How do you dance in SecondLife?

When I make a HUD device, I’m always hoping that some of my customers find creative ways to use my products. When I made the HUDDLES Quick Pose, I thought wouldn’t it be great if someone used one in each of their 8 HUD slots. With the right set of animations, you could really create some great affects and have a lot of control over your avatar’s animation. Imagine my excitement when Phoenixa Sol showed me some of her videos where she does just that.

Here is one of her latest videos where she shows how she dances in secondlife:

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  1. Phoenixa Sol Says:

    Wow, thank you sooo very much Keiki! Happy Dancing everyone!

  2. Mur Zimminy Says:

    A couple of friends and I went to Bedrock (think Flintstones) and we ended up talking and dancing with Tigey Honey’s chimera which was loaded with Phoenixa’s incredible flying dances. We were so impressed with how professional they were. Tigey passed on a link to the YouTube dances and a land mark.

    I bought almost every animation Sol Animations had and added it to my own chimera. I am please to read that she is getting the press she deserves. Thank you Keiki! And thank you Phoenixa for the ideas!

    -= M =-

  3. Phoenixa Sol Says:

    Thank you very much Mur! I value the cherished customers of Sol Animations FlyDances and send a Happy FlyDancing greeting!

    Just an update, there is now an accompanying wiki page which expands upon the points in my tutorial:

    Through this I’m able to give hyperlinks and SLurls to make this even easier for folks to learn

    Happy dancing everyone and thank you again to Keiki!

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