HUDDLES Question Time transcript, 7/27/2008

[17:59]  Kwaidan Shikami invites a friend.
[18:00]  Kwaidan Shikami: How're you doing? :>
[18:00]  Keiki Lemieux: I'm doing pretty good
[18:00]  Keiki Lemieux: I can see the end of this process which will be nice
[18:01]  Keiki Lemieux: this will likely be my most bug free release when it goes final, so I'm excited.
[18:01]  Kwaidan Shikami: I'm still having trouble with the flight override though. :< It keeps wanting 
to launch me to the moon.
[18:01]  Keiki Lemieux: means I can do some other projects and not worry about the EZAD for a while
[18:01]  Keiki Lemieux: oh really?
[18:01]  Keiki Lemieux: have you upgraded to RC3?
[18:01]  Kwaidan Shikami: RC3? Um, I'll check.
[18:02]  Hirundo Wind waves
[18:02]  Kwaidan Shikami: As soon as I know what an RC3 is..
[18:02]  Keiki Lemieux: I made a small tweak that might make a difference
[18:02]  Kwaidan Shikami: Okay. :>
[18:02]  Kwaidan Shikami: How do I update that? :>
[18:02]  Keiki Lemieux: probably won't, but we can be optimistic
[18:02]  Keiki Lemieux: click the green ball again
[18:02]  EZAD Upgrade - Touch Me!: Giving version 1.2.1 RC3 to Kwaidan Shikami
[18:02]  Keiki Lemieux: and get the freshest updater
[18:03]  Keiki Lemieux: ok, we should get started I guess. This isn't a formal class or anything, so we
can cover what you want to cover. Can i start with a question for all of you?
[18:03]  Keiki Lemieux: I guess I did
[18:03]  Kwaidan Shikami: Sure thing. :>
[18:03]  Keiki Lemieux: Have you all tried the update?
[18:04]  EZAD Upgrade - Touch Me!: Giving version 1.2.1 RC3 to Zardoz Morane
[18:04]  Keiki Lemieux: yeah, feel free to grab it if you haven't
[18:04]  Hirundo Wind: well i did .. but i'm actually a new user of the EZAD really ..
[18:04]  EZAD Upgrade - Touch Me!: Giving version 1.2.1 RC3 to Hirundo Wind
[18:04]  Keiki Lemieux: ah great Hirundo
[18:04]  EZAD Upgrade - Touch Me!: Giving version 1.2.1 RC3 to Atriel Starbrook
[18:04]  Hirundo Wind: i dedn't have time to play with it like i would have liked so far ...
[18:05]  Keiki Lemieux: 1.2.1 is better optimized/more stable than 1.2.0, so you will want to upgrade when 
it goes final
[18:05]  Kwaidan Shikami waits for it to upgrade.
[18:05]  Keiki Lemieux: it's a pretty painless update process

Changelog for version 1.2.1 of the EZ Animator Deluxe

[18:05]  Atriel Starbrook: I was just about to ask if there is a changelog :) SO we know what is different hehe
[18:05]  Keiki Lemieux: a few people have had trouble, but I'd say the vast majority has not
[18:05]  Kwaidan Shikami: Mind you, I had trouble with the flight feather as well, so it could be a carry-over.
[18:06]  Kwaidan Shikami: And nobody's figured out my OTHER problem.
[18:07]  Keiki Lemieux: Atriel, yes, there is one. let me give you the link:
[18:07]  Keiki Lemieux:
[18:08]  Keiki Lemieux: it is not complete. but it does hit the major changes
[18:08]  Keiki Lemieux: a lot of the changes were behind the scenes optimizations. Hugs work much better, 
as does dancing in general
[18:08]  Mephit Magic: "Do excuse me a moment," the glowing mephit murrs softly. "I must see to dinner before it burns."
[18:09]  Keiki Lemieux: if you have a question, feel free to just type ? in chat
[18:09]  Keiki Lemieux: then I can call on you
[18:09]  Keiki Lemieux: that will keep the flow going

Setting up a new Kiss (hug animation)

