stands max.
  • You can add up to 12 sits, walks and ground sits.
  • Also, the notecard is much easier to setup then the older AO scripts out there.
  • You can switch between random and sequential mode for the order that stands play

I have a page to help people upgrade their AO from older versions of the EZAD. Also note that I’ve made a lot of small optimizations to the script to squeeze more memory out. Where as the default ZHAO script only has 11% of it’s memory available for animations, the EZAD version has 21% available for animations.

Dance Improvements

The big news here is that I’ve changed the scripts to make it possible for you to have more than 10 dancers. You could actually sync up 50 dancers now on one HUD. It takes some hacking, but I’ve provided instructions here.

New Macro Commands

I’ve added several new commands and made adjustments to one.

  • [OWNER_SAY] Text that follows this command will be displayed to the owner only using the llOwnerSay() function.
  • [REGION_SAY:XX] Used to broadcast text throughout a region on any channel besides 0.
  • [EMAIL] Send emails to objects within SL or any email account outside of SL.
  • [RADIO] Used to change the radio stream on a parcel that you own. Also includes a group radio object to change the stream on a group owned parcel.
  • [GIVE] Used to send copies of items inside the EZAD to other avatars.
  • [IM] Used to send instant messages to other avatars.
  • [HUG] Made a change to add another parameter to hug macros.

Other new features

I added a tools button which currently has 4 tools:

  • Create a SLURL link based on the current location
  • Create text for [MAP] macro based on the current location
  • Sensor to find out who is nearby and who is within chat range
  • List current dancers

Future versions of the EZAD will likely include more tools under this menu.

Also, I’ve added a new chat command to set a target. If you say /99target followed by the full name of the avatar you wish to target, the HUD will target them. In order for it to work, their key must be included in the Moopf Murray name2key database. This feature would be especially helpful when using the [GIVE] and [IM] commands.

All help is being moved to the web. Instead of updating the help notecard, all help will be on the web. Notecards within SL are a poor way to handle anything but the simplest and shortest help documentation. Now that it’s been moved to the web, I can more easily add to and clarify the help information. Others can add to the help documentation though comments and questions. And the help documents can be translated dynamically into other languages on the web.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Resetting when minimized no longer sticks the HUD minimized.
  • Various tips only display once per copy of the HUD.
  • Attaching to a new HUD location while minimized no longer displays incorrectly.
  • Removed unnecessary dialogs when inviting a dancer.
  • Removed message when attaching a dance ball.
  • Allow HUD to be maximized and minimized when dropped on ground.

One Response to “Release notes for HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.0”

  1. Croft Ashbourne Says:

    Thanks for all the great work on this new version. Moving all the stuff from the old to the new was a chore (phew) but so far things seem to be working beautifully – and I can finally add more stands to my AO which is a welcome ability since I came from the Zhao II to the HUDDLES and already had several quite a few.

    The one minor dislike I had with version 1.1.3 was the lack of the Zhao II and with that fixed and all the cool new features in 1.2.x, well… definitely one of those must-have gadgets on SL. 🙂

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