Getting the most from customer service in Second Life

I’ve come to realize that a good portion of what I’m actually selling in Second Life is customer service. My best selling product is the HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe. Although most of the features are easy to learn, it’s not uncommon for someone to get stuck, have a question or even break their EZ Animator in some way.

I decided when I started I was going to do my best to help any customer who needed it. I would answer questions, point them to information that would help and even walk them through set up procedures if necessary.

I try to be patient and pleasant when helping someone. But I have a few tips to customers who want help.

Be Polite

I am just one person, trying to operate my online business. I really do want my customers to be happy with their purchases. I want them to use their HUDDLE every time they log in to Second Life. I want their HUDDLE to be something that makes their Second Life experience more fun. I will help you even if you are rude and nasty, but the process is much easier and pleasant for both of us if you are polite when you IM me.

Ask One Question at a Time

Often when someone comes to me, they will have several questions. If I am helping you, please ask one question, and give me a chance to answer it. Only, when you are satisfied that you understand the answer, should you move on to the next question or problem.

Follow My Directions Exactly

I have learned to give precise directions. When helping someone I try to tell you exactly what to do, every mouse click, every menu choice, every chat command. So if I am taking you through a setup procedure or helping you fix your HUDDLE, please follow each step exactly, and don’t do anything except what I tell you to do.

In some cases I pick up that the person is experienced with the building tools and I will give a more general instruction like, “Give me a copy of the AO config note card,” instead of a detailed step by step instruction. But this is the exception.

Give Me Feedback via Chat

Since I can’t see your RL face and I can’t see what is happening on your computer screen, I need some feedback from you when I’m helping you. After each instruction I give you, it helps if you can say, “Ok” or “done” when you complete it. That way I know when to go on.

Try to Stay Calm

Almost all of my customer interactions end in a very satisfied customer. The notable exception would be when someone loses inventory and I am unable to help them find it. If your HUDDLE is broken, I can fix it or replace it. If there is a question about how your HUDDLE works that you can’t figure out from the help note card, I will answer it. If you are having trouble setting up your HUDDLE, I will help. So take a deep breath. Help is on the way.

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