My EZ Animator spams “Touched” all the time

One day your EZ Animator starts to act up. It starts to spam the word “Touched” every time you touch it. It doesn’t matter why you are touching it, it always says “Touched”. Maybe it even says it several times each time you touch your EZAD. What is happening?

While very annoying, it’s actually very simple fix. There are some extra scripts in your EZ Animator which shouldn’t be there. When you are editing an object and looking at it’s contents, you will notice a button which says, “New Script.” If you click that button, a new script appears in the object. By default, new scripts always respond to a touch by saying “Touched.” At some point in the past you must have accidently hit that button once or twice.

Fixing it is pretty easy:

1. Right click on your EZ Animator and choose “Edit”
2. Hit “More” and then “Content” to see the contents.
3. Search through the inventory for scripts named “New Script”
4. Right click directly on these new scripts and delete them one at a time

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4 Responses to “My EZ Animator spams “Touched” all the time”

  1. Diana Balhaus Says:

    Hi get the Touched message but there are no new scipts there why is it then? tyvm Keiki

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    I’d have to take a look. The only reason an object would say “Touched” is if there is a script inside. Perhaps it’s in a different object or a different prim. Could you post the entire message you see (including the object name).

  3. Trevor Mullery Says:

    People keep saying to me “your huddles is spamming,” but i don’t see it in local chat and i have nop new scripts. At this point it annoys everyone so much I’ve stopped using it. Any ideas?

  4. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    @Trevor, I’m going to ask Connor Trudeau to contact you to take a look.

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