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New SL bug interferring with floating text

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Does your HUDDLE look like this sometimes lately?

Unfortunately a few weeks ago, a new bug was introduced into SL by update 1.17 of the SL client. Sometimes after logging in or teleporting to a new sim, floating text fails to appear on HUDs and on other objects. It seems to be intermittent and random. I have two avatars and I’ve only experienced it once with Keiki. However with my alt, I experience it nearly every time I log in.

It’s important to note that this bug is not just affecting HUDDLES and has nothing to do with it’s design. It’s not a bug I can fix. It’s a general SL bug affecting anything with floating text. If you are experiencing this, please log into jira and vote there to have the bug fixed. It’s important to let them know that it’s affecting a large number of users and should be a priority to fix.

If you do experience it, detach and reattach the HUDDLE. This should fix it. I’ve also had reports that doing a manual reset of the HUD might help, but I’m not sure about that.

UPDATE: It appears that they have fixed the bug, but I’m guessing it may be a few weeks before they actually get it into the viewer.