[18:09]  Hirundo Wind: about that hugs thingy .. i havent played with it much yet .. but can we set up other 
animation of our own such kissing ..
[18:09]  Hirundo Wind: ?
[18:09]  Keiki Lemieux: Yes Hirundo, you can
[18:10]  Keiki Lemieux: let me see if I have a freebie kiss animation
[18:10]  Keiki Lemieux: perhaps we can all add it to our HUDs
[18:11]  Keiki Lemieux: ok everyone buy this box on the ground
[18:11]  Keiki Lemieux: right in front of me
[18:12]  Keiki Lemieux: and then if you want to add a kiss to your HUDDLE, rez your huddle on the ground 
somewhere nearby
[18:13]  Keiki Lemieux: what you are going to want to do is move those two animations into your HUD, they 
are both sides of a kiss animation
[18:13]  Keiki Lemieux: then you are going to want to find a notecard to add a HUG to
[18:13]  Keiki Lemieux: I'm going to use my Example Macros notecard
[18:14]  Hirundo Wind: ok
[18:14]  Keiki Lemieux: I go to the bottom of the notecard and add a line
[18:14]  Keiki Lemieux: and this is what I add
[18:14]  Keiki Lemieux: first
[18:14]  Keiki Lemieux: I name the macro, which is always a good idea
[18:14]  Keiki Lemieux: [NAME]kiss
[18:15]  Keiki Lemieux: next, I add the | symbol
[18:15]  Keiki Lemieux: everyone know where that is?
[18:15]  Kwaidan Shikami: Shift + \
[18:15]  Keiki Lemieux: you need that in between every macro command
[18:15]  Keiki Lemieux: that's right
[18:15]  Keiki Lemieux: next I add the [HUG] command
[18:15]  Keiki Lemieux: along with the two animation names
[18:15]  Keiki Lemieux: like this:
[18:16]  Keiki Lemieux: [HUG]long-kiss-femanine|long-kiss-masculine
[18:16]  Keiki Lemieux: if you are a guy, you might want to reverse the order there
[18:16]  Keiki Lemieux: next you add a number for the time you want the kiss to last
[18:16]  Keiki Lemieux: 15 seconds is the default
[18:17]  Hirundo Wind: afk a sec
[18:17]  Keiki Lemieux: I'm going to make it uncomfortably long
[18:17]  Kwaidan Shikami grins.
[18:17]  Keiki Lemieux: next you need to add TRUE or FALSE
[18:17]  Keiki Lemieux: this is for whether your avatar is going to move toward the other avatar before the hug/kiss
[18:18]  Keiki Lemieux: so I'll put TRUE
[18:18]  Hirundo Wind: hmmm
[18:18]  Kwaidan Shikami: This would be, then, ,(time),TRUE?
[18:18]  Keiki Lemieux: so this is what we have so far:
[18:18]  Keiki Lemieux: [NAME]kiss|[HUG]long-kiss-femanine,long-kiss-masculine,25,TRUE
[18:18]  Hirundo Wind: what does true actually means ^ that we have to walk to ?
[18:18]  Keiki Lemieux: yes sorry, there should be a comma between the animation names too
[18:18]  Kwaidan Shikami: It means you will move towards the other Avatar.
[18:18]  Kwaidan Shikami: If FALSE, you stay put.
[18:19]  Keiki Lemieux: that's right
[18:19]  Keiki Lemieux: TRUE you move
[18:19]  Keiki Lemieux: FALSE you don't
[18:19]  Keiki Lemieux: next we add an emote for when you actually kiss
[18:19]  Keiki Lemieux: [NAME]kiss|[HUG]long-kiss-femanine,long-kiss-masculine,25,TRUE,/me kisses [TARGET_FIRST]
[18:20]  Keiki Lemieux: notice the new [TARGET_FIRST] tag
[18:20]  Keiki Lemieux: that is new to 1.2.1
[18:20]  Keiki Lemieux: it will insert the name of the person you are hugging.
[18:20]  Keiki Lemieux: next I'll customize the question that the other person sees
[18:21]  Keiki Lemieux: and lastly you could add a distance (also new to 1.2.1)
[18:21]  Keiki Lemieux: I believe 0.4 in the minimum distance for a hug
[18:21]  Keiki Lemieux: might be 0.35
[18:21]  Keiki Lemieux: so here is the full thing:
[18:21]  Keiki Lemieux: [NAME]kiss|[HUG]long-kiss-femanine,long-kiss-masculine,25,TRUE,/me kisses 
[TARGET_FIRST], would like to kiss you,0.4
[18:21]  Keiki Lemieux: now I save my notecard
[18:22]  EZ Animator: 14% memory free in ZHAO
[18:22]  EZ Animator: Touch '?' for instructions.
[18:22]  Keiki Lemieux: wear it
[18:22]  Keiki Lemieux: load that notecard
[18:22]  EZ Animator: Choose a notecard to load. Any notecard with 'AO' in the name, will be loaded as a 
Animation Override configuration notecard.
[18:22]  EZ Animator: Loading animations from Example Macros 1.2.0. Please wait, this may take a few moments.
[18:22]  EZ Animator: Done. 29 macros loaded.
[18:22]  Keiki Lemieux: and who wants to test it?
[18:22]  Hirundo Wind: just curious .. what does it do if you wear it from the ground ?
[18:22]  Keiki Lemieux: it can disappear from your inventory
[18:22]  Keiki Lemieux: a very very nasty bug
[18:23]  Hirundo Wind: mk
[18:23]  Keiki Lemieux: but it can be retrieved with the help of a linden
[18:23]  Keiki Lemieux: it's a newish bug, around since the Spring
[18:23]  Keiki Lemieux: I'm going to give Vector a kiss now
[18:23]  Vector Hastings: I have a question about the flight boost.
[18:23]  Vector Hastings: Oh, I'll take a kiss.
[18:23]  Keiki Lemieux:  kisses Vector
[18:23]  HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.1 RC1: Hirundo Wind  would like to kiss you Choose 'YES' to accept.
[18:24]  HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe (Dance HUD Animation HUD AO): Thank you for your purchase. Check your 
inventory for a folder named HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe.
[18:24]  Keiki Lemieux: unfortunately this animation doesn't get us close enough :(
[18:24]  HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.1 RC1: Say /99stop to end the hug and end permission to animate your avatar.
[18:24]  Hirundo Wind kisses Keiki
[18:24]  Keiki Lemieux: eek
[18:24]  Vector Hastings: No! ha! It's more a meaningful soul hug!
[18:24]  Hirundo Wind: o.o
[18:24]  Keiki Lemieux: should try that again Hir
[18:25]  Kwaidan Shikami: It'll be nice when animations can take body proportions into account.
[18:25]  Hirundo Wind: maybe 25 sec is a bit long >:)
[18:25]  Keiki Lemieux: yeah
[18:25]  Hirundo Wind kisses Keiki
[18:25]  Keiki Lemieux: but the nice thing now with 1.2.1, is you can stop hugs with the stop button
[18:25]  Kwaidan Shikami: That's handy. :>
[18:25]  Keiki Lemieux: Hir, do you have RC2 or RC3?
[18:25]  EZAD Upgrade - Touch Me!: Giving version 1.2.1 RC3 to Mephit Magic
[18:25]  Vector Hastings: I hope you know we're all fans of this product Keiki.
[18:26]  Hirundo Wind: RC2 i think .. i just got RC3 but didnt do the upgrade
[18:26]  Keiki Lemieux: RC3 has a fix for that running in place
[18:26]  Hirundo Wind: ok [[
[18:26]  Hirundo Wind: ^^
[18:26]  Keiki Lemieux: it shuts off the AO when you hug
[18:26]  EZAD Upgrade - Touch Me!: Giving version 1.2.1 RC3 to Candace Morgwain
[18:26]  EZAD Upgrade - Touch Me!: Giving version 1.2.1 RC3 to Vector Hastings
[18:26]  Keiki Lemieux: ok, Vector you are next i think
[18:26]  Kwaidan Shikami nods, having brought Mephit here to get the Huddles as well. :> Show her what it 
can do and such. :>
[18:26]  Hirundo Wind: ahh ^^ sounds good
[18:26]  Keiki Lemieux: what was your queston?

