My EZ Animator stopped working. It won’t play animations!

I have been getting some IMs lately from people who report that their EZ Animator has stopped working. Usually they have made some changes recently and suddenly it no longer responds. The buttons light up when they click them but no animation plays.

The first thing to check when this happens is Self Animation. Click the Me button and take a look at the message you get. If it says “Self Animation Off” then click it again until it says “Self Animation On.” Then try playing the animation again.

If this doesn’t work, the next thing to try is resetting the HUD. If you are using a Deluxe model, wear it and say /99reset. This should reset all the scripts in the HUDDLE.

If you are using the Basic model or if the /99reset command doesn’t seem to work on the Deluxe model, you can manually reset the scripts by:

  1. Dropping the EZ Animator on the ground
  2. Select it by right clicking on it and choosing “Edit”
  3. Go to your tools menu and selecting “Reset Scripts in Selection”

If the EZ Animator is still not working, Contact me in Second Life and I will take a look at your HUD.

One note, why would I include a button that turns off Self Animation? Well, I imagined that there may be occasions where you are using the EZ Animator to control someone else, usually on the dance floor. And you might want to stop dancing but let all your dancers keep dancing. So you hit the “Me” button and turn off animations for yourself, but the EZ Animator continues to animate your dancers.

Anyway, in future versions of the EZAD the “Me” button will be red when Self Animation is turned off. This should keep fewer people from hitting that button, turning off their animations and not noticing it.

2 Responses to “My EZ Animator stopped working. It won’t play animations!”

  1. Gypsy Dejavu Says:

    I’ve been using Huddles Quick Pose, several at a time, which I can play almost like a keyboard to get a smooth and natural looking transition between dances. I’ve just purchased the EZ Animator Delux, hoping to put all my dances in one Hud and create macros of the combinations I like. All this works well except that the transition between the dances is jerky and abrupt, not seamless as it is with the Quick Pose. Am I doing something wrong, or is the Hud not meant to be used this way?
    I’m a huge fan of your products, btw, and grateful that you’ve made it possible to really dance in SL.

  2. Keiki Lemieux Says:

    Hmm… I’ll have to take a look how it’s set up. I know the Deluxe will stop one animation before it starts the next, I think the script is the same in the Quick Pose, perhaps I did something that makes it appear smoother in the Quick Pose.

    Usually the reason one animation has smooth transitions and another has quick ones is determined by the animation. When you upload an animation, you can set how long it takes to fade in and fade out. Some animations snap on and some fade in.

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