EZAD update update

Still trying to get all the code shiny and perfect for release. Thanks to a suggestion by Autumn Heyse, I have a free group radio addon for those of you who want to change the radio on group land. Also, I’m trying to figure out if I can add a change to how targeting works to make the new [GIVE] macro more useful. Also, there are a couple of more bugs I want to quash.

The last big item will be to get a lot more of the help documents online. Online, I can add more images and make the docs easier to read and understand. I want to give people the option of looking at the help notecard in world, or jumping to the website for help. Making great help documents is not the most fun part of my job. However, I know that the better the help documents, the more likely that people can find solutions to their issues themselves. That makes everyone happy, so I need to make sure I spend the time to do it right.

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