Turning off Flight Assist permanently

[18:26]  Vector Hastings: How can I turn off the flight boost permanently...
[18:27]  Vector Hastings: I have a flight script in my glasses which I think I prefer.
[18:27]  Keiki Lemieux: well you can certainly delete the script
[18:27]  Keiki Lemieux: no harm there
[18:27]  Kwaidan Shikami: There's the button on the AO itself which can turn it off too, right?
[18:27]  Keiki Lemieux: just find the flight assist script in the hud and remove it
[18:27]  Vector Hastings: OK. So that's the best option?
[18:27]  Keiki Lemieux: you can try saying /99flight off
[18:27]  Keiki Lemieux: that should keep it off
[18:27]  Vector Hastings: There is, but in my case, it doesn't remember that I turned it off.
[18:27]  Mephit Magic slides her updater out of the way. Sorry ^^
[18:27]  Keiki Lemieux: I believe in RC3 it's off by default now
[18:27]  Vector Hastings: Ah, will that remember (and I'm on RC1, so could be a bug it doesn't remember?)
[18:28]  Keiki Lemieux: could be yes
[18:28]  Vector Hastings: cool.
[18:28]  Vector Hastings: Your support and product are wonderful!
[18:28]  Keiki Lemieux: if you upgrade to RC3 and still find it annoying, please drop a notecard on me 
with details, as specific as you can
[18:28]  Vector Hastings: Thank you!
[18:28]  Keiki Lemieux: Next question?
[18:28]  EZAD Upgrade - Touch Me!: Giving version 1.2.1 RC3 to Destini Questi
[18:28]  Kwaidan Shikami will send a notecard if the flight thing still bugs her. :>

The new Sit Anywhere feature in the EZ Animator Deluxe

[18:29]  Keiki Lemieux: I can talk about the Sit Anywhere button if you like
[18:29]  Kwaidan Shikami loves that. :>
[18:29]  Keiki Lemieux: on the AO buttons, there is now a "Sit Anywhere" button
[18:29]  EZAD Upgrade - Touch Me!: Giving version 1.2.1 RC3 to Greta Godenot
[18:29]  Keiki Lemieux: it's the lower right button
[18:29]  Keiki Lemieux: pretty straight forward
[18:29]  Keiki Lemieux: press the button and you sit on the ground
[18:29]  Keiki Lemieux: wherever you are
[18:30]  Keiki Lemieux: I can even change the pose
[18:30]  Kwaidan Shikami: It doesn't affix you to the spot though, right? So if the object is moving, 
you don't automatically follow. (for if you sit on a prim)
[18:30]  Keiki Lemieux: whatever your current ground sit is, that will play
[18:30]  Keiki Lemieux: right
[18:30]  Keiki Lemieux: and if you sat on a prim, you would want to use your regular sits anyway
[18:31]  Greta Godenot: I've a question about the dance chimera and group radio...
[18:31]  EZ Animator:
[18:31]  Keiki Lemieux: Atriel, thank you for the suggestions
[18:31]  Atriel Starbrook: Np :)
[18:31]  EZ Animator:
[18:32]  Keiki Lemieux:  waves hello
[18:32]  Atriel Starbrook: /slurl Atriel Starbrook
[18:32]  Keiki Lemieux: notice that when I play a macro, it pops me out of Sit Anywhere mode
[18:32]  Keiki Lemieux: a little limiting. I hope to take another look at the feature before the next version

Choosing a Dance when in Dance Mode

[18:33]  Keiki Lemieux: here is a new thing
[18:33]  Keiki Lemieux: let me load my dance notecard
[18:33]  EZ Animator: Choose a notecard to load. Any notecard with 'AO' in the name, will be loaded as a 
Animation Override configuration notecard.
[18:33]  EZ Animator: Loading animations from newdance. Please wait, this may take a few moments.
[18:33]  EZ Animator: Done. 46 macros loaded.
[18:33]  Keiki Lemieux: now, let's say that I want to use Random Mode while dancing
[18:33]  Keiki Lemieux: so here I go
[18:33]  Keiki Lemieux: I'm dancing
[18:34]  Keiki Lemieux: but for some reason, I want to choose a specific dance at one point
[18:34]  Keiki Lemieux: say I want to do a backflip (which is one of the animations on my dance notecard)
[18:34]  Keiki Lemieux: so I'm dancing along
[18:34]  Keiki Lemieux: and then I touch the backflip button
[18:34]  Keiki Lemieux: it plays a backflip and then goes back to random dancing
[18:35]  Zardoz Morane: yes
[18:35]  Zardoz Morane: the main
[18:35]  Keiki Lemieux: it used to be that when you were in Dance or random mode, you couldn't do that
[18:35]  Keiki Lemieux: so that's a nice little tweak

[NO_DANCE] tag and calling a macro by name

[18:35]  Keiki Lemieux: oh another thing
[18:35]  Keiki Lemieux: on my dance notecard, I have one hug macro
[18:36]  Keiki Lemieux: [hug]hug,hug|[NO_DANCE]
[18:36]  Keiki Lemieux: first off, notice the [NO_DANCE] tag
[18:36]  Kwaidan Shikami: It turns off your dancing so you don't get a conflict?
[18:37]  Keiki Lemieux: I think the HUD would skip this anyway in dance mode. But I added this to the macro 
so that if Dance Mode tries to play that macro, it skips it and moves to the next one
[18:37]  Kwaidan Shikami: Oh! Clever! :>
[18:37]  Atriel Starbrook: 0
[18:38]  Keiki Lemieux: I also have a very similar macro but I named this one "Hug"
[18:38]  Keiki Lemieux: it starts with:
[18:38]  Greta Godenot: that way you can mix non danceing macros with a dance card...nice.
[18:38]  Keiki Lemieux: [NAME]Hug
[18:38]  Keiki Lemieux: that's right Greta
[18:38]  Keiki Lemieux: you don't want to put too many [NO_DANCE] macros on your dance notecar
[18:38]  Keiki Lemieux: but, you can mix them now
[18:38]  Keiki Lemieux: alright so I have this macro named Hug
[18:39]  Keiki Lemieux: I can either click the button to play it
[18:39]  Keiki Lemieux: or
[18:39]  Keiki Lemieux: I can type: /99n Hug
[18:39]  Keiki Lemieux: n is for name
[18:39]  Keiki Lemieux: what it does is searches for the macro that you named "Hug" and plays that macro
[18:40]  Keiki Lemieux: handy if you have a lengthy macro notecard
[18:40]  Greta Godenot: super....voice control now as well :)
[18:40]  Keiki Lemieux: and don't want to page through it

Adding more than 10 dancers to your EZAD

[18:40]  Kwaidan Shikami nods. "Are we going to be able to chain more than 10 people into dances?"
[18:40]  Atriel Starbrook: ohhh i like that one
[18:40]  Keiki Lemieux: oh definitely
[18:40]  Atriel Starbrook: easy to switch dances etc..
[18:40]  Keiki Lemieux: yes Atriel, but remember you need to name each macro for it to work
[18:40]  Kwaidan Shikami: Hit the 10-dancer limit at the club tonight.
[18:41]  Keiki Lemieux: ok Kwaidan you can add more dances
[18:41]  Keiki Lemieux: dancers
[18:41]  Atriel Starbrook: ohhmmmm have to think about this..
[18:41]  Keiki Lemieux: let me give you a link
[18:41]  Keiki Lemieux: one moment
[18:41]  Kwaidan Shikami nods, "Okay."
[18:41]  Atriel Starbrook: lol wait.. i HAVE :) i have a HUGE dance macro card hehe
[18:41]  Keiki Lemieux:
[18:41]  Keiki Lemieux: ok, the basic idea is this
[18:41]  Keiki Lemieux: each Dancer needs their own copy of the Dance Slave script
[18:42]  Keiki Lemieux: so you have to add more copies
[18:42]  Keiki Lemieux: First you pull a copy of the Dance Slave script out of the HUD
[18:42]  Keiki Lemieux: you want to make sure you get the very first one
[18:42]  Kwaidan Shikami reads and ahs.
[18:43]  Keiki Lemieux: it would be named... ~Dance Slave v1.2.1
[18:43]  Keiki Lemieux: not: ~Dance Slave v1.2.1 1 or ~Dance Slave v1.2.1 2
[18:43]  Keiki Lemieux: but simply: ~Dance Slave v1.2.1
[18:43]  Keiki Lemieux: you drag that to your inventory
[18:43]  Keiki Lemieux: then start draggin copies back into your HUD
[18:43]  Keiki Lemieux: you could have up to 50 dance slave scripts in your HUD
[18:43]  Keiki Lemieux: I don't recommend going over say 25 or 30
[18:44]  Kwaidan Shikami gets an entire Sim to dance for her! (The power! mwahahaha!)
[18:44]  Greta Godenot: I'm wondering about using it as a stand alone dance machine/stream switcher. I.E. 
rez a copy near the dance floor...and somehow have the chimera do the inviting/uninviting dancers. Alas, 
when I tried it, it expected the items to be worn to work.
[18:44]  Keiki Lemieux: and multiples of 9 work nicely with one of the menus
[18:44]  Keiki Lemieux: I don't recommend it with version 1.2.0 anymore, there were bugs
[18:44]  Keiki Lemieux: but it should be working nicely with 1.2.1
[18:44]  Keiki Lemieux: oh
[18:45]  Keiki Lemieux: and when you are done adding dance slave scripts, you have to reset the Dance Master script
[18:45]  Kwaidan Shikami: That's the /99 reset?
[18:45]  Keiki Lemieux: I think you can reset just that one script, but /99reset works as well
[18:45]  Kwaidan Shikami: As a thought..

Changing outfits with EZAD - not possible

[18:46]  Kwaidan Shikami: Would it be possible to put an outfit/av changer into this device?
[18:46]  Keiki Lemieux: Greta, you can sorta do what you want
[18:46]  Atriel Starbrook: ohhh I'd LOVE that :) don't know if it's possible tho hehe
[18:46]  Keiki Lemieux: you can rez a the Dance ball (I think even stretch it to make it bigger)
[18:46]  Kwaidan Shikami: It would rock to be able to change clothing and outfits with a button push.
[18:46]  Greta Godenot: would need the SL REstricted viewer to force clothes changes, but it could be done.
[18:47]  Keiki Lemieux: you could then leave the HUD in Random or Dance mode
[18:47]  Keiki Lemieux: it should work
[18:47]  Kwaidan Shikami: Unless the items were IN the HUD, in which case..?
[18:47]  Keiki Lemieux: but it's easy for someone to click on it and stop it
[18:47]  Greta Godenot nods to Keiki
[18:47]  Keiki Lemieux: unfortunately, Kwaidan, no script can interact directly with your inventory
[18:48]  Keiki Lemieux: only with objects and avatars rezzed in world
[18:48]  Kwaidan Shikami nods.. "Hm. So you couldn't put clothing/items into the HUD, stored, and then 
command it to rez these on your person, for example?"
[18:48]  Keiki Lemieux: if they were objects
[18:49]  Kwaidan Shikami: But clothing doesn't count as an object, does it. :<
[18:49]  Keiki Lemieux: like attachments, you could rez them on the ground using the HUD and then if they 
had a script inside that attached them to your body, it might work
[18:49]  Keiki Lemieux: but there are a lot of ifs in there
[18:49]  Keiki Lemieux: and the object has to be copyable
[18:49]  Kwaidan Shikami nods, "Yeah, okay. Was just a pleasant thought." :>
[18:49]  Keiki Lemieux: and modable so you can add a script to it

Setting your HUD and dance ball out for others to use

[18:48]  Greta Godenot: so the chimera can't be linked to the hud if the items aren't worn, right? Other 
than that, the rezed copy of the hud works great....provided they click in and invite themsleves.
[18:49]  Keiki Lemieux: Greta, I'm not sure what you are asking
[18:49]  Keiki Lemieux: if I put the HUD
[18:49]  Keiki Lemieux: and the dance ball on the ground
[18:49]  Keiki Lemieux: it should work find
[18:49]  Keiki Lemieux: fine
[18:50]  Keiki Lemieux: let's test it
[18:50]  Hirundo Wind: well you can alrady set up your inventory with outfits and all and change yourself 
very fast if you want to anyway ...
[18:50]  EZ Animator: Join the HUDDLES Customer Service group by clicking here: 
[18:50]  Greta Godenot: hmmm
[18:50]  Greta Godenot: I'll try it again with RC3....been using RC1
[18:50]  Kwaidan Shikami: Hirundo: Usually, but there's some clothing which are not-copyable, so if you 
want them for more than one outfit, you got to fight with multiple folders.
[18:50]  Keiki Lemieux: I'm setting my HUD to random dance
[18:50]  Hirundo Wind: mhmm
[18:50]  Greta Godenot: Oh yes, it's working :)
[18:51]  Keiki Lemieux: now you can try to join me
[18:51]  Greta Godenot: Your chim invited me.
[18:51]  Keiki Lemieux: by clicking the ball
[18:51]  EZ Animator: Greta Godenot stopped dancing with you.
[18:51]  Kwaidan Shikami: If you could have a script say 'when I pick X, it slaps all three folders for 
me', that'd rock.
[18:51]  Keiki Lemieux: so yeah it works
[18:51]  Greta Godenot: Kwaidan....outfit changes would require a hacked viewer....
[18:51]  Keiki Lemieux: just depends on no one touching the HUD
[18:51]  Kwaidan Shikami: I guess.
[18:52]  Greta Godenot: it could be done as an optional 'plugin'....via the Restricted Life Viewer.... 
I'll send Keiki some info on it if she wants.

Dancers begin animation at the begining

[18:52]  Kwaidan Shikami: Keiki, another dance-related question: I notice that when someone is asked to 
dance, and they say 'yes', they start at the beginning of the loop, not where the primary is - unless the 
owner stops, and re-starts.
[18:52]  Kwaidan Shikami: Is this just a side effect of dances in general, or is this something tweakable?
[18:52]  Keiki Lemieux: that's an SL thing
[18:53]  Kwaidan Shikami: Okay, thought so.
[18:53]  Keiki Lemieux: you can't start playing an animation in the middle
[18:53]  EZ Animator: All dancers removed from your button bar.
[18:53]  Keiki Lemieux: anyone have a question that I missed?

New projects

[18:54]  Kwaidan Shikami: So, unrelated question before I have to go. :> Where projects are you planning after this? :>
[18:54]  Hirundo Wind: i probably would have a lot more if i
[18:56]  Kwaidan Shikami throws a simple smilies to Keiki. :>
[18:56]  Keiki Lemieux: the smiler?
[18:56]  Kwaidan Shikami nods. :>
[18:56]  Keiki Lemieux: yeah, that's on the list of things to add
[18:56]  Kwaidan Shikami: Nift. :>
[18:56]  Keiki Lemieux: not sure when I'll be able to add it
[18:56]  Keiki Lemieux: not this version though. I have a lockdown on new features
[18:56]  Kwaidan Shikami: I was surprised how much having a person smile from time to time adds to hanging out with people.
[18:56]  Keiki Lemieux: trying to get the current ones perfect
[18:56]  Kwaidan Shikami nods.
[18:57]  Keiki Lemieux: I did make a little smiler as a freebie, but I've yet to incorporate it into the HUDDLE
[18:57]  EZ Animator: 14% memory free in ZHAO
[18:57]  EZ Animator: Touch '?' for instructions.
[18:57]  Kwaidan Shikami: By the way: THANK YOU for making the Huddles! It freed up so much HUD space, and 
put everything nice and neat in one spot. THANK YOU for that!
[18:57]  Keiki Lemieux: my pleasure
[18:57]  Vector Hastings: amen to that.

The Tools Menu

[18:58]  Keiki Lemieux: let's see, let me pick another feature to talk about
[18:58]  Keiki Lemieux:
[18:58]  Keiki Lemieux: ah!
[18:58]  Keiki Lemieux: the tools menu
[18:58]  Kwaidan Shikami unfortunately has to go. :< "Thank you for the meeting though."
[18:58]  Kwaidan Shikami nudges Mephit to keep notes for her. ;>
[18:58]  Keiki Lemieux: if you are a scripter (or use certain kinds of scripts like vendor or rental scripts) 
you often have to know the Avatar's key
[18:59]  Keiki Lemieux: everyone know where the tools menu is on the EZAD?
[18:59]  Keiki Lemieux: it's on the main buttons
[18:59]  Keiki Lemieux: lower right
[18:59]  EZ Animator: Choose a tool.
[18:59]  Keiki Lemieux: click on it now and choose "Get Avatar Keys"
[18:59]  EZ Animator: 5b0cc2b8-e99c-438f-a92f-3777a1b5a82e >> Hikaru Koskinen
[18:59]  EZ Animator: 75dbeb50-b648-421f-9f6a-3fe1ed7c9d39 >> Vector Hastings
[18:59]  EZ Animator: 5f1be1fc-0802-4132-ad19-ac0ead2d3652 >> Zardoz Morane
[18:59]  EZ Animator: 7f7b13d1-7efc-441e-82ca-069f02b2ef56 >> Atriel Starbrook
[18:59]  EZ Animator: 1ac19a87-da6e-4e37-a8cc-d075cef37f23 >> Hirundo Wind
[18:59]  EZ Animator: 9d733175-1202-495d-a008-9b44d56ff992 >> Mephit Magic
[18:59]  EZ Animator: 2c110cb3-8f6d-4c06-96bc-52e4b42b3be6 >> Greta Godenot
[18:59]  EZ Animator: a3f15dc3-df67-40c3-865f-91f11d28eda0 >> Destini Questi
[18:59]  EZ Animator: bc266342-87a1-4569-95f1-12e99c0db51d >> Anna Zwiers
[18:59]  EZ Animator: 43492c9a-73c0-4b62-b01c-20ae712aab29 >> Kwaidan Shikami
[18:59]  Keiki Lemieux: booya, you have all of our keys now
[18:59]  Keiki Lemieux: most will not have a need for that
[18:59]  Keiki Lemieux: but if you do, it's very handy
[19:00]  Kwaidan Shikami adds.. yep, flight booster still wants to send her to the moon. :<
[19:00]  Kwaidan Shikami pops home now.
[19:00]  Keiki Lemieux: also, pick a friend that is not here
[19:00]  Keiki Lemieux: and then try this
[19:00]  Vector Hastings: wow
[19:00]  Keiki Lemieux: say /99target Keiki Kanto
[19:00]  Keiki Lemieux: or some other person who is not here
[19:00]  EZ Animator: Targetting Keiki Kanto
[19:00]  Keiki Lemieux: be sure to get their name exact
[19:01]  Keiki Lemieux: most people are in a database, a few people are not
[19:01]  Keiki Lemieux: but I think most of your friend will be ther
[19:01]  Keiki Lemieux: then go to the tools menu and choose:
[19:01]  EZ Animator: Choose a tool.
[19:01]  Keiki Lemieux: Target Info
[19:01]  EZ Animator: Your current target is, Keiki Kanto : a1e71f89-d263-458b-bb8b-f889510d1758
[19:01]  Atriel Starbrook: Whoa.. Keiki.. your using an Internet lookup for the Name2Key right?
[19:01]  Keiki Lemieux: that's right Atriel
[19:01]  Keiki Lemieux: so now you can use it to look up keys
[19:01]  Atriel Starbrook: if so i can give you an example of a way to improve your slurl maker :P
[19:02]  Atriel Starbrook: i wrote one to send an SLURL to anyone in world hehe
[19:02]  Keiki Lemieux: oh nice
[19:02]  Keiki Lemieux: well you could now send an IM from your HUDDLE to your target
[19:02]  Keiki Lemieux: the command is [IM]Text
[19:03]  Keiki Lemieux: and it sends the Text to your current target
[19:03]  Keiki Lemieux: also [GIVE]Item
[19:03]  Keiki Lemieux: gives that Item to the current target
[19:03]  Atriel Starbrook gave you AS-SLURLMaker - With Sending - HUD.
[19:04]  Keiki Lemieux: another tool that most people will find hand is the List Animations tool
[19:04]  Keiki Lemieux: click the tools menu
[19:04]  Keiki Lemieux: then click List Animations
[19:05]  Keiki Lemieux: all your animations get listed in 20 item bursts
[19:05]  Keiki Lemieux: this makes it easy to copy and paste your animation names from your chat history to a notecard.
[19:06]  EZ Animator: Choose a tool.

Dropping your HUD before editing it

[19:06]  Keiki Lemieux: anyone have another question?
[19:07]  Keiki Lemieux: guess we might be ending this early
[19:07]  Keiki Lemieux: :p
[19:07]  Vector Hastings: I have a small one.
[19:07]  Keiki Lemieux: sure
[19:07]  Vector Hastings: All your documentation talks about dropping the hud before modifying it.
[19:07]  Keiki Lemieux: yes
[19:07]  Vector Hastings: Sometimes I cheat and edit it while I'm wearing it.
[19:07]  Vector Hastings: Am I risking something?
[19:08]  Keiki Lemieux: there are two reasons for this
[19:08]  Greta Godenot: I'm handing you something to peek at later Keiki...might find it interesting.
[19:08]  Keiki Lemieux: 1) you can't drop animations and other things into a worn HUD, unless the animations are full perms
[19:08]  Greta Godenot gave you RestrainedLife (Possible Outfit Changes).
[19:08]  Vector Hastings: (mine usually are)
[19:08]  Keiki Lemieux: this means you can drop landmarks and notecards in without dropping it
[19:08]  Keiki Lemieux: no real problem
[19:09]  Keiki Lemieux: but
[19:09]  Keiki Lemieux: there is another reason
[19:09]  Keiki Lemieux: 2) Changes you make to a HUD don't become permanent until you logout successfully, or detach the HUD
[19:09]  Keiki Lemieux: so you could add some stuff, crash and when you come back the changes are gone
[19:09]  Keiki Lemieux: but if you drop it on the ground
[19:09]  Vector Hastings: aha! That's the risk. Thanks.
[19:10]  Vector Hastings: Good to know.
[19:10]  Keiki Lemieux: and then Take it after, it saves it to the database properly at the Take event
[19:10]  Vector Hastings: Got it.
[19:10]  Keiki Lemieux: that's part of the problem with Wearing something from the gound, but it's even worse 
when you wear it from the ground
[19:10]  Keiki Lemieux: So NEVER do that
[19:10]  Vector Hastings: tha'ts the inventory loss bug.
[19:10]  Keiki Lemieux: yeah
[19:10]  Keiki Lemieux: real pain
[19:11]  Keiki Lemieux: complicated by the fact that many people have instructed people to wear things like 
AOs directly from the ground for convenience reasons
[19:11]  Vector Hastings: is that where all that returned inventory came from recently? I saw lots of notices 
and several huddles owners sounded out happy on th group list.
[19:11]  Keiki Lemieux: or from misconceptions that it's safer
[19:11]  Keiki Lemieux: yeah, they did a global fix
[19:11]  Keiki Lemieux: should have returned loads of stuff
[19:12]  Vector Hastings: Apparently they did.
[19:12]  Vector Hastings: Thanks again for this session. Extremely helpful.
[19:12]  Keiki Lemieux: anyone who lost a hud weeks and weeks ago should check their lost and found

Macro Size Limit

[19:12]  Vector Hastings: I guess another question, what is the memory limit on macros, and is it changing?
[19:12]  Keiki Lemieux: it's pretty high
[19:13]  Keiki Lemieux: I loaded a notecard with over 1000 lines once
[19:13]  Vector Hastings: I managed to hit it a couple of months back.
[19:13]  Vector Hastings: I mean per macro.
[19:13]  Keiki Lemieux: oh
[19:13]  Keiki Lemieux: I think it's 256 characters
[19:13]  Vector Hastings: Yeah, that's it.
[19:13]  Keiki Lemieux: there is a limit to the length of what a script can read
[19:13]  Keiki Lemieux: only the first 255 or 256 characters on a notecard lin
[19:13]  Keiki Lemieux: line
[19:14]  Vector Hastings: I need to look over the transcript, seemed like maybe there was a way to make a 
master macro call other macros.
[19:14]  Vector Hastings: so they could daisy chain together.
[19:14]  Keiki Lemieux: that is one reason for the [GO] command, so you can string together several macros
[19:14]  Keiki Lemieux: yeah use the [GO] command at the end of the line
[19:14]  Vector Hastings: That's my work around, then. Thanks.
[19:14]  Keiki Lemieux: [go]X where X is the number of the notecard line
[19:15]  Keiki Lemieux: first line is line 1
[19:15]  Keiki Lemieux: i think
[19:15]  Keiki Lemieux: :p
[19:15]  Vector Hastings: cool. And you said it'll run up to 1000 lines or so.
[19:15]  Keiki Lemieux: I think so
[19:15]  Keiki Lemieux: depends on what is in the macros
[19:15]  Vector Hastings: that's plenty.
[19:15]  Keiki Lemieux: if you are using 256 character per macro, you might run out
[19:15]  Keiki Lemieux: I'm sure you would
[19:16]  Keiki Lemieux: but you could certainly have a list of animations several hundred long
[19:16]  Keiki Lemieux: I think it's better to break it up and use the notecard load macros to jump from 
notecard to notecard
[19:16]  Keiki Lemieux: do you know how to do that?
[19:16]  Vector Hastings: My application is filming, so I have to make up custom animations and string them 
together with emotes and sound effects.
[19:17]  Vector Hastings: not sure. Is there going to be a pause in loading the second note card?
[19:17]  Keiki Lemieux: yeah, it takes a little time
[19:17]  Keiki Lemieux: a few seconds
[19:17]  Keiki Lemieux: but lets say you have a master notecard with 5 notecard names on it
[19:17]  Keiki Lemieux: and then the first line of each of the 5 notecards has the master notecard name on it
[19:18]  Keiki Lemieux: you could jump from notecard to notecard faster than using the standard load button
[19:18]  Vector Hastings: yes. Got it. That's cool. For my needs, sounds like I'd have to keep it to one notecard.
[19:19]  Vector Hastings: (the animations have to fit together seamlessly)
[19:19]  Keiki Lemieux:  nods
[19:19]  Hirundo Wind: I need to Logoff .. it was very interesting ... thank you and keep the great work !^^
[19:19]  Hirundo Wind: Bye all
[19:19]  Keiki Lemieux: one other tip for filming Vector
[19:19]  Vector Hastings: But the [go] command should give me plenty of room.
[19:19]  Vector Hastings: Please!
[19:19]  Keiki Lemieux: make sure you run through the animations once, to force them to download to your client, 
before you start filming
[19:19]  Vector Hastings: absolutely.
[19:20]  Keiki Lemieux: bye Hirundo, thanks for coming
[19:20]  Vector Hastings: it doesn't work any other way.
[19:20]  Keiki Lemieux: if you ever have an example of something you shot using the HUDDLE for animations
[19:20]  Keiki Lemieux: let me know
[19:20]  Keiki Lemieux: i'd love to link to it from the blog
[19:21]  Vector Hastings: I will. It is in progress, will hopefully be a big deal. I spend a lot of time 
shopping on your island, and I've only scratched the surface.
[19:21]  Keiki Lemieux: :D
[19:21]  Vector Hastings: So there may be a number of things from here featured in it. I'll keep in touch on that.
[19:21]  Keiki Lemieux: other questions? the floor is open

No script parcels

[19:21]  Zardoz Morane: Did you find an answer to my question (one week ago). How come the EZ Animator works 
in SIM that don't allow scripts?
[19:21]  Keiki Lemieux: ah Zardoz
[19:22]  Keiki Lemieux: well some things should oh crap i just thought of something I'll need to test
[19:22]  Keiki Lemieux: but anyway, yes somethings will work, but most features won't
[19:22]  Anna Zwiers: It only works when you have the script running before you enter the no script area.
[19:22]  Keiki Lemieux: I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it has to do with llTakeControls
[19:22]  Keiki Lemieux: that's right Anna
[19:23]  Zardoz Morane: Ok I'll look into that
[19:23]  Keiki Lemieux: so for instance, you can start your random mode dancing and then enter a no script area, I think
[19:23]  Atriel Starbrook: Exactly.. NoScript areas prevent scripts from starting I believe, not existing ones from running..
[19:23]  Keiki Lemieux: oh shoot, I definitely need to test to make sure the AO still runs in no script areas
[19:24]  Keiki Lemieux: there is a weird conflict between the flight assist and the AO that I thought I 
had worked out, but we'll see
[19:24]  Keiki Lemieux: if you notice a problem with the AO not running in no script areas, please let me know
[19:24]  Keiki Lemieux: that's RC3 by the way
[19:24]  EZAD Upgrade - Touch Me!: Giving version 1.2.1 RC3 to Cael Szondi
[19:24]  Anna Zwiers: My AO runs, and I can press either random or the little dancer button and dance. But, 
it will not allow me to see individual item keys if I expand the huddle to full view.
[19:25]  Keiki Lemieux:  nods
[19:25]  Keiki Lemieux: the display doesn't work
[19:25]  Keiki Lemieux: Anything else?
[19:26]  Cael's - HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.0 [script:~Consolidate: Script run-time error
[19:26]  Cael's - HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe v1.2.0 [script:~Consolidate: Stack-Heap Collision
[19:26]  Keiki Lemieux: eek, Cael
[19:26]  Keiki Lemieux: do that update :p
[19:26]  Atriel Starbrook: lol Cael go BOOM
[19:26]  Keiki Lemieux: I fixed that error
[19:26]  Keiki Lemieux: :)
[19:26]  Keiki Lemieux: alright, I think I'm done then
[19:26]  Keiki Lemieux: just need to copy the transcript
[19:27]  Vector Hastings: Thank you Keiki. Do you do this regularly?
[19:27]  Keiki Lemieux: I'm going to try Vector
[19:27]  Keiki Lemieux: haven't done anything like this in a while
[19:27]  Atriel Starbrook: Ohh another suggestion... I know it's in your blog now.. but perhaps a 
button/notecard by default to list good Animation places ;) right in the hud.. perhaps the default landmarks or something
[19:27]  Vector Hastings: Well, know it's appreciated. Your documentation on the website is stellar. But 
this back and forth is great too.
[19:28]  Keiki Lemieux: but until this thing is final, and for a little after, i need to talk to users any way I can
[19:28]  Keiki Lemieux: I'm adding some landmarks for suggested animators
[19:28]  Keiki Lemieux: ones who sell copyable Dances and AO stuff
[19:28]  Atriel Starbrook: exactly... finding them used to be a pain and i need some new dances
[19:28]  Keiki Lemieux: You should all check out Animazoo for instance
[19:28]  Keiki Lemieux: his dances are copyable
[19:29]  Mephit Magic will remember to do so ^^
[19:29]  Hikaru Koskinen: do you know where I can find animations for using with the hug macro
[19:29]  Hikaru Koskinen: like hugs, kissess ^^
[19:29]  Keiki Lemieux: yes
[19:30]  Keiki Lemieux: the Abranimations Couples animator should have a bunch you can use
[19:30]  Keiki Lemieux: I use them in mine
[19:30]  Hikaru Koskinen: thanks