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Introducing the HUDDLES Rental Box

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

A few months ago, I expanded my mall, Animation Warehouse, to an entire sim. I had to decide whether I would use my old mall rental script or buy another one. I went out shopping and found that the device that many people were using to rent stalls in malls had a lot of scripts in each one, 16 scripts to be precise. Well, my new mall might need 50 or even 100 of these. There was no way I was going use 1600 scripts to handle rentals.

So, I did what I normally do in these kinds of situations, I made my own script rather than buying one. The first thing I decided was to get rid of the cube design that many of these devices use. I wanted something a little more classy. My friend Trinity Cole suggested that it have a display with the stall number and I agreed. Also, I didn’t want my rental box moving around and getting really big when the rent was past due. A simple sign would do: