Two small changes, two more days

I’m going to add a command for sending instant messages with the llInstantMessage() function. It will probably have the tag [IM]. This will pair up nicely with the [GIVE] command now that you can set the target to any avatar, no matter where they are, logged in or not. That should be a relatively easy addition. I almost added it earlier but until I included the /99target function, it didn’t seem useful.

Also, I’m going to tweak the email functions, now that I’ve had a chance to test them a bit more.

Because of my schedule, it looks like I wouldn’t be able to make these changes until Friday, so expect the release over the weekend. That gives you beta testers a few more days to find some bugs for me to fix!

Update 2/15: I have all the updates done now. I’m doing some internal testing and should have it ready to send out some time over the weekend.

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