Update coming soon to the EZ Animator Deluxe

I’m working hard on gettting out the next version of the EZ Animator Deluxe. Here is a list of the changes:

Feature additions:

  1. Incorporate the ZHAO II script. Major changes:
    – A much simpler and streamlined AO notecard setup.
    – Up to 12 stands, 12 walks, 12 sits &12 ground sits
    – Play stands in a random order
  2. New Macros Commands
    – [RADIO] – Change the music URL on parcels you own.
    – [REGION_SAY] – Say commands throughout a region using llRegionSay
    – [GIVE] – Gives object to [TARGET]
    – [EMAIL] – Sends email to an address. These emails can be replied during the same session if you do not detach the HUD
    – [OWNER_SAY] – Says something in chat that only the owner can see using llOwnerSay, good for adding reminder text to a macro
  3. Only play warning message and tips once per instance of the HUD, rather than every time you rez it.
  4. Added a parameter for Hugs to change the text when you offer a hug
  5. HUD can be minimized/restored while sitting on the ground
  6. Added Tools menu with the following tools to start:
    – SLURL – Say an SLURL for the current location.
    – Location for Macros – Say the current location in the HUDDLES macro format, so it can be easily copied and pasted into a notecard.
    – Who is nearby? – Displays avatars within sensor range and within chat range.

New Tools Button

Bug Fixs:

  1. Fixed bug when resetting a minimized HUD. HUD should no longer get stuck minimized.
  2. Eliminated dialog for dance invites
  3. Eliminated misleading message when wearing the Dance Ball

How can you help?

It’s going to take me sometime to update all the documentation and to test the new version. In the mean time you can help by:

  1. If you have any ideas for bug fixes or feature additions that I might still be able to slip in, post them here or send me an IM.
  2. Also, if you have any radio stations that you would like to get on the default Radio Station notecard, please send them to me. But please, only send me your top three stations. Do not send me a long list of URLs. I don’t have time to check them all.

12 Responses to “Update coming soon to the EZ Animator Deluxe”

  1. Masani Kyomoon Says:,SwissGroove – Funky Jazz,.977 – Oldies,.977 – 80s

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Thanks, Masani.

  3. Shinesse Madison Says:

    Hi, here are some of my favorite stations. Project Vibe (neo soul, RnB)
    http://scfire-ntc-aa05.stream.aol.com:80/stream/1012 Smooth Beats (hip hop)

  4. Coyote Jansen Says:

    Thanks for all your work, this upgrade looks great!
    I can’t imagine all the scripting work you have done, I love your HUD.
    The only thing i hate about upgrades is the tedious process of moving all the ‘no copy’ animations back to a folder then into the new EZAD. Any chance you’ll incorporate a system where your new scripts are updated into the current HUD where all our animations are living? I’m guessing there may be restrictions that dont make that possible, but I thought I’d ask the question.


  5. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    The last couple upgrades have been ones where you could just drop a few scripts into your old HUD to make it work, but there are so many changes this time around, it doesn’t really seem possible to do it that way. This time around, if you want to update your HUD, you will need to actually move all your animations and notecards from the old one to the new one.

  6. Coyote Jansen Says:

    I figured as much, especially since you physically changed/added new buttons to the HUD. I know you have no control, SL is just sooooo slow when you have to move one at a time, moving 60+ no copy animations can take a couple hours 🙁 … But I will step up the the task! Your EZAD it the best!

  7. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yep, it’s why my updates are so infrequent. If you didn’t have to move animations around, I would do updates a lot more often.

  8. Thema Felix Says:

    I’m sorry if this is an issue covered elsewhere, but I searched the resources I had and didn’t see an answer…

    One thing that would be nice (but not necessary, I suppose) would be to have dancers use my chimera/dance ball but not be synched with me, so we could use the random dance mode and be on different dances. Is this technically possible?

    Can’t wait for the update! Thanks for your work.

  9. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Thelma, it is possible, but it is not a small change. I have that on the list for the next generation of the EZAD.

  10. Ci2e Silvansky Says:

    I’d like to see more buttons per page since I’m usually in highly scripted areas and changing pages is almost impossible!

    The random dance mode could be a little more random…

    Using dance mode and after adding about 5 dances it starts to cut dances short. It would be nice if it finished every animation before it started the next…

  11. Ci2e Silvansky Says:

    Is there a timer function in the huddle to make it easier to determine how long each dance is another good feature that could be added. When this feature is turned on after every animation completes it could put the seconds in SS.SS format but I’m not sure if the huddle supports decimals for time intervals…

  12. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Yes Ci2e, you can set the time for each dance. On the notecard it looks like this:

    hip hop dance|17
    salsa walsa|25.6

    In dance or random mode, that number is technically how long the script pauses before going to the next line/instruction. For more detail, see this blog post.

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