Adding and removing animations

Adding animations to your EZAD

To add an animation to your EZAD:

  • Drop your EZ Animator onto the ground.
  • Right click on the EZAD and choose Edit.
  • Click the “More…” button and then choose the “Content” tab.

  • Open your inventory and using your mouse, drag the animations from your inventory into the Contents of the EZAD.
  • Wait to make sure the animations have transferred to the EZAD.
  • Right click on the EZAD and choose “Take”


How do you know if the animations have transferred? You should see them in the Content window for the EZAD. It make take a short while (10-15 seconds) for SL to update the Content window. If it is not updating, touch another object and then select the EZAD again.

Also note that when you pick up the EZ Animator, it may not return to the folder it came from. Often you will find it in your Object folder instead.

Removing Animations

To remove animations from your EZAD:

  • Drag the EZ Animator from your inventory to the ground
  • Right click on the EZAD and choose “Edit”
  • Click the “More…” button on the edit window
  • Click the content tab
  • With your mouse, click and drag the animation from your EZ Animator to a folder in your inventory

If the animation is copyable, it will copy to your inventory, leaving the original animation in your EZ Animator. To remove a copyable animation, right click on the name of the animation and choose “delete”. Note that this will immediately delete that copy of the animation. It won’t end up in your trash. It’s gone. Do not delete ‘no copy’ animations that you want to keep.

Sounds, Landmarks, Objects and Notecards

The process to add and remove sounds, landmarks, objects and notecards is the same as for animations.

Gestures should not be added to your EZAD because scripts cannot play gestures. You can only play gestures by activating them in your inventory and using either the function keys or chat commands to fire them.

Scripts should not be added to your EZAD unless you are a coder and know exactly what you are adding, or you are directed to add scripts in order to update your EZAD.

Not sure if something is an animation or a gesture or a script? You can tell by the icon which appears next to the name. Take a look at this guide:

3 Responses to “Adding and removing animations”

  1. Bucky Compton Says:

    I know I’m doing something wrong but I really need some help. Just got the EZAD and followed the install instructions. Now I put it on the ground, go to edit. get the contents tab and I see all the contents. I drag a landmark from my inventory to the contents area. Take the HUD back. Wear it. click on disk icon and get to the load notecard section. Click landmarks. Only landmarks that appear on the default ones, however the new landmarks are visible in the contents area.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Jerry Jones
    ava: Bucky Compton

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    When you choose the Landmarks notecard you load the contents of that notecard. So, what you have to do is add the name of the landmark to that notecard. Edit your HUDDLE, open the Landmarks notecard and add the name of your landmark.

  3. Larissa Lomax Says:

    I have a problem.. I have just transferred all my animations over into the HUDDLES and now the buttons at the top (the black rectangles) don’t have any text so it’s hard to know what notecard I am loading or whatever.

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