Update: HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.1.3

It’s update time again. I’ve been working on this update off and on for a few months. There were some bug fixes that got things rolling, but as time went on I added some new features as well.

First things first, new features!

Function Keys! F2-F12

I added some gestures that you can activate which bind the function keys on your keyboard to the EZAD. In other words, when you press F2 on your keyboard, it’s like touching the first animation on the list of text buttons. F2-F11 correspond to buttons 1-10. F12 is the stop button.


Macros can play animations and sounds, map landmarks, and rez objects. I thought since the beginning that they should do something with notecards but I never was sure what. Then one of my customers suggested there should be a quick way to switch notecards. If you had a macro which had the name of a notecard on it, when you click it, it should load that notecard. So that’s how I set it up.

Don’t worry, if you are in Dance mode or Random mode, it will just skip over the macro with a notecard name.

Chat Commands to Turn Your AO On and Off

Once again this was a user requested feature. In addition to touching the AO button, you can now use these commmands:

/99ao on
/99ao off

A Couple of Small Enhancements

If you click the Me button to turn off Self Animation, it will now turn red. I’ve had a few people who have accidently clicked that button and then not realized what the problem is when they aren’t animating anymore. I hope that will help people figure out what they did.

Also, I added an error message when you try add a gesture to the HUDDLE and try to play it from a notecard.

And finally, I added a warning so that when you drop your HUD on the ground to add animations, it tells you to add no copy animatios one at a time to prevent inventory loss.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a bug in the emoter script which wouldn’t allow you the HUD to broadcast on channels 1-9.
– Fixed bug where setting AO Stand Time Interval to 0 did not work properly.
– Fixed a bug where touching the Load Notecard button would behave like you touched it twice.

If you don’t recieve the update automatically, you can always wear your HUD and request one by saying /99update.

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