No Copy Animations: Move Them One at a Time

There are few things worse in Second Life than losing inventory items. Nothing can ruin your day like losing a folder full of no copy animations. Things like this used to be rare, however for many months now, it’s been sickeningly common.

When I hear about it, it usually happens like this: Someone buys one of my EZ Animator HUDs and starts to transfer animations from various places like collars and AOs. They move their animations into their inventory and then drag them, often en masse, into their HUD. Most of the time, there is no problem. But occasionally, the no copy animations don’t make it. I’ve heard at least once someone getting the following error message:

Inventory creation on in-world object failed

When an inventory loss happens, you should not panic. Don’t log off in disgust. First, make a note of the time and your location and take a look at this blog post on inventory loss.

What can you do to prevent inventory loss?

1. Move No Copy Animations, One at a Time

There are two reasons for this. First, if you do have a problem, it will only lose one animation. Second, I can’t prove it, but I think moving one at a time makes it less likely you will lose it.

If you are moving copiable animations, it doesn’t really matter, you can try moving multiple copiable aniamtions at the same time. If they don’t transfer, you should still have a copy of them in your inventory.

2. Confirm That Your Animations are Transferring

Each time you move an animation, you should wait for the contents of your HUD to update. This usually takes a few seconds. You know that the list of animations has updated when you right click on an animation and see only four options: “Open, Properties, Rename & Delete”. So if a no copy animation doesn’t transfer into your HUD, don’t keep moving more over.

What can animators do to prevent inventory loss?

Sell your animations copiable/no transfer. I know that the common practice is to sell animations no copy/transferable. But the inventory loss issues are too serious. At the very least you should give your customers the choice to buy animations that are copiable. This doesn’t make sense for some kinds of animations, but for animations that are intended to be used in dance HUDs or Animation Overrides, it’s makes good sense for you to make them copiable/no transferable. It should greatly reduce the customer service requests you get from people who have lost their anis.

Anything else?

Sign the Project Open Letter project to encourage Linden Labs to fix their inventory errors and other critical bugs before adding new features.

Also, log into the Jira bug tracking system and vote to make this bug a priority to be fixed:

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