Unpacking your EZAD and a quick tour

Step 1 – Unpack your EZAD

(If you recieved a folder with the EZ Animator, some textures and some notecards inside, skip to Step 2)

Drag a copy of the object named “HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe” to the ground. Touch it once. It gives you a folder named HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe with all the components inside:

  • HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe 1.1.3 (the actual device)
  • HUDDLES Dance Ball (an addon to allow others to dance with you)
  • EZ Animator Deluxe guide 1 & 2 (texture guides to the buttons)
  • Various notecards
  • Gestures that bind your F2-F12 keys to your EZ Animator Deluxe (optional)

Step 2 – Try out your EZAD

Wear the object named “HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe 1.1.3”. The object is a HUD which means it shows up on your Heads Up Display (your screen). This is what it should look like when you first wear it:

You will see the names of the first 10 animations in the EZAD. Touch the button which says, “Club Dance 2 – ANOma”. The button will highlight green and your avatar will start playing that animation. Try out some other animations.

To stop the current animation, click the stop button (highlighted below):

You can also use the included gestures to operate the EZAD. Activate the gestures named, “F2 ( EZAD Button 1 )” to “F12 ( EZAD STOP )”. After you have activated the gestures, use your Function keys on your keyboard to play animations (F2-F11) and to stop your EZAD (F12).

Step 3 – Load a Notecard

Click the load button. It looks like a computer disk (highlighted below):

The text buttons will list the notecards that are inside the EZAD. Click the Dances notecard. The EZAD will load the list of animations that is on the Dances notecard. Now only those three animations are visible on the text buttons.

Once you have loaded just the dance animations, try out the Dance and Random buttons:

The Dance button looks like the a guy dancing and the Random button looks like a six sided die. The Dance button will play all the currently loaded animations in order. The Random does the same but plays them in a random order.

To stop Dance or Random mode, click the stop button.

To return to a full listing of the animations inside, click the “All” button.

Step 4 – Try the flip button

At the bottom of the EZAD is a small circular button called the flip button:

Click this once. The bottom two rows of buttons flip to the controls for the Animation Override (AO). The AO is a script which overrides your animations for walking, standing, sitting, etc.

Click the flip button again. Now you will see the admin buttons. These buttons allow you to change the appearance of the EZAD and control change some of the other admin options.

Click the flip button again and you are back to the main animation buttons.

Step 5 – Try the Help and Minimize Buttons

At the top right is a minimize button similar to what you would see in Windows. Click that button and the EZAD will shrink down to a single row of 5 buttons. When minimized, the button on the far right will maximize the HUD back on your screen.

Touch the button which looks like a question mark. This is the Help button. The EZAD will give you a copy of the Help notecard which explains all the features of the EZ Animator.

Your Quick Tour is over. You are now ready to learn how to add animations to your EZAD.

2 Responses to “Unpacking your EZAD and a quick tour”

  1. Lutra Frostwych Says:

    I have made the gestures active, but my F2-F12 buttons do not control the gestures, but the computer. I’m on a Mac Pro. Is this an issue?

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    I don’t know, Lutra. I don’t have any way to test it on a Mac Pro. I wasn’t aware of an issue. If you have time, perhaps you can get together with me or Connor Trudeau in world and we can take a look.